Regular Iron Intake During Pregnancy Reduces Risk of Small Baby

Pregnant women must take daily iron supplements as it can minimize the chances o having small baby and anaemia says a research made by the Harvard University.

Studies made on two million pregnant women revealed that even a small proportion of iron lowered the risk of being anaemic by 12% and low birth weight by 3%. In UK, pregnant women are not advised iron supplements unless their iron levels are low. Serious issues owing to iron deficiency affect women in poor countries.


The study conducted by British Medical Journal study revealed that based on 90 random trials held on pregnant women in China and Tanzania, for every additional dosage of 10 mg iron daily, the risk of small baby with led body weight and anaemia were low. Also it increased the birth weight of 15 g with every 10 mg iron consumed every day. But it had no impact on the record of premature births.

Studies also reveal that deficiency of iron was a major cause of anaemia during pregnancy specifically in countries that are low in income. At various low and middle income countries, over 32 million women who were pregnant were affected during the year 2011.

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