No Need of Antibiotics for Treating Kid’s Sinusitis, Says Study

According to new guidelines published by a group of paediatricians, doctors need not prescribe an antibiotic for treating the acute sinus infection in kids.

Instead they can follow a wait-and-watch-approach to check whether the infection clears off on its own, says the guidelines of new American Academy of Paediatrics.


The chairman of the Acute sinusitis academy’s subcommittee said that when the kid with the infection does not look ill, you can wait for some days to see whether there is an improvement. The earlier guidelines that were passed in the year 2001 recommended antibiotic treatment for those kids who have acute bacterial sinusitis. The condition lasts for over 10 days with persistent symptoms of a sinus infection.

So waiting for 3 more days within the period of 10 days is safe to observe the symptoms of kids improve without an antibiotic medicine. But all these would be carried out on healthy and active kids and not on kids with a sick or pale look. On such conditions immediate treatment with antibiotics would be recommended. These new set of guidelines were published in the Paediatrics journal on 24th June which have triggered off a few concerns as there might be an overlap over common cold and sinusitis.

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