Perfect ways of shedding extra pounds in your thirties

Irrespective of your age, losing weight can anytime be a big challenge. But fitness experts believe that losing weight after 30 is especially tough. Why is it so? It takes a lot of time to ensure weight loss among women who have crossed 30 years or who’ve just reached 30. Moreover it becomes well-nigh impossible to find that little bit of extra time for yourself during a stage when family and career are your life’s top priorities. So, does that mean that it is impossible for a woman in her 30s to lose weight? No, you just need perfect planning and organization to make that tough task possible.

If you feel that the scale has got stuck since you hit your thirties, you’re not alone as there are many more like you who go through this slight drop in metabolism rate during adulthood. According NIH or National Institutes of Health, premenstrual symptoms may include weight fluctuations and this can get serious in the late 30s. So, here are some tips to maintain a steady scale even in your thirties.

ways of shedding extra pounds in your thirties

  1. Stay clear on the things that motivate you: Try to ask yourself on the real reason behind losing weight. You may want a slimmer and sexier waist but beyond that what is it that you want in reality? Is it more sleep or more energy or better mental clarity? Once you’re clear about your health goals, write them down so that you can make better day-to-day decisions while seeing the bigger picture.
  2. Eat at least 5 times in a day: Yes, this means eating 3 meals and 2 snacks in a day. But make sure the snacks are limited to less than 200 calories in a day. You may even make smarter decisions by choosing high protein bites which can leave you well-satiated for at least 2-3 hours like protein shakes, boiled eggs, deli meals and snacks which are low in sugar content. Don’t ever skip your breakfast as doing so might not have a good impact on your health.
  3. Consume lot of protein: Ensure all your snacks and meals have minimum 14 grams of protein and 25g or less than 25 g of carbs. A perfect example of this kind of diet can be a 6-ounce container of non-fat Greek yogurt which has around 17g of protein and 6g of carbohydrates.
  4. Stop yourself from cleaning up your kid’s plates: None of us prefer to throw away food but if you have the habit of constantly finishing whatever is left on the plates of your kids, this adds up to your body. Eating up 3 chicken nuggets on your effort of cleaning up your kid’s plates will add up to around 142 extra calories for dinner. So steer clear from this temptation.
  5. Embrace technology and gadgets: You don’t have to look further than your pocket for seeking the right kind of weight motivation. There are smartphones which have an in-built pedometer which measure the total number of steps you take in a day. Aim to walk 10,000 steps in a day. You may even install third-party apps in your phone to track the foods you eat and compute the daily intake of calories.

If you’re a busy woman who has been trying hard to shed those extra pounds after reaching 30, you can be tempted to set back all your health needs. Worse enough, you may start following the calves workouts for women and the diet regime mentioned in fashion magazines. Don’t make such mistakes as they will have a costly impact in the long run. Try to make the best choices for lifelong well-being and good health.

6 Proven Ways to Lose Weight for Good

It is a very general notion that is followed by people all over the world that in order to be successful in losing weight it is important to burn extra calories that consuming them. But there are very people who can manage to lose weight by burning calories because they find their bodies reacting to certain stern measures of weight loss being taken up by an individual. Therefore, it is very important to take expert help while trying to lose weight.

The best method that helps in losing weight is working with an individual who is trained as a health care professional. Here are the 6 proven ways to lose weight for good that can be tried out by people who like losing weight without facing any side effects.

1. Consulting a dietician

A dietician works in the form of a food coach and he or she helps a person in losing weight in a systematic manner. A dietician has a methodical look at the eating habits, stressors, snack triggers and daily schedule of an individual and only then does a dietician come up with a nutritional plan. A dietician is the best person who can be consulted for chucking out the methods and the safest ways in which people can lose extra calories and shed off some body weight.

2. Cognitive-behavioral therapy

People who suffer from emotional eating and various other issues such as disordered eating, anxiety and depression should always consult a professional mental health care specialist who carries out counseling sessions for bringing about changes in the unhelpful thoughts and behaviors of a person. It is a cognitive health therapist who can help an individual in losing weight by identifying the triggers that lead to overeating, chucking out strategies for the management of stress and giving an individual an insight into various kinds of psychological issues.

Proven Ways to Lose Weight

3. Visiting spa for weight loss

People who keep themselves prepared for certain changes in the body for a long term, but at the same time they prefer jump-start for the purpose of pushing them in the correct direction should always visit a spa that provides services in weight loss. The spas that offer weight loss services provide fresh and light food and some seminars on topics like nutrition so that they are able to educate people about the benefits of losing weight.

4. Consult a doctor about diet drugs

Diet drugs are the drugs for people who have certain weight problems due to high pressure of blood, cholesterol or diabetes. It has to be kept in mind that there are no drugs available in the market that can help in shedding off weight instantly, but certain prescription drugs are found in the market that can always help in losing a considerable amount of weight in accordance with exercise and a healthy plan for a diet.

5. Enroll for weight loss program

Again, people who suffer from weight related issues of the health, such as high blood pressure and diabetes can always go for the medical weight loss programs that are very intense and less cushy.

6. Shop smartly

Shopping for certain foods and drugs that help in losing weight should be done smartly because there are many weight loss products available in the market that are utterly a disaster as they are ineffective. These are the 6 proven ways to lose weight for good and these ways are not only safe but they are result oriented.

Foods High in Carbohydrates Help in Weight Loss

Carbohydrates are known to provide energy to the body and also help in keeping the body healthy and fit and it is only because of this reason that foods high in carbohydrates are recommended for those who like to shed some of their weight and even for those who want to live a healthy life. Carbohydrates transform into glucose or blood sugar that helps in the generation of energy needed by the body to perform any kind of work. If the energy produced by the carbohydrates is not used by the body, it is kept stored in the form of fatty tissue which is brought into use later.

People should make it a habit to take food that is rich in carbohydrate in order to provide the body with the energy that is needed to carry out several tasks in daily life. The foods rich in carbohydrates are as follows:


Cereals like oats, rice and wheat are considered to have very high carbohydrate content and this is the reason why most of the cereals fall into the category of staple food for the people. Whole grains contain more carbohydrates than the refined grains as they contain fiber and protein that is needed by the body. The refined grains are derived by removing the outer bran so what remains is entirely the starch which is not useful for the body.



These are the fruits such as lentils, peas, beans and peanuts that come in a pod and are considered to be a source of high fiber and protein. They contain essential carbohydrates needed by the body and in many places where peanuts are not found, peanut butter serves as the main source of legumes.


Root vegetables

Root vegetables like parsnips and carrots are said to contain carbohydrates that are of good advantage for the body. Other vegetables like sweet potatoes, yams and potatoes can also be a source of fiber for the body and can be much moiré healthy for the body if taken with the skin on.

fresh root vegetables


Pasta is said to be rich in carbohydrates that makes for a very satisfying meal that provides great energy to the body. Pastas that are made from rice, soybeans and corn are said to be very advantageous for the body and they provide the health benefits that help the body in staying fit and healthy.



Bananas should be taken every day during breakfast and also as a snack because they are rich in carbohydrate content which provides energy to the body along with the other vitamins and minerals that they contain. Bananas can also be taken by adding them to milkshakes, salads and yogurt which would serve to be every healthy for the body.



The moderate amount of carbohydrate contained in nuts helps the body in getting a balance of fiber, protein and fat that keeps the body in good condition and also helps in reducing the stress that the body needs to go through every day and that is why nuts are considered as the best among foods high in carbohydrates.