Perfect ways of shedding extra pounds in your thirties

Irrespective of your age, losing weight can anytime be a big challenge. But fitness experts believe that losing weight after 30 is especially tough. Why is it so? It takes a lot of time to ensure weight loss among women who have crossed 30 years or who’ve just reached 30. Moreover it becomes well-nigh impossible to find that little bit of extra time for yourself during a stage when family and career are your life’s top priorities. So, does that mean that it is impossible for a woman in her 30s to lose weight? No, you just need perfect planning and organization to make that tough task possible.

If you feel that the scale has got stuck since you hit your thirties, you’re not alone as there are many more like you who go through this slight drop in metabolism rate during adulthood. According NIH or National Institutes of Health, premenstrual symptoms may include weight fluctuations and this can get serious in the late 30s. So, here are some tips to maintain a steady scale even in your thirties.

ways of shedding extra pounds in your thirties

  1. Stay clear on the things that motivate you: Try to ask yourself on the real reason behind losing weight. You may want a slimmer and sexier waist but beyond that what is it that you want in reality? Is it more sleep or more energy or better mental clarity? Once you’re clear about your health goals, write them down so that you can make better day-to-day decisions while seeing the bigger picture.
  2. Eat at least 5 times in a day: Yes, this means eating 3 meals and 2 snacks in a day. But make sure the snacks are limited to less than 200 calories in a day. You may even make smarter decisions by choosing high protein bites which can leave you well-satiated for at least 2-3 hours like protein shakes, boiled eggs, deli meals and snacks which are low in sugar content. Don’t ever skip your breakfast as doing so might not have a good impact on your health.
  3. Consume lot of protein: Ensure all your snacks and meals have minimum 14 grams of protein and 25g or less than 25 g of carbs. A perfect example of this kind of diet can be a 6-ounce container of non-fat Greek yogurt which has around 17g of protein and 6g of carbohydrates.
  4. Stop yourself from cleaning up your kid’s plates: None of us prefer to throw away food but if you have the habit of constantly finishing whatever is left on the plates of your kids, this adds up to your body. Eating up 3 chicken nuggets on your effort of cleaning up your kid’s plates will add up to around 142 extra calories for dinner. So steer clear from this temptation.
  5. Embrace technology and gadgets: You don’t have to look further than your pocket for seeking the right kind of weight motivation. There are smartphones which have an in-built pedometer which measure the total number of steps you take in a day. Aim to walk 10,000 steps in a day. You may even install third-party apps in your phone to track the foods you eat and compute the daily intake of calories.

If you’re a busy woman who has been trying hard to shed those extra pounds after reaching 30, you can be tempted to set back all your health needs. Worse enough, you may start following the calves workouts for women and the diet regime mentioned in fashion magazines. Don’t make such mistakes as they will have a costly impact in the long run. Try to make the best choices for lifelong well-being and good health.

How to Have a Healthy Vagina?

There are more than one reason as why women should take measures to keep their vagina healthy. A vagina is naturally acidic and contains high levels of beneficial bacteria that is capable of keeping infections away and maintain normal levels of pH. Low amount of secretion also takes place from the vagina that helps in keeping it clean. The process is pretty similar to the saliva which is produced in a mouth and cleanses it from within. In case there is any kind of interference in the normal functioning of the vagina can have adverse impacts and lead to infections or irritations. Hence, there are a few practices that can ensure that you have a healthy vagina and stay protected.

How to Have a Healthy Vagina

  • Avoid douching but keep the Vaginal PH Balance protected: Douching at times interferes with the pH levels of the vagina. It henceforth reduces the acidity levels and leads to a range of bacterial infections. The normal pH levels of vagina is anywhere between 3.8 and 4.5. In a scenario there is a strong unpleasant odor from the vagina, it is advised to consult a doctor. Douche can only cover the smell but not cure the problem. Using harsh soaps or cleansers inside the vagina should also be avoided.
  • Have a healthy diet:Although not directly evident, but a balanced as well as a nutritious diet coupled with plenty of fluid intake boosts up the vaginal as well as reproductive health. Several foods are known to be effective enough to treat several vaginal health problems. Yoghurt or Cranberry Juice for instance has the potential to prevent different forms of yeast infections besides aiding in its treatment. Moreover, in case a women experiences vaginal dryness, it is advised that one consults a doctor and ask if they should be eating more soy products.
  • Always practice safe sex: This is a thumb rule when it comes to keeping the bacteria out. Safe sex helps in offering protection against different forms of sexually transmitted diseases which includes genital herpes, genital warts, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and even HIV. Hence, use condoms during sex as it will help in protecting you against most of the sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Consult a Gynecologist: Regular consultation with a gynecologist helps in maintaining the vaginal health. It is always recommended that a women undergoes the 1stexam by the age of 21 or in the next three years after she becomes sexually active. Most of the family physicians as well as gynecologists are well-trained for diagnosing many disorders as well as diseases that have the potential of harming the vagina or the reproductive system. Gynecologists are also trained to perform Pap smears that detects the changes within the vaginal cells. It is also capable of indicating the presence of cancer.
  • Adopt good hygiene practices: Common sense is what you need when it comes protecting the health of the vagina. After each bowel movement, make sure to wipe from the front to the back to keep all forms of bacterial contamination away. This practice also lowers the risk of having a bladder infection. Women should always change sanitary pads as well as tampons on a regular basis during the periods.

Health Tips for Women to Ensure Strength of Mind and Body

Health is the true wealth and this necessitates taking good care of it. However, procedure of maintenance and care for health varies between men and women. Apart from a healthy diet and regular exercise there are a number of things that a woman needs to take care of in order to stay healthy and sound.

Keep the bones strong

Foods rich in calcium are good for bones. Spinach, sesame seeds, turnip greens, collard greens, kale, tofu, and blackstrap molasses are rich in calcium and are plant based sources. The soy products and non-dairy milk products contain high calcium content required by the bones. For women who are undergoing severe deficit of calcium in their food, vegan supplement containing vitamin D3 helps.

Add alkaline substances to the diet

Most of the women are aware of the fact that they are prone to a loss of density with the process of ageing. In order to avoid this, more amounts of alkaline substances should be included in the diet of women. Alkaline foods help in stabilizing and alkalizing the body. Fruits, sprouts, vegetables, certain grains, and legumes are alkaline in nature and help to control the acidity of the body.

Health Tips for Women

Include limited amounts of fats in the diet

Healthy fats have a number of benefits. They strengthen the immune system of the body, the eyes and the nerves. Brain is constituted of sixty percent fats and they regulate the heart. They also help in the prevention of cholesterol. They are especially important for women in their stage of pregnancy as they help in fertility and in the development of the foetal brain. The Omega-3 fats are beneficial for the health of women. Sources such as pumpkin seeds, flax, and chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 fats. Avocado, walnut, coconut, sunflower seeds, and olive contain monounsaturated fats that are good for health.

Include iron content in the diet

Women, in general, are prone to being anaemic. The symptoms of anaemia include thinning hair, fatigue, brittle nails, cold, depression, and headaches. Foods rich in iron are helpful for anaemic women. Anaemia is the condition of blood deficit in the body. Iron helps in building up the red blood corpuscles and thus cures anaemic conditions in women. In fact, women who are diagnosed with anaemia are given iron tablets, apart from being advised good hours of sleep and proper diet.

Physical exercise

Gentle exercises for about thirty five minutes, three or four times a week, helps a women to stay fit and going. Besides, the physical exertion sets about a detoxification of the body. Detoxification helps in the cleansing of the complete system. Physical exercise has several other benefits that include strengthening the heart, strengthening the bones, and keeping the energy levels high. It also has a positive influence on the psyche of the woman and offers a boost to the mood. Besides, eight hours of good sleep can help keep good health.

How to Increase Libido in Women Naturally

If you are one of those women looking for the ways on how to increase libido in women naturally then it is important for you to keep on reading. Unfortunately, a huge number of women suffer from a drop in their sex drive or libido as they move towards their middle age. This is usually the result of your body experiencing a shift in hormonal activities during menopause and a drop in estrogen levels as you grow. Apart from this, there are other issues that might also result in a drop in libido among women including any side effects of certain medicines, poor image of the body, fatigue, depression, stress and relationship issues. However, all these can be taken care of with proper healthy activities.

Workout regularly

Regular exercise is considered to be one of the most effective ways of getting your libido enhanced. Regular and proper exercise not only brings about an increase in the circulation of blood throughout the body, including genitals, but also helps your body in beating stress. The increase brought about in the flow of blood to genitals automatically helps in increasing libido. This is one condition that also helps in increasing your response to certain sexual stimulations.

How to Increase Libido in Women Naturally

Take essential fats

It is very important for you to cut down on your intake of saturated fats, but you should always include important fats such as Omega 3 fatty acids in your regular diet. These fats aid in better flow of blood and also help in boosting the production of certain sex hormones such as testosterone, progesterone and estrogen.

Get enough rest

Lack of sleep might also take a toll on your sex drive or libido. Therefore, you must make it a point to get good rest that is enough for your body. This will help you in cutting down the stress and in increasing your energy levels. After all, enjoyable sex is directly related to energy. Ensure having a sleep of at least seven to eight hours every night.

Take natural libido pills

In order to boost your sex drive you can also rely on natural libido pills because such pills are a perfect blend of powerful nutrients and herbs. The nutrients and herbs present in natural libido pills help in.

  • Increasing the flow of blood to the genitals.
  • Boosting the production of estrogen.
  • Stimulating the production of testosterone.
  • Increasing the secretion of nitric acid.
  • Reducing stress.

The most effective natural libido pills are the ones that contain hops extract, niacin, arginine, gingko biloba, melatonin and DHEA. These pills also help in enhancing your response to certain sexual stimulations. Additionally, they also help in increasing natural lubrication that gets over vaginal dryness.

Try gingko

Gingko Biloba is a wonderful herb that works for both men and women. Gingko biloba serves as an herbal or natural remedy for increasing libido in women. This herb works by increasing the flow of blood to the genitals and in increasing the production of nitric acid in the body leading to the expansion of the blood vessels. These are some of the methods that you can use if you wonder how to increase libido in women naturally.

Hygiene Rules for a Healthy Vagina

The vagina is a very sensitive area and therefore it is very important to follow the hygiene rules for a healthy vagina. Vaginal health should always be a major concern among women. The delicate balance of certain healthy bacteria can easily get disrupted in your vagina. Having a small quantity of discharge from the vagina is also normal because it helps in keeping the vagina free of harmful bacteria and also keeps it clean. You can experience burning, infection and irritation in your vagina with the disruption of the pH level in your vaginal area. Therefore, you should remain aware of some healthy hygiene rules that can help you in keeping your vagina healthy.

Practice having safe sex

You can experience discomfort, irritation and pain in your vaginal area due to certain sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that are common but preventable. Some varieties of STDs can easily be treated with the use of antibiotics but there is no known cure for genital herpes and HIV. Therefore, you should always use a condom while having sex as this will prevent the transmission of diseases. You should also keep in mind to change the condoms while having sex if both vaginal and anal penetration is carried out. The pH levels in the vaginal area can get affected by the bacteria present in the anus.

Hygiene Rules for a Healthy Vagina

Treat infections immediately

There is not a single woman who does not experience bacterial or yeast infection in her vagina area at least once during her lifetime. Bacterial and yeast infections can take place without any kind of exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. There are a number of other factors that can cause bacterial or yeast infections of the vagina. Anti-fungal ointment or antibiotics can be used for clearing up these infections on an immediate basis. You can even treat these infections by taking the help of a health care expert.

Abstain from douching

If you are of the view that douching will help you in getting rid of vaginal odor and will keep your vaginal area clean, then you are wrong. The harsh perfumes and chemicals present in many douches can upset the fragile PH balance of your vagina and can even cause vaginal odor and irritation. Instead of using a scented douche to mask vaginal smell, you can use apple or white cider vinegar for cleansing your vaginal area without posing any problems for the PH balance and beneficial bacteria.

Rules for a Healthy Vagina

Clothing can result in vaginal problems

Bacterial and yeast infections can also be the result of improper and tight clothing. Tight clothing does not allow air to flow freely around your vaginal area, resulting in the growth of harmful bacteria. You can keep your vaginal area moist and clean by wearing loosely fitting under wears made of cotton and by avoiding the use of synthetic fabrics. You should also avoid wearing spandex clothing for workout and damp swimsuits.

Eat healthy

What you eat is not only essential for your weight and your appearance but your food can also have a tremendous effect on your vaginal health. Try adding yogurt to your regular diet because the yogurt helps in promoting the growth of healthy bacteria. Also drink lots of water because water helps in flushing harmful toxins out of your body. You can also have cranberries as they are known to improve vaginal health. If you follow these hygiene rules for a healthy vaginayou are less likely to suffer from vaginal problems.

Essential Tips to Overcome Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is a common problem in this generation as both men and women suffer from such a pain due to their lifestyles. There are many reasons that can lead to abdominal pains which lead to stress and make it difficult to continue our daily work. Here are some of the tips that can be followed to overcome abdominal pain in your daily life.

Relaxation exercises

Relaxation exercises have the ability to calm down the muscles of your body. If you are following these exercises regularly then you can easily get rid of the abdominal pain to a larger extent. The exercise can help in calming down your body and can reduce the intensity of the pain too.

Using heating pads

A heating pad can help in soothing the pain out of your body. The heat enters your body and quickly heals the pain. Do not let the heating pad get exposed to skin directly as it can result in injury. Keep a warm cloth on your abdomen and then place the heating pad to avoid any kind of skin injuries.

Drink Herbal Tea

Herbal tea has the essential contents in it that can help in soothing the pain. Herbal tea can help in maintaining a good digestive level in your stomach so that you can avoid abdominal pain. You can also drink peppermint, chamomile, anise and fennel tea to overcome abdominal pain.

Tips to Overcome Abdominal Pain

Take a break and lie down

Lying down in a flat surface can rest your whole body and it can help in overcoming the abdominal pain. Steal a few minutes daily from your breaks and busy schedule to lie down flat for a while and gain some health in the process.

Take a nap

Whenever you have an abdominal pain, you can take a small nap. Sleep is the best way to get rid of abdominal pain. Our body gets relaxed whenever we fall asleep and the pain can be easily healed out of the body.

Drink plenty of water

Water is the best source to overcome any kind of pain and it can help your body to stay hydrated and to stay away from abdominal pain. Drink a cup of water every hour to keep your body stay hydrated and you can get rid of gas that also causes abdominal pain.

Take calcium rich foods

Eating calcium rich foods can make your bones obtain the needed strength to stay away from abdominal pains. As your bones get stronger, there are fewer chances of you getting an abdominal pain in the near future. You can also take calcium supplements as prescribed by your doctor to overcome abdominal pains.

Add ginger and lime to your food

If you are experiencing an abdominal pain, then add a tablespoon of lime or ginger juice to your daily food to overcome abdominal pains. Take a pinch of black salt and add it to water. Drink this solution twice a day to get a quick relief from abdominal pains. You can also add lime juice to this solution.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Miscarriage

It is very essential that you understand and know the things that lead to a miscarriages that you are aware of the factors and conditions which cause miscarriage. Teresa Berg, an expert in maternal fetal medicine, is of the opinion that miscarriages can happen to anyone and has become very common now-a-days. Teresa mentions that 15% of pregnancies end in sudden miscarriage and this can be termed as spontaneous abortions or pregnancy loss during its early phase. You can make yourself more aware regarding a few important facts about miscarriage and this would help you and your friends in the long run.

1. Most miscarriages occur in the first few weeks of pregnancy

Dr Berg defines a miscarriage when a woman loses her fetus within 20 weeks of pregnancy. But now-a-days miscarriages often occur before 12 weeks of pregnancy and this is very traumatic for both the parents.

2. Most women are not aware that they have suffered a miscarriage

Most women sometimes are not aware that they are suffering from miscarriage especially when it happens in the first ten days of pregnancy. They often take the bleeding symptoms to be that of their regular menstruating symptoms. But if you have severe abdominal cramps you should visit a doctor and prevent from any health complications from occurring.

3. Mother is not responsible for a miscarriage

Sometimes expecting mother is made responsible for the miscarriage and there are many reasons including lifting weights, running a lot, eating some foods etc, but Dr Berg asserts the fact that miscarriage occurs due to genetic abnormalities which may have occurred in the embryo.

4. Miscarriages are more frequent when you conceive after a certain age

Older women are more prone to miscarriages as the eggs get older and develop genetic abnormalities. Gynecologists therefore encourage women to have a baby before their 30’s.

Things You Didn’t Know About Miscarriage

5. Are you aware that fertility treatments increase the risk of miscarriage?

Many older women who are trying to conceive undergo fertility treatments. These treatments might create the conditions where you suffer from miscarriages.

6. Your weight plays an important role during pregnancy

If you are overweight or underweight the chances of having a miscarriage is very high. Diabetes also increases complications during pregnancy.

7. Smoking is dangerous for you and the baby

If you are addicted to smoking you have to give up the addiction. Smoking is harmful to your health and might trigger miscarriage.

8. Miscarriages do not occur if you have sex when you are pregnant

Your grandmother would advise you to abstain from sex when you are pregnant. But Dr Berg maintains that neither sex nor light exercises cause miscarriage.

9. You might not have a miscarriage after you had one

Most women get very scared after a miscarriage when they conceive later. But here you might not have a miscarriage if you do not face any health complications.

10. It is normal that you feel loss after a miscarriage

Most women are depressed and feel a loss when they have a miscarriage. Dr Berg mentions that women get attached to their unborn child and therefore it becomes a part of their body and emotions. This is an important fact that you should learn when trying to understand the things you didn’t know about miscarriageand this would help you to give a loved one unconditional support when she has just suffered from a miscarriage.

Know Why Getting Married Makes Brides Fat

If you want to know why getting married makes brides fat, here is what you need to know and what you have been looking for all these days. Although it is a fact that women gain weight after marriage, nobody really cares to look for the reason behind it, because they no longer need to attract new people in their lives. Since they have gotten their husband for life, there is no need as well. However, in some of the cases, pregnancy right after the marriage also adds to the weight. Hormonal changes might also be a reason for that. There are other issues too which make a girl fat after her marriage.

No need to maintain the figure

The most common reason why girls start to eat carelessly and do not care much about their figure about their marriage is because once they are married, they think that it is not required at all. Their husband also admires them the way she is and since she does not need to attract any other person, why would she go for a diet or take pains of exercises? They feel that their life is already secured and hence there is no need to look what they eat. However, when the marriage ends and divorces happen, it is observed that women try to get in shape once again.

Why Getting Married Makes Brides Fat

Pregnancy and hormonal changes

When we talk about women gaining weight, pregnancy is a common issue. While some women shed their excessive weight after the baby born, there are some other women who are not able to shed weight which remains with them lifelong. Also, it is a tradition that women in pregnancy should not go for much exercise and they should eat whatever they crave for. Many women also believe that they should take oily things which would benefit the newborn, such as milk and milk products. In the end, a lot of weight is put on by them.

Family’s eating practices

Lifestyle changes are another factor which leads to a change in weight of the women. When a woman is married, she must get accustomed to the family of the husband in every manner, even when it is about the eating habits. Hence, she might have to eat heavy food items all day long. In the first few months of marriage, guests come over and sweets and drinks are common to be served, which the women also need to take along with the guests. Also, some ladies start to eat as much as their partner does. As a result, they get fat more than they ever wanted.

There are various other factors as well, which leads to gain in weight of women after their marriage, such as insistence by partner, eating whatever has been left in the house after husband has finished, their mothers might remind them to eat from time to time and so on. However, whatever the reason why getting married makes brides fat, they should keep a proper check on it so that they do not have to face problems later on in life.

Know What Affects Vaginal Health

The overall health of a woman is considered to be very important and vaginal health constitutes a major part of the overall health of a woman. Is there really something that affects the health of the vagina and if the vaginal health issues do exist need to be tackled on time. Problems of the vagina can affect sex desire, the ability of reaching orgasm and even fertility. Vaginal health problems can also act as a major setback in different areas of life resulting in relationship problems and stress that have a negative impact on the self confidence of a woman. Therefore, it is very important for women to remain aware of the symptoms and the signs of the major issues of the vagina and what affects vaginal health.

Unprotected sex

Vaginal health is affected to a large extent if women engage in unprotected sex. The chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or STDs are also aggravated by practicing unprotected sex. Therefore, in order to keep the health of the vagina intact, women should always opt for protected sex.

Vaginal Health

Aggressive sex

Vaginal trauma can also result from forceful sex or any kind of injury caused to the pelvic area. Women should never try to indulge in aggressive or forceful sex because it can trigger vaginal infections.

Various health conditions

Various conditions of health in women such as Sjogren’s syndrome which is an autoimmune disease and even diabetes can lead to vaginal dryness which can be taken as a setback for the health of the vagina.

Hygienic products and medications

The chances of yeast infection in the vagina can be triggered by the use of antibiotics for a very long span of time. Vaginal dryness is caused due to certain antihistamines. A shock syndrome that is toxic in nature can be caused due to superabsorbent tampons. It is a life threatening discomfort and rare bacterial infection of the vagina.

Birth control methods

There are different types of vaginal rings used by women for birth control and these rings can lead to vaginal irritation. Shock syndrome of toxic nature can also be caused by the use of contraceptive sponge a diaphragm.

Pregnancy and childbirth

When a woman is pregnant, she stops menstruating until the birth of the baby and the vaginal discharge in a woman increases. During childbirth vaginal tears are very common. Pregnancy and childbirth can also bring about a reduction in the muscle tone of the vagina.

Psychological issues

Depression and anxiety can result in decreased levels of arousal that can lead to pain and discomfort during sex. Trauma like painful sex and sexual abuse can also be related to the damage to vaginal health of a woman.

Getting older

After menopause which is a condition where women stop menstruating, the elasticity of the vagina is lost in women and this may also be one of the causes that affect vaginal health.

Hormone levels

Changes in the levels of hormones can also be an answer to what affects vaginal health. For example, the production of estrogen in a woman decreases after menopause, childbirth and breastfeeding. This estrogen loss results in the thinning of the vaginal lining that makes sex painful.

What Are Some Causes of Breast Tenderness

Tenderness of the breasts is a common condition of the breasts most women suffer at some or other phase in their life. Breast tenderness should not be always mistaken for breast cancer. Discomfort or pain in the breasts can also be due to pregnancy or menstruation and hence proper diagnosis is required before arriving at any conclusion. If you are asking yourselves what are some causes of breast tenderness, the following information can prove to be useful.

Pre Menstrual Syndrome

Pre Menstrual Syndrome

Most women suffer from pre-menstrual syndrome before the onset of their periods and PMS is one of the leading causes of tender breasts. This is not something to worry about as tender breasts are usually associated with PMS. Before the onset of periods, there are countless changes happening in the woman’s body. All these changes lead to severe hormonal imbalance which is medically known as dominance of estrogen. This simply means that during that time of the month, there is an increase of estrogen in the woman’s body. When estrogen levels are high, it often leads to water retention in the body. When excess water accumulates in the breast tissues, it results in tenderness and pain. For some women, the pain is severe and they find it difficult while sleeping on their stomach.

Menopause and perimenopause

Menopause and perimenopause

With advancing age, there are many changes occurring in the woman’s body. Women at a ripe age do not have a regular menstrual cycle. The production of progesterone and estrogen is drastically reduced in the body. Before a woman hits menopause, nearly 15 percent of all menstrual cycles are anovulatory. This means that there are no egg releases during the periods. Most of the female body’s progesterone production happens after ovulation. Since a woman will no longer continue to ovulate before menopause, there is no production of progesterone. This results in disruption of hormones. On the other hand, estrogen levels continue to rise which causes tenderness or soreness of breasts.



Many women are not aware of the fact that obesity can negatively affect their breasts. Being overweight can cause the breasts size to increase which often leads to sagging of breasts. However, they will also experience frequent soreness and tenderness of breasts if they are overweight for a long time. This is primarily caused due to hormonal imbalance in the body. When a woman is overweight, different hormones in the body are at higher levels than normal. This leads to water retention in the body. Most of the times, the excess water accumulates in breasts than any other area. When there is a lot of water sitting inside the breast, it weighs down the breast. This results in tenderness and soreness of the breasts.

Some women who experience tenderness of breasts may not feel any pain while some may feel mild pain. However, you should be aware that no two bodies are the same and hence, the effects vary from person to person.