17 Natural Ways to Increase Fertility

It might be quite effortless for some women to get pregnant while there are many others for whom getting pregnant might be delayed due to various reasons. Read on to know more about natural ways to increase fertility.

Getting pregnant without any difficulties isn’t quite common these days. Well, there might be many reasons behind it ranging from the lifestyle and eating habits to stress and drug abuse. Restlessness, sleeplessness, frequent changes in diet all have a negative impact on our overall health. According to recent statistics, 10 per cent of women in the U.S. aged between 15-45 years have infertility problems. However, it is just not a problem solely confined to only women as there are legions of men suffering from infertility issues. However, infertility issues in women arise mainly due to stress along with other reasons.

There are a lot of questions that prick the conscience of every man and woman suffering from infertility issues some of them being how often to participate in sex and what to do thereafter. The answers to all these questions lie in just knowing right about pregnancy. For a woman with an average menstrual cycle of 28 days, the perfect time for getting pregnant lies somewhere between 12 and 16 days when the egg is released. There are many devices such as the ovulation kits and different methods available that help both men and women in knowing the ways suitable for getting pregnant.

Making some small changes in your lifestyle, eating the right food and following the right methods will help you in getting pregnant without any difficulty. If you are looking for ways to get pregnant and are planning for a baby in this year, listed here are some tips and natural ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

1. Keep Your Body Cool

Try to keep yourself cool at all times as sperms have a tendency to thrive well in cold environment. Men who are trying to conceive should always avoid hot baths. A recent study showed that cold showers could enhance the sperm count by as much as five times. Men should also avoid wearing tight clothes.

Keep Your Body Cool

2. Sunlight

Because of the presence of Vitamin D, sunrays help in increasing the levels of progesterone and estrogen in men and women. It is also learned that Vitamin D present in the sunrays increase the sperm count in men while increasing the chances of getting pregnant in women.


3. Take Rest

Taking adequate rest after a stressful day also helps in dealing with the stress while having an impact on your chances of getting pregnant. While stress has a drastic effect on a woman’s chance of pregnancy, it also reduces the sperm count and kills the sexual desire in men.

Take Rest

4. Consume Milk and Milk Products

Including milk and milk products in your daily diet will increase a woman’s chances of getting pregnant by 4 percent. A study revealed that the consuming milk products increase the functionality of the female reproductive system. However, dairy products that are unpasteurized should be completely avoided.

Consume Milk and Milk Products

5. Take Multivitamin Supplements

Taking multivitamin supplements that are rich in folic acid and Vitamin B12 will increase the chances of getting pregnant as they help in improving the quality of sperms and ovaries.

Take Multivitamin Supplements

6. Avoid Smoking

Smoking and wearing tight clothes are the main causes behind infertility. Smoking increases infertility in more than 50 percent of men while also decreasing the sperm count to a great extent. Smoking is also the cause for infertility in more than 30 percent of women. Smoking also negatively affects the growth of baby in pregnant women.

Avoid Smoking

7. Avoid Drinking

Think twice before you have that glass of whiskey. Couples planning to conceive should avoid drinking to the extent possible as it will affect the quality of the sperms and ovaries.

Avoid Drinking

8. Let Technology Help

Make use of free pregnancy apps to track your daily temperature, your menstrual cycle, and also to know those two days apt for getting pregnant. Even if you are busy and tend to forget, these apps will ensure that nothing goes wrong in your pregnancy planning.

Let Technology Help

9. Acupuncture

Acupuncture helps you in activating the desired points in your body so as to increase your pregnancy chances. It helps in the production of ovaries and also ensures the supply of blood to the reproductive organs.


10. Have Regular Sex

Having sex three to four times a week will increase your chances of getting pregnant by 50 percent while having sex only once a week restricts the same to 15 percent. Sex also keeps the sperms healthy and active.

Have Regular Sex

11. Know Your Fertility Window

Research shows that 17 percent of women start their fertile window by day 7 of their menstrual cycle. Know about the exact days of your fertility with the help of fertility kits and have sex on these days. For a woman having an average 28 day cycle for her period, the perfect time for getting pregnant is between 10 and 17 days from her LMP.

Know Your Fertility Window

12. Maintaining Proper Weight

Being obese and also being too emaciated hinder your chances of getting pregnant. A woman needs to have some fat to carry her pregnancy to term and having too much of it again has a negative effect on the same. Maintaining proper weight helps in keeping the ovaries healthy. It is also seen that obese women do not regular periods compared to women with appropriate weight. Shedding away as less as 5 percent of your weight will increase your pregnancy chances to a great extent.

weight to get pregnant

13. Take the Right Foods

Some kinds of flours and pasta are known to negatively affect the pregnancy. It is better to consult your obstetrician gynecologist to know more what kind of food to take and what to avoid during pregnancy. However, foods like the Salmon and Tuna that have omega 3 fatty acids are good for moms-to-be.

Take the Right Foods

14. Avoid Caffeine

According to a recent study, having as less as even a cup of coffee a day will decrease the pregnancy chances by 50 percent. Caffeine has a negative impact on the muscles and movement of the fallopian tubes.

Avoid Caffeine

15. Drink Enough Water

Drinking more water increases the quality of egg in women and also increases the sperm quality in men. Having at least 8 glasses of water per day also helps in increasing the blood circulation to the reproductive organs.

Drink Enough Water

16. Moderate Exercises

Having moderate exercises in the form of gardening and daily chores help a lot in improving your overall health. The production of insulin is hindered due to lack of moderate exercises. Exercise also helps women in increasing the quality of the ovaries.

Moderate Exercises

17. Avoid Painkillers

Painkillers such as Ibuprofen and Paracetamol have to be avoided completely during ovulation as they might negatively affect the pregnancy. They are known to slow down the production of prostaglandin that helps in releasing the eggs into the fallopian tubes.

Avoid Painkillers

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