10 Warning Signs Your Bones Are Thinning

Bones are the structural frame for the human body and their health is essential for you to perform usual activities. Disorders like Osteoporosis, which is caused due to excessive thinning of bones, can be prevented by checking the warning signs your bones are thinning.

1. Fractures due to less likely causes

Bones are meant to bear certain degree of shocks and blows, meaning if you fracture your bones by small insignificant impacts, it is a warning sign that your bones are thinning. You can consult a doctor to get prescribed for DXA scan, which is fairly reliable means of determining bone density.

2. Natural slender body-frame

Naturally, slim people must be more conscious about osteoporosis because they do not have much bone mass to bear symptoms for long once they appear. You can maintain a diet rich in bone-building compounds to ensure that you have enough mass to tackle any of the warning signs of your bones thinning.

3. Long-term autoimmune medication

Medications involved in the treatment of autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis indirectly affect bones. Doctors are responsible to ensure what medicines to use depending upon patients bone-mass.

Warning Signs Your Bones Are Thinning

4. Smoking

Osteoporosis has high statistical correlation with smoking, though it is yet to be found out how smoking affects bones. Your smoking habit during your adulthood is a clear warning sign your bones are thinning inside.

5. Drinking

Among the many ill effects of alcohol is the characteristic of draining out vital minerals off bones, rendering them weak and vulnerable to Osteoporosis. Even a couple drinks daily can leave susceptible to the condition.

6. Lactose intolerance

Intolerance to milk means lack of supply of Vitamin D, Calcium and other vital nutrients to the body. These nutrients build bones and even nourish them. Lactose intolerant people can include other sources of Vitamin D, Calcium, etc. such as fortified soy or rice milk.

7. Anorexia

You must not deprive yourself of the minimum nutrition that the body needs and develop anorexia, which is most common among models and fashion aspirants. A healthy diet that includes all sorts of vital nutrients is essential for both men and women.

8. Irregular menstruation

Infrequent menstruation is a warning sign for osteoporosis in women. Women who deprive themselves of adequate food to maintain hourglass figure or those who naturally have small appetite must consult a dietician to ensure sufficient supply of necessary nutrients to the body.

9. Family history

If you have one or more first or second-degree family member who has developed Osteoporosis, you should be alert about the condition too. Family history is a very likely warning sign that your bones are thinning.

10. Asian women

Contrary to the common belief, Asian, African and women from other ethnicity have been found to be as much likely to develop Osteoporosis as American or European women. So, whichever ethnicity you belong to, there are adequate reasons for you to be alert regarding bone thinning.

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