Know These Early Signs of Multiple Sclerosis

Although there is no particular reason for the occurrence of a multiple sclerosis in an individual, it is a must for everyone to know about the early signs of multiple sclerosis so that he or she can diagnose during the early stage. The multiple sclerosis is a type of autoimmune disorder that happens when then nerve cells get damaged in the brain and in the spinal column. The following are some of the early signs that can help you to visit your nearby physician before it turns into a deadly one.

Vision problems

The most common early sign of a multiple sclerosis is a vision problem. This can make way to a blurred vision in both of your eyes or you can have a double vision. A pain can be felt when you tend to watch through one of your eyes.


When the signals to the nerves in your brain and spinal column stops, then you feel numbness around the face, legs, arms and on fingers. You can also feel a tingling sensation on any part of your body.

Spasms and pain

A pain can be felt in the joints or on the stiff muscles. The pain can turn into an uncontrollable one. The legs are mostly affected with such pains; yet, the back pain can also be felt at times.

Fatigue and weakness

An unexplained weakness and fatigue can happen with people who are in the early stages of Multiple Sclerosis. The weakness in your body can start from your legs and it can be felt in the other parts of your body in the next stages of Multiple Sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis


Dizziness is one among the early signs that can make your head spin whenever you try to stand up from a chair. You will have balance issues as you can find it difficult to stand in a place.

Bladder problems

Bladder problems like frequent urination, inability to hold the urine and strong urges to urinate can be felt all throughout a day. This type of problem can lead to a loss of bowel control.

Cognitive problems

Memory loss would happen during the early stages of Multiple Sclerosis and you can even find it difficult to speak in your own language.

Emotional health

Depression is common with everyone who has a multiple sclerosis, yet, one can also get mood swings and irritable sensation. This type of condition can lead to pseudo bulbar one and it can make you laugh or cry uncontrollably.

Trouble in walking

The multiple sclerosis can weaken your muscles and you can find it difficult to walk on any surface. The numbness in your feet and fatigue can make walking a hard task.

Sexual trouble

Women can experience a vaginal dryness that can make their sex life an unusual one. Men would have erection problems and they can turn less responsive during the sexual intercourse.

Speech problems

You can find yourself getting stuck while speaking normally with others. You will find it difficult to speak words out of your mouth.

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