Change eating habit to be fit

Today the pressure is handled everything, both at work and in personal life, these situations end up affecting us and many end up developing higher levels of stress, when this is a streak of sensations, practicing yoga can be presented as a great alternative to relax and balance our body. Few fats, variety of fruits and vegetables and fibers: this way you could synthesize a healthy diet. But nutritionists now point not only to what, but also to how, the way food is eaten. It is that there are unhealthy habits that conspire against the success of a healthy diet, such as eating fast, chewing little or storing tempting foods in sight. If you want to be healthy, you should forget food fads and eat like your ancestors.

  1. Eat fast.

“I ate slowly and chewed every bite 20 times”, recommended the grandmothers. Nutritionists suggest the same thing. “Eating fast makes us obese. Eating in a hurry to feel full multiplies by three risks of being overweight, “said Jimena Martorelli, nutritionist and member of the Association for the Prevention and Assistance of Eating Disorders and Healthy Living. When eating, gastric distension is one of the first signs of satiety. It is transmitted through the vegetative nervous system to the hypothalamus, the regulatory center found in the brain. “If we eat fast we do not give time to the stomach to send the signal,” adds Martorelli.

  1. Eat “automatically”.

From unemployed, watching TV or PC monitor. “It is harmful because we do not have a behavior of order and enjoyment, to respect our feelings of satiety-hunger. It eats without discriminating their needs or appetite, “says the pediatrician Liliana Trifone, head of Nutrition and Diabetes Hospital Gutierrez. The consequences can be several: food intake of poor nutritional quality, little variety, and the risk of overeating and insufficiently at the same time. “You have to realize that not giving the space you deserve at the moment to eat is bad for your health,” says Trifone.

  1. Assume a position of “attack” on food.

The battle is between the plate and the person, in a war all or nothing. For Monica Katz, a medical nutritionist, this attitude towards food only favors speed, something directly related to satiety. “Every two morsels support the fork and knife to the sides of the plate, and chew slowly. That way we can ease satiety and we can have a healthy weight, “suggests the specialist.

Change eating habit to be fit

  1. Chew little.

“Properly chewing food, not ‘swallowing’, connects us first with taste. But the most important thing: chewing is the first step in the digestion process, “says Marcela Ciaño, head of Nutrition at Suizo Argentina. “Food must be crushed to the stomach to be able to properly perform the process of emulsion that corresponds to the stomach and absorption in the intestine,” he explains. Take 20 to 30 minutes to eat.

  1. Serving large portions.

For proper nutrition quantities should be reasonable, not abundant. “For that it is advisable to place in a shallow plate all the foods to be consumed in said food. This practice generates greater control on the part of the person in the food intake and less transgression later, “recommends Marcela Leal, a nutritionist and director of the Nutrition career at Maimonides University.

  1. Repeat the dishes.

A custom that goes against what the specialists recommend. “The ideal to not repeat the dishes is to make a menu of four meals. First we had a nice bowl of soup, then a hearty salad or boiled vegetables. This generates is that the belly is filled us. Then a good portion of meat to finish the meal with a fruit or a good plate of gelatin. To assimilate food better, you have to sit for about 15 minutes, “recommends Martorelli.

  1. Drinking little liquid.

70% of the body is water, necessary as a diluent and as a vehicle to eliminate toxins. That is why it is very important to properly control this factor. Fluid should be ingested throughout the day. “But – Ciaño hurries – while we eat is not recommended to ingest large amounts of water as it dilutes the gastric juice. It is best to take it normally without overdoing it. ”

  1. Bring supplies to the table.

“We humans eat everything we have at hand,” Katz starts. To combat food uncontrolled or “pecking” it is best to build a “safe environment”: create an area where it is not close what we cannot handle for tasty, because it requires no effort to prepare or what is ready to eat. “If we have many units, we will end up consuming more than is healthy,” Katz adds.

  1. Make the table without removing the dishes.

The desktop also has to do with respecting the proper time of feeding. “If there is a good habit, it does not matter if we clear the table or not,” says Trifone. In other cases it may help.

  1. Keep tempting food in sight.

Leal suggests arranging the food in the refrigerator or cupboard in such a way that they are not in sight.

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