Massage Chairs: An Effortless De-stressing Tool for Your Body

Before we go into the benefits of massage chairs, it will be useful to understand the benefits of massage itself. A massage can be done in various ways, with bare hands, with certain types of herbal oil, etc. The aim of doing massage can also be different. Some people go for getting a massage in order to relax and have fun, whereas some people are required and in many cases even advised by physicians to go for a massage in order to relieve pain and get rid of certain ailments.

Usually people go for massage when they are lying down, i.e. when they are in a sleeping position. However, that may not be always possible for everyone, especially when they are at work and just need to take a short break. For such situations, massage chairs are very useful. Just like plopping into a couch, you can make yourself comfortable in a massage chair easily without needing to occupy an entire bed.

Massage Chairs

Swedish massage is a very popular type of massage that is usually available in massage chairs. It features long strokes without rolling or pressing a lot and is aimed at strengthening blood circulation. Shiatsu is another type of massage where the aim is to reduce tension in specific areas of the body.

One of the biggest advantages of massage chairs is that usually they are constructed in such a way that your body posture automatically acquires the right position according to ergonomics when you sit in them. The human back is not straight, it is curved in different regions like cervical, thoracic, lumbar, etc. Therefore, it needs support according to the curve of those regions, so that there is no strain on a particular region of the body.

The next benefit of massage chairs is to improve blood flow circulation. The technique of massage stimulates the blood vessels. The rubbing of those vehicles helps maintain the elasticity of the blood vessels and eases in maintaining a uniform level of blood pressure. Normally a massage chair uses different types of vibration techniques in order to give a massage according to the user’s choice. This vibration causes rhythmic relaxation and compression of the body’s muscles, which speeds up the removal of waste products from the body.

Massage chairs can also be ideal for those who have an irregular heart beat rate. The massage causes nerves to calm down, tending to come out of a state of panic and anxiety. This regulates the heart beat and lowers stress levels.

Massage chairs can also reduce depression. The process of massage releases certain chemicals in the body which are called as ‘endorphins’. When their level in the body increases, the mind feels naturally happy and relaxed. It even speeds up the recovery from an injury.

When muscles are constantly in a certain position (such as during long hours of working at a desk), that can result in fatigue. Blood pressure can rise in certain areas and drop in other areas depending on how the muscles were positioned for a long time. Sometimes this even gives rise to numbness. Massage chairs can help to overcome such problems. They are very good for people who have just completed their work out / exercise routine, because it helps the body to cope up with the sudden rise in exertion.

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