Caffeine Infused Electronic Shisha – Perfect Alternative to Tobacco

Though cigarette smoking is considered by far the common method of using tobacco, it is definitely not the only form. There are some other commonly used forms of tobacco such as cigars, kreteks and pipes that tempt millions of people every day to fall prey to the deadly habit of smoking. There have been alternatives though, in the form of nicotine gums, patches and lozenges that all are used in Nicotine Replacement Therapies all over the world to help quit smoking for good. Among the many alternatives, e-cigarettes have become more popular as they can be carried and used easily whether at home or office and do not release unpleasant smoke that may irritate your co-workers. Here is another perfect choice for smokers to try to get rid of smoking without losing the smoky effect.

E Shisha

E Shisha, or Energy Shisha as it is widely known, is another such product that helps you have the effect of smoking without causing the damage that an actual hookah or a pipe does to your health. Conventional hookahs are not better alternatives to smoking but in fact are more dangerous for health as the smoking session lasts for a long time resulting in inhaling as much as 10 cigarettes in a session. However, E Shisha probably is the best option as it does not contain nicotine and is also available now in the form of Caffeine Infused Electronic Shisha with a dash of caffeine hit in the vapours that are inhaled.

e shisha sticksIt is a product that comes as a rescue to the addicts with a lot of options. This caffeine infused electronic cigarette also helps you to overcome fatigue and boosts your energy and can be used conveniently anywhere. It does not contain any nicotine or tobacco and does not even fall under the category of E cigarettes. As the end of the device lights up, you infuse a caffeine infused vapour and exhale just water vapour that simply resembles smoke. These Shisha sticks can last for a very long time and are considered as one of the best options to addicts and are available at a very low cost.

It not only helps you quit smoking in a controlled way, but can also be carried to any place whether it is a club or a bar and seems to be the perfect choice that helps smokers due to its easy portability and refilling options while delivering the caffeine effect just when they need it. Even the caffeine content used in this e-cigarette-like instrument is very low making it a right choice for everyone as it doesn’t cause any caffeine overdose.

Shishas have become more popular among teens and adults alike in the recent years as they are easy to carry and are good to show off to friends and peers due to their stylish design. They are also available in many of the bars and pubs these days and through select online outlets.

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