10 Habits That Kill Your Intelligence

Remain aware of these 10 habits that kill your intelligence so that you can keep your mind and your intelligence in the pink of its health always. There are a lot of people who do not believe in this fact, but it is quite true. There are some habits that hinder your capability of moving forward in life by killing your intelligence. These habits not only set you back in your professional and personal life, but also hinder you from accomplishing the goals that you might have set. These habits hold you back and in a way aid you in making poor decisions and choices in life.

1. Creating and evaluating

It is absolutely impossible to go up and down or forward and backward simultaneously. This is something that even applies to your mind. You will never be able to achieve your goal or get a project done if you create something and try evaluating its success at the same time. The first thing that you need to do is create and then evaluate its success by evaluating its performance.

2. Get that expert thinking out of you

Expert syndrome is another harmful habit that kills your intelligence. You stop the process of learning something new when you start thinking that you are an expert at everything that you do. You lose the patience and the humbleness of listening to others with this habit and end up failing in every endeavor that you make.

3. Fear

Fear of failing is something that haunts people and people with this habit are sure to fail in life. With this habit, people slowly lose their confidence and start thinking that they are of no use and this is something that ultimately leads to their failure.

4. Lack of self confidence

This is a habit that is very similar to fear. Being afraid of failure means you lack self confidence. You lose your ability to learn and develop if you are backed by the fear of failure and lack of self confidence. You should have that confidence in you even if you are doing something wrong so that you are able to learn new things.

Habits That Kill Your Intelligence

5. Creating limits

Creating false limits will not help you, but it will actually hinder your ability to grow and learn and even hinder your innate intelligence. Putting obstacles in your way will not help you, but in turn will lead you to your failure.

6. Drinking

Drinking is considered enjoyable, but it hinders your capability of comprehending or grasping subjects and even hinders your intelligence. This is the reason why it is said that drinking should not be made a habit, but drinking once in a while is not harmful at all.

7. Fear of uncertainty

There are many people who want things to make at least some sense. But these people are unaware of the fact that life in not always neat and clean. At times, there are things that cannot be understood and certain problems that cannot be solved. You should not get afraid of such problems and such things but try and move ahead in life.

8. Being inundated by information

This is known as analysis paralysis. This is a condition of spending time thinking about a certain problem and filling the brain with useless information that it loses its ability to work. Information to your brain is like food to your body but just as you overeat you can over think. Therefore, it is said that over thinking is not good for the mind and it gives you nothing.

9. Taking discouragements from people

You might get hold of people who might not work as a support pillar. Instead, they discourage you at every point of time especially when you are about to do something new. Do not take discouragements positively and always stay your own way.

10. Being close-minded

Intelligent people are always open-minded. Therefore, if you do not think in details you will be left with nothing but failure. Tyr being open-minded to the new things that you come across in life and you will find success always. Get rid of these 10 habits that kill your intelligence and nothing will be able to stop you from getting success in life.

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    Ravi Roshan Jaiswal

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    Wonderful information yet.. I got confused reading this article which is really awesome and reading this article was beneficial for me. These 10 habits are enough to kill our intelligence is
    really dangerous.

    I will try to get rid from these habits quickly otherwise I stuck in problem slowly-slowly. I have tweeted this on twitter so that many people will take advantage of reading this article.

    Thanks for posting. This is really appreciable work

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