Eating fresh meat or fish is good for the health of pregnant women and the babies

Creatine is an important nutritional component which is found in fresh meat or fish.  Recent scientific study suggests that women who are having less concentration of this nutrient element at the time of pregnancy often deliver babies with smaller size and increases the chance of brain injury of such new born infants. While those having sufficient level of creatine in the body always have babies with standard size with no potential health hazard and death.

No doubt that this finding will bear revolutionary impact on the diet plan of the women with pregnancy. The impact will be similar like that of the recommendation that is being given by doctors to pregnant women regarding consumption of folic acid to deliver babies without defects in the neural tube. Scientists from leading research institutes will soon gauge the level of creatine in placentas, umbilical and maternal blood of women of around 900. The sole purpose is to determine the level of creatine in adequate proportion in the body to have new born babies with solid health.

pregnant women and the babies

Previous clinical researches have observed that foetus need to depend on placenta for supplying creatine even during the last phase of pregnancy to ensure survival of the infants after birth through eliminating the chance of asphyxia and facilitating the uninterrupted flow of oxygen in the body.

Some other scientific findings are still not sure whether lower concentration of creatine is actually responsible for growth obstruction of the new born babies. It is because this nutrient element even in smaller concentration helps in the energy generation of the cell bodies. Keeping the future impacts into consideration, doctors are advising pregnant women to obtain this nutrient element only from eating fresh meat and fish.

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