How Kick These 10 Bad Habits That Drain Your Energy

Have you been feeling very tired and exhausted lately? Then you should take a few minutes off and study the details of 10 bad habits that drain your energy.Once you understand and cultivate the good habits that enhance the quality of your life you can send goodbye to the bad habits that bring in hassle into your life.

1. Learn to say “NO” more often

As an individual you should be accommodating but people should not take you for granted. If you do not want to do a specific thing have the courage to say no. Otherwise, you would be unhappy with yourself, depressed and this would make you lose energy.

2. Drink enough fluids and water

Most people often underestimate the importance of water consumption for good health. Amy Goodson, dietitian at Ben Hogan Sports Therapy Institute, Texas, explains that less consumption of water on a daily basis makes your blood thick and creates pressure in your heart. This also reduces the amount of nutrients getting absorbed into your body. Therefore, you must drink your 8 glasses of water on a daily basis.

3. Stop eating junk food

When you eat large amount of junk food daily, blood sugar level in your blood increases and this makes you prone to many health hazards.

4. Do not skip your breakfast

You need to have your breakfast as your body has been nourishing itself when you were sleeping in the night. Goodson mentions that having breakfast starts your body on its metabolism. Therefore, you should have a hearty breakfast rich in grains, nuts and fruits.

5. Do not try to be a perfectionist

Irene Levine a professor of psychiatry in New York mentions that one should not aim to be a perfectionist. This would put a large amount of stress on the mind and body and you would be dissatisfied with anything you do. Here she maintains that you should have realistic goals which can be achieved and this would make you happy.

Bad Habits That Drain Your Energy

6. Clean your work space

When you work you should always be organized and this would create a good impression among your seniors and colleagues. A cluttered desk would make you irritated and drain energy from your body.

7. Do not work on vacations

Never work on vacations. This is a time for the body to rest or else you will feel tired even after a vacation.

8. Avoid wine before bedtime

Allen Towfigh an expert in sleep medicine advises avoiding a glass of wine before bedtime. As you drink wine your adrenal system gets activated and you are unable to sleep.

9. Get rid of caffeine addiction

If you have three cups of coffee, this is good for your body. But too much of caffeine, according to Towfigh blocks adenosine, which helps you to sleep well in the night.

10. Don’t stay up late in the night during weekends

Among 10 bad habits that drain your energy,staying up late on weekends is very common, and this makes you very tired on Monday mornings.

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