Colicin N Protein May Have The Ability To Kill E.Coli

Scientists have found a new protein, Colicin N that might have the ability to kill E.Coli which is the bad bacteria that is responsible for causing complicated food poisoning issues in humans. This new protein Colicin N is found within the Escherichia coli which can kill the bacterium very effectively. Newcastle University that conducted this research divided the protein in to three divisions as a part of the study such as the receptor, that helps the protein to target the bacterium, a toxic division that makes holes in the bacterium membrane that weakens and kills the bacterium and a part that resembles the tail.

Actually the tail part was considered to help the protein to reach the cell but it was harmless to the bacterium. The researchers said that they needed to witness the effect of different parts of the protein on the E.Coli bacterium. When they introduced the translocation tail within the bacterial environment, it in turn killed it.


The researcher, Chris Johnson, made this discovery and he said that he didn’t believe what he saw. He said that their team didn’t expect these results and as they were not sure how this happened, they will be looking in to further details while the study they found was amazing.

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