Dysplastic Nevi Causes and Prevention

Atypical moles are also known as dysplastic nevi that can also be the major cause of melanoma. These are benign moles that are unusual and are very similar to melanoma and people who have a large number of these moles are prone to developing melanoma. The patients with melanoma are generally found to possess these moles in comparison to the general population. People who possess dysplastic nevi should have a very clear idea about dysplastic nevi causes and prevention so that the necessary steps for the eradication of this disease can be taken beforehand.

dysplastic nevi

What are the major causes of dysplastic nevi?


Heredity or family history can be considered as the major cause behind the development dysplastic nevi that can result in melanoma. However, individuals who do not have a family history of such moles can also develop melanoma in the extreme cases.

UV light exposure

The exposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun is considered to be one of the major causes behind the development of dysplastic nevi. Dysplastic nevi are considered to be very weak and it is only because of this reason that they are highly affected by the harmful rays of the sun.

Damaged immune system

Dysplastic nevi also appear in people who do not have a good immune system. In such people there is a lack of the required energy that is needed to fight off various diseases of the body and this is the reason why multiple cancers start developing in such people.

Contact with chemicals

There are certain harmful chemicals that trigger the appearance of dysplastic nevi causing cancer and therefore people should always be very careful in trying to avoid coming into contact with such chemicals.

What are the prevention methods for dysplastic nevi?

Knowing the skin

It is very important to know the type of skin possessed by an individual. People should remain aware of the moles that they possess in different areas of their body so that the risk of cancer can be avoided.

Skin examination

Skin examination should also be carried out on a regular basis so that any changes in the moles and the other conditions of the skin can be noticed and then reported to the doctor for proper treatment. Suspicious symptoms and signs should also be discussed with the doctor.

Reduce sun exposure

New moles can form on the skin due to regular exposure to the sun and therefore it should be kept in mind that the sun should be avoided to a large extent.

Regular eye examinations

Eye examinations should also be carried out because benign moles like dysplastic nevi can also appear in the eyes. Knowing the dysplastic nevi causes and prevention methods can serve to be very effective and advantageous for people.