Top 10 Best and Worst Health Foods for Your Teeth

Everybody in this world needs to eat on a regular basis but it should also be kept in mind that there is no person in the world who want to wreck his or her teeth and it is only because of this reason that people should have an idea about the best and worst health foods for teeth. There are certain foods that should be taken by people because they do not harm the teeth or rot them and also keep them in good form and shape.

The best foods for healthy teeth are:

1. Fish

Fish is not only a good source of protein but the fact that it does not contain any sugar makes it advantageous for the teeth. It can be taken boiled or fried; in any case, it would not harm the teeth.


2. Cheese

Cheese sandwiches are a favorite among people and the cheese that is contained in a sandwich is quite nutritious and healthy for the body as well as the teeth. There are several cheese dishes that can be tried in order to keep the teeth in good condition.


3. Fruits

Fruits contain natural sugars that are not harmful for the teeth and there are certain fruits like apples and bananas that can work wonders for the health of the body as well as the teeth.


4. Crepes

These are mainly pancakes that can be taken with anything as they do not form cavities in the teeth and also help in keeping the teeth in good condition.


5. Smoothies

Fruits smoothies made out of several fruits are a source of vitamin for the body and the teeth. They work for the advantage of the teeth and do a great job in maintaining the good health of the teeth.


6. Chocolates

Chocolates are said to harm the teeth but this is not reality. Sweets and candies tend to harm the teeth but not chocolate because there is a mixture of fat with the sugar in the chocolate that does not stick to the teeth for a very long time.


Keeping aside these healthy foods that do not harm the teeth in anyway, there are certain foods that do cause a lot of harm to the health of the teeth and it is always advisable to stay away from such foods.

The worst foods that harm the teeth are as follows:

1. Candy and sweets

Candies and sweets rot the teeth because they are sticky and sweet. They tend to stick to the teeth for a very long time which causes great damage to the teeth.

Candy and sweets

2. Starchy food

Food that contains starch like potatoes, breads and rice can serve to be very dangerous for the teeth because they easily stick to the teeth, either in between or behind the teeth which causes the teeth to decay.

Starchy food

3. Carbonated sodas

Soft drinks and juices that contain sodas should be avoided to the optimum in order to prevent the teeth from decaying. Sodas contain a lot of sugar that can serve to be very harmful for the teeth.

Carbonated sodas

4. Alcoholic drinks

In the dental field alcohol is not considered to act as a healer because alcohol causes dryness in the mouth which does not let the saliva do its work in the proper manner. Among the worst health foods for your teeth, alcohol is said to be the most dangerous of all.

Alcoholic drinks

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