Air Pollution During Pregnancy May Increase the Risk of Autism in Unborn Children

A recent research in Portland has revealed that the unborn child of a pregnant woman might develop autism due to air pollution.

Many researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health observed over 1 Lakh expectant woman. They concluded that where the mercury and the diesel air contamination was more, the women in those areas have twice the risk of giving birth to autistic child in comparison to the expecting mothers of lower polluted areas.

A mother in Beaverton has 1 completely normal boy whereas her two other sons are autistic. According to her, the pollution is a part of the reasons leading to autism. There might be some other factors as well.

Autism in Unborn Children

A pediatrician of Legacy Emanuel Children’s Clinic, Doctor Dena Ross, said that it was groundwork, no report was established yet. However, she felt that it was good to point out this issue so that harmful things kids, like smoke, diesel contamination etc could be reduced.

According to The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, there were many factors that pollute the air in the Portland area, however, the air Toxics could cause the most severe problems.

The shocking news was that the boys were 5 times more prone to develop autism in comparison to the girls. So, it’s better if you ask your doctor how you could protect your unborn child.

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