What You Need to Know About Female Condoms

Are you looking about what you need to know about female condoms? There are a lot of things or facts that you should know about female condoms. A female condom is basically a pouch that is put into the vagina before having an intercourse. The use of a female condom lowers the risk of sexually […]

How to Improve Your Sex Drive

Most of the people, married or single, look out for ways on how to improve sex life. A recent survey by a popular women’s magazine has indicated that most women wanted to enjoy a more exciting sexual life, but refrained from speaking to their partners on the same lines. Sex is an important aspect of […]

12 Health Benefits of Sex

It is very vital that you understand the top 10 health benefits of sex as you burn 200 calories when you have 30 minutes of sex. Most people in some countries are shy about talking regarding the benefits of enjoying regular sex. But a good dose of sex between couples goes long way in strengthening […]

Top 10 Myths About Safe Sex and Sexual Health

A doctor serves to be the perfect person for getting any kind of information about sexual health but in spite of this fact, there are many people who because of anxiety, convenience and privacy try searching the internet for certain answers to their important and intimate questions. The teenagers of today are mostly found suffering […]