10 Essentials for Healthy Travel

There is no person on this earth who would like to ruin his or her long planned and saved dream vacation due to a cold, painful sunburn or stomach trouble. Therefore, it is always very important to have a very clear idea about the things that should be taken on a travel vacation in order to enjoy every bit of the vacation. The 10 essentials for healthy travel have been provided below and they should be taken by individuals who travel a lot.

1. Sunscreen


SPF sunscreens or sunscreens with sun protection factor should be chosen to be taken for a vacation because sunscreens help in protecting the face and the body from the UVB and the UVA rays of the sun.

2. Antiseptic


Antiseptic is a must to be taken for a healthy vacation in order to clean small scrapes that can turn infectious in moist and hot climates. Antiseptic wipes are available in the market and even bottles can be fetched from the market.

3. Insect repellents

Insect repellent should always be taken on a vacation because mosquitoes generally feed during dusk and dawn and they are found to be attracted to sweat. At the same time people should also try wearing long-sleeved and clean clothes and should also have clean hands and feet to avoid bites.

4. Antihistamines


Antihistamines are necessary to be carried at any vacation because they help in reducing inflammation and itching caused due to insect bites and allergies.

5. Anti-diarrhea pills

Anti-diarrhea pills

Anti diarrhea pills contain loperamide that help in reducing the effects of diarrhea caused due to overeating or any other kind of food infection. However, they help in stopping diarrhea symptoms and are not able to do away with the cause of diarrhea.

6. Rehydration sachets

Rehydration sachets are very important to be taken for the holidays because they help in replacing the salts and the fluids that are lost due to vomiting, excess sun and diarrhea. There are ready made sachets available in the market or else people can also prepare rehydration drinks by adding salt and sugar to plain water.

7. Mosquito net

A mosquito net is considered to be significant for sleeping in countries where malaria is a common disease. People on a holiday should choose mosquito nets that are impregnated with the use of insect repellent.

8. Anti-malarial drugs

Anti-malarial drugs are considered to be very important to be taken on a holiday but it is equally important to consult a doctor before taking anti-malarial drugs.

9. First aid provision


First aid provisions that are considered to be very basic such as tweezers, plasters, bandages and dressings should always be kept handy for a healthy travel to a different country.

10. Emergency medical provisions

Emergency medical provisions include sealed and sterilized syringes, needles and sutures for travelling to those places where dentists and hospitals do not possess proper sanitized equipment. These are the 10 essentials for healthy travel that are compulsory to be taken on a holiday.

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