Common Warning Signs of Skin Cancer

If you have got a mole, a spot or a freckle on your body that is abnormal for many days, then it can be one among the warning signs of cancer. Skin cancer is one of the deadliest types of cancer that can take away a life if proper treatment has not been given during the early stages. Skin cancers can be easily treated if they have been detected in the early stages. Everyone must have knowledge about the warning signs of skin cancer, so that he or she who has a suspecting mole or a freckle on the body can visit their nearby doctors to diagnose them.

The ABCs of skin cancer

Everyone must check their own body for the occurrence of a mole or a suspicious spot once in a year. The melanoma kind of skin cancer can happen anywhere between the toe, on the tongue or even in the private areas. The suspicious moles can be spotted in areas other than your legs, arms and head.

A for Asymmetry

The two sides of the moles or the spot must be in the same shape. If you make a cut in the middle of the mole, then the other half must be of the same shape like the divided one. You can visit the nearby doctor to examine the spot or mole.

Common Warning Signs of Skin Cancer

B for Border

The border of the spot or mole can be irregular or notched. It can also have a fading margin above it.

C for Color

The color of a mole or a spot can be pink, black or brown. Yet, the ones that create a skin cancer will be multi-colored and can be witnessed through naked eyes.

D for Diameter

If the mole is larger than the size of a normal pencil eraser, then it is one of the warning signs of skin cancer.

E for Evolution

The spot or mole can change in terms of size, color and shape. Consult your physician once you witness a change with the spots.

Other warning signs

Pink bumps: A pink bump can appear on any part of your skin and it can last for three to four weeks. The pink bumps can look like normal pimples during the early stages, yet, they have the ability to change into skin cancer if proper treatment is not taken.

Visible sores: If you have a sore on any part of your body that looks the same for many days, then it is one among the warning signs of skin cancer. The long-lasting sore that can be found in mouth is a warning sign of an oral cancer. The sores can also be found in the private parts.

Change in sensation: The moles or the spots can itch at times and you can feel an uncomfortable pain occurring from them. This type of change in sensation develops the cancer cells in your body. Visit your nearby physician to examine the moles to stay away from skin cancer.

Carrying Out Step by Step Self Examination for Skin Cancer

It is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation that people should practice the step by step self examination for skin cancer so that new lesions or the lesions that have gone through certain changes can be detected because such lesions can be precancerous or cancerous. Skin cancers that are found early can be removed earlier and they are also curable. There are certain things that have to be looked for while conducting a self examination for skin cancer and most importantly the symptoms need to be detected.

If anything suspicious is detected during the examination, it should be immediately reported to the doctor. A lighted room and a full-length mirror are the things that are required for the examination. Then the body is required to be checked part by part in the following manner.

Step by Step Self Examination for Skin Cancer

Examine the face

The face should be the first area that should be examined. The facial skin along with the mouth, ears, lips and nose should be checked thoroughly. All parts of the face such as the ears, lips and mouth are required to be checked in front and also at the back. One or two mirrors can always be used to get a very clear view.

Inspecting scalp

The scalp is an important area that requires examination because people usually do not give much thought towards examining the scalp because it is not exposed to the sun. The scalp should be examined by taking the help of a blow dryer and also a mirror so that each section of the scalp can be examined thoroughly.

Check the hands

The hands should also be checked carefully. The front and back of the hands, palms, area between two fingers, and skin under the nails of fingers, wrists and forearms are the areas that require proper examination. Also it has to be kept in mind that both the back and the front of all the areas should be examined so that no part is left unexamined or unobserved.

Upper arms and underarms are also important

A full-length mirror should be used to examine the elbows and for scanning all the sides of the upper arms and the under arms. Often people seem to ignore the underarms but they should be examined thoroughly because underarms are the areas where moles seem to develop in large numbers.

Torso, neck and the chest

The chest, torso and neck should go through an examination after following the above mentioned steps. Women should even lift their breasts to examine the underside of their breasts for any kind of changes or infections.


The entire back should be examined by taking the help of a mirror that is handheld along with a full-length mirror. Check the back of the neck, shoulders, upper arms and upper back. The buttocks and backs of both legs can also be examined in the same way.

Legs and toes

The sides of the legs, toes, genitals, ankles, feet tops, toenails and thighs can be examined very carefully by sitting down on a chair or a stool and making use of a mirror. The heels and soles should not be left un-examined. This is the perfect method for step by step self examination for skin cancer that should be taken into account in order to reduce the chances of developing skin cancer.