The Aspects of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Male breasts are sometimes caused naturally or due to consumption of some drugs may cause this condition. It is also known as Gynecomastia and might only affect one breast or both. Some of the drugs that can cause this condition are medicine containing estrogen, anabolic steroid, marijuana, alcohol, etc. The medical conditions that cause this problem are impaired liver, cancer, etc.

Men need male breast reduction surgery because this leads to:

  • Embarrassment and withdrawal from group.
  • Loss of interest in different activities.
  • Loss of focus.
  • Introvert personality and depression as well.
  • Change in posture.
  • Wearing excessively loose clothes.
  • Excessive exercising.

Male breast reduction surgery is known to be the best solution to conditions like Gynaecomastia or male breasts.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Liposuction is a fat removal technique that helps in getting the fat removed from the chest. It is a direct surgical process that removes the mammary glands and gives the best results. People suffering from personality problems should go for this. People in any age group can get this done and get a good health. People who have elastic skin will get their body reshaped in no time.

Sometimes it is not considered to be good for people who have not gone through any exercise or a specific diet regimen. In the liposuction process the excess glandular tissue is cut and removed. The process takes almost two hours and only a local anesthesia is used. The surgery is done alone or along with lipoplasty. The suction device that is used will be inserted typically through existing incisions and the process follows. Liposuction will remove all the fatty tissues and there are very less chances that any spot or scars are visible.

It gives a permanent solution to the problems of male breast and can also be a good solution to the excess fat problems that are caused by obesity. The benefits of the male breast reduction surgery are that one gets a flatter, firmer, and contoured chest after the surgery. This boosts the confidence of the person as it improves the personality all together. Some scars may be present near the nipples but this spots will fade after sometime and will not be visible.

After the operation people sometimes face burning sensation, swelling, or bruising that lasts for very small time. If there are scars then one must avoid exposing it to the sun and wear elastic garment around the area for around 3 to 6 weeks. Some other considerations of male breast reduction surgery are that it may include temporary numbness and lack of sensation. This is very rare and lasts for one year. But the biggest advantage of this surgery is that in most of the cases it proves to be a good solution to the problem.

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