10 Best Sleep Android Apps for a Sound Sleep

If you are wondering how the 10 best sleep android apps can help to you to sleep better and in an efficient manner, read this article. Alarm clocks and the reminders were the things of the past. These days, everything is managed with the help of Smartphone apps. You can sleep comfortably when you have a Smartphone besides you which would make sure that you sleep comfortably. These devices are helpful in a number of ways. Let us know more about them.

1. Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

At the Google PLAY store, this app has a rating of 4.4 stars, which indicates that it is certainly a good app. This app would make you sleep by enchanting nice words in our ears which would help you meditate in bed.

2. Yoga for Insomnia

Yoga for Insomnia

Though this one is a paid app which you can get for $4.50, this app has a rating of 5 stars. This app would work by teaching you various new yoga poses which are best for making the person sleep adequately.

3. Relax & Sleep Well

Relax & Sleep Well

Like most of the other sleep apps, this one also works through its audio therapy. A 27 minute session is organized by this app which would make you sleep efficiently and would also relax you.

4. Pzizz Sleep

Pzizz Sleep

This app would soothe you and would encourage you to sleep. The good thing about this app is that you can choose your own duration of the session. Every time you would use the app for sleeping purposes, a random soundtrack would be played.

5. Sleepmaker Rain Free

Sleepmaker Rain Free

This app works on a general fact that the sound of the rain makes a person tired and he falls asleep sooner. You would feel that it is really raining outside and there are different types of rain sounds in this app.

6. Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

There is nothing better than getting closer to the nature when you are in some problem. Sleep deprivation is one of those problems, which can be treated effectively by natural sounds. This app contains six such sounds, including oceanic and bird sounds.

7. Sleep Soundly Hypnosis

This app would make you sleepy no matter how insomniac you are. Not only you would be able to sleep early, but you would also be able to sleep comfortably and for a longer period of time. A 39 minute session would be organized by the app which would tire you and make you sleep.

8. Lightening Bug

Lightening Bug

There are as many as 200 sounds in this app which would relax you and make you sleep. And the best part of this app is that you can choose the sound yourself. You can also listen the soundtracks while doing other daily works.

9. Sleep Now!

Sleep Now

Heartbeat is another sound which makes a human sleep fast. Heartbeat and 11 other such quiet sounds are included in this app, which you can get for $41 from the Google PLAY Store.

10. Epic Sleep ULTRA Pro

This app includes all kinds of sounds, white noise as well as deep induction sounds. You can go for this app in case you want a better sleep. The presence of a large number of sounds is something that has added it to the list of 10 best sleep android apps.