What You Need to Know About Female Condoms

Are you looking about what you need to know about female condoms? There are a lot of things or facts that you should know about female condoms. A female condom is basically a pouch that is put into the vagina before having an intercourse. The use of a female condom lowers the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancy. Female condoms are safe, effective and inexpensive methods of birth control.

How do female condoms work?

A female condom works in preventing pregnancy by layering the inner area of the vagina. These condoms collect semen and pre-ejaculate. This way the sperms are prevented from entering the birth canal, resulting in no cases of pregnancy as the sperm is unable to join the egg. These condoms also bring about a reduction in the risk of certain diseases that are transmitted sexually by covering the inner part of the anus or vagina.

Know About Female Condoms

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Are these condoms effective?

Effectiveness is one of the most common concerns when making the choice of different methods that can help in birth control. Female condoms serve to be the most effective of all birth control methods if they are used properly. They have 95% percent chances of working successfully in the prevention of pregnancy if used in right way. This success rate drops down to 79% if the condoms are used incorrectly or inconsistently.

Are female condoms safe?

Almost everyone can use female condoms safely. In fact, these condoms can be used by all those women who are able to use tampons safely. The condoms can easily be used during vaginal or anal sex without causing any side effects that can be harmful for vaginal health or the overall health of a woman.

How to use a female condom?

For inserting the condom:

  • Put lubricant or spermicide on the exterior of the closed end of the condom.
  • Get into a comfortable posture for inserting the condom.
  • Try squeezing the sides of the condom together and insert it into the vagina or the anus.
  • Try pushing the inner ring as far as it can go within the anus or the vagina.
  • Next, pull your finger out and allow the outer ring of the condom to hang about an inch outside the anus or the vagina.

For removing the condom

  • Twist and squeeze the outer ring in order to keep the semen within the pouch.
  • Gently pull the condom out of the anus or the vagina.
  • Dispose it off and do not flush it in the toilet.
  • Never reuse a condom.

The benefits of using a female condom

Some of the most important benefits fetched by female condoms are as follows:

  • Allow women in sharing the responsibility of preventing infection.
  • Are easy and inexpensive to obtain.
  • Can easily be used by women who have an allergy to latex.
  • Can conveniently be used with water-based or oil-based lubricants.
  • Have no impact on natural hormones.

These are some points that work as an answer to your question what you need to know about female condoms.

How to Improve Your Sex Drive

Most of the people, married or single, look out for ways on how to improve sex life. A recent survey by a popular women’s magazine has indicated that most women wanted to enjoy a more exciting sexual life, but refrained from speaking to their partners on the same lines. Sex is an important aspect of life and a good sex life creates trust, good health and an invisible bond which lays the foundation of a good marriage. If your sex life has run through rough weather, here is how you can improve it.

Communicate with your partner

Sex is no rocket science. Most women have fantasies regarding sex and this leads to unrealistic expectations. The basic principle of enjoying great sex is having transparent communications with one another. You should communicate with your partner’s regarding things that you like and things that you don’t. This would create a feeling of trust and intimacy and make your sexual life better.

Introduce foreplay into your sex life

Foreplay before sex creates an ambience of excitement and builds up the sexual tension. You can create a great ambience for the activity by decorating the room with scented candles, or even writing naughty SMS’s to each other throughout the day. All these small things would tune your body and mind to enjoy great sex when you actually have it with your partner and then indulge in some foreplay before the act.

How to Improve Your Sex Drive

Concentrate on your breathing

Most couples forget that a simple breathing technique leads to greater sexual experience. You and your partner can read about the Tantric breathing techniques and after a few exercises you can take your sexual experience to the next level.

Slow down your breathing

Barbara Bartlik, a sex therapist, is of the opinion that women breathe rapidly during sex. She mentions that a great way to enjoy an enhanced sexual experience is to undertake slow breathing. This would help the women to be more aroused and the sensual experience would be more intense.

Wearing sexy lingerie

Lingerie is a great way to boost your confidence and show off your body to your partner and make him ready for the act. If you have had a baby and worked for a few months in the gym, the time is now right to tantalize your partner with your new body. Provocative lingerie acts as a catalyst and with a little foreplay you can surprise your partner like never before.

Eat foods which are good for sex

Avocado is considered to be a good aphrodisiac and is responsible for creating sensual sensations in your body and also gives the body the stamina it needs. Almond is another nut which is considered to increase fertility and act as a sex stimulant when eaten on a regular basis. You can eat both these things and increase your sexual well being.

Being spontaneous

Most people think that a good sex life would mean that they have a great time on the bed. But you can enjoy sensual life throughout the day by being very responsive towards your partner like looking into his eyes and reading his emotions without anybody knowing it. Another way of how to improve your sexis to gently kiss him in his ears or in his back when he least expects it and this could make him love you like never before.

10 Drugs That Affect Your Sex Drive

It is essential that you know about 10 drugs that affect your sex drive so that you can avoid them and have them only if it is dire emergency. Otherwise, you do not want your sex life to go bonkers and this would create unnecessary tension between you and your partner which could be best avoided. If you have suffered a medical condition and feel that had lowered your appetite for sex, there is no harm in speaking to your doctor about it. This communication helps your doctor to prescribe another medicine which will have less impact on your sex life.

1. Stop taking antidepressants

Zolosoft and Prozac are antidepressants which are taken by many people who suffer from depressions. Irvin Goldstein, an expert in sexual medicine from San Diego, maintains that these medicines might improve the mental conditions of the patients but decrease their sexual drive to a large extent.

2. Tricyclic-antidepressants

If you suffer from shingles your doctor might prescribe you with tricyclic-antidepressants which would reduce your nerve pain. These medicines are also used for depressions. However, many experts feel that it is best to use these medicines at the lowest level as they do have an effect on your libido.

3. Checking your regular intake of birth control pills

Oral contraceptives are used by most women to plan their family and enjoy regular sexual life. But these pills do lower your sexual desire to some extent. Goldstein advises women to use other alternatives like condoms and diaphragms when they want to enjoy regular sex without getting pregnant.

4. Proscar

Many men suffer from enlarged prostate glands as they age. Proscar is often used to treat the problem. Here this drug has finasteride, which prevents testosterone from becoming active and therefore these results in low levels of testosterone. Now-a-days many doctors suggest a surgery which helps in solving the problem and stop the medication.

Drugs That Affect Your Sex Drive

5. Propecia

Hair loss is another problem faced by most men. Propecia also contains finasteride, which creates lower sexual libido in younger men. Goldstein advices alternative methods like Rogaine which does not create low sexual libido and solves your hair loss problem.

6. Antihistamines

Some of the antihistamines like diphendyramine might solve your allergy problems, but the side effects could be low sexual drive for some time. Pharmacists observe that this problem can be solved by using the medicine at the right time.

7. Medicinal marijuana

This is used to cure acute pain and nausea. If you are taking it and facing low sexual drive it would be a good idea to speak to your doctor regarding alternative medications.

8. Tergretol

People suffering from bipolar disorder take Tergretol. This drug works by stopping impulses from reaching the nerve cells in the brain. This affects the sensual response of the body.

9. Opioids

If you are suffering from acute pain you might be put on Opioids. But there are high chances that you would get addicted to the medicine and have a low sex drive.

10. Beta-blockers

Beta blockers have cured many heart conditions, but they tend to lower sex drives among its patients. You can speak to your doctor that you are aware that it is one of the drugs that affect your sex driveand take alternative medications.

12 Health Benefits of Sex

It is very vital that you understand the top 10 health benefits of sex as you burn 200 calories when you have 30 minutes of sex. Most people in some countries are shy about talking regarding the benefits of enjoying regular sex. But a good dose of sex between couples goes long way in strengthening their marriage and also helps them to enjoy great health benefits. If you still do not believe us, you can clear all your doubts by reading the benefits.

1. Your immunity system is high

When couples enjoy an active sex on a regular basis, they enjoy the great immunity system. Wilkes University researchers discovered that college students who engaged in sex had higher percentage of antibodies than students who did not. They also mentioned the importance of having safe sex among young people.

2. You enjoy a healthy sex desire

Lauren Streicher an expert in this area feels that having a good sexual life would help you to grow your sexual drive which would make you enjoy sex better. This is essential as good sex increases good blood circulation in the body and is a great cardiac exercise.

3. Women enjoy better bladder control

Pelvic muscles play an important role in a women’s life. As women if you enjoy good sex your pelvic floor muscles are enjoying a good workout and this is good for you, especially during childbirth.

4. Helps you to enjoy good pressure

If you have good sex then you would not suffer from high blood pressure. Joseph J. Pinzone the medical director has researched and shown the above fact.

5. It is a great form of exercise

Sex is a great type of exercise and is better than running on a treadmill. Your heart rate becomes better and your body muscle system improves.

Health Benefits of Sex

6. Reduces the risk of heart attack

Regular sex improves your heart rate. It also helps to maintain the estrogen and testosterone hormone balance in your body. In women a good level of estrogen would mean that you are ageing slowly and your skin is slowing. When these hormone levels become low you suffer from heart problems and osteoarthritis.

7. Helps you to manage stress

One of the great health benefits of enjoying sex is that you are able to manage stress. This is important as today we have large stress in our life.

8. You do not suffer from cognitive disease

When you have had a good sex life, your chances of having a cognitive disease are much less. This is because your mind is nourished and actively stimulated during sex.

9. You do not suffer from disability with old age

As you age, you suffer from physical disabilities. When you enjoy a good sexual life with your partner, you have a good chance of not being disabled at an old age, as you are having good exercise which tones your body.

10. Slows down ageing

When you have good sexual life your body is well maintained and the hormonal levels are balanced. All these factors slow down your ageing process.

11. Lowers the risk of having prostate cancer

For men having good sexual life lowers the risk of having prostate cancer.

12. Enjoy a good healthy long life

Among the best top 10 health benefits of sexwould be that you have a long healthy life.

Myths About Sexual Health

You might hear about the myths about sexual health from your friends or your relatives. But the facts might be something else. Although a doctor is the best person to consider when you want information on safe sex and sexual health, for anxiety reasons, you might not be able to ask him or any other person who has some knowledge. This might force you to search over the Internet about the subject. However, you might get false information over there if you don’t know the myths people talk about. Read on to know what the myths are.

You can catch STDs by using same toilet

You might have heard that sexually transmitted diseases might be transferred to you if you and your partner use the same toilet seat. However, this is not true because the bacteria which spread the STDs cannot survive outside the human body for long. So, even if you and your partner use the same toilet seat, there would not be any chances of contacting diseases. However, you should not indulge in skin to skin or mouth to mouth contact with the person as it would definitely spread the disease.

You would not get pregnant the first time

This is a myth that teenagers should especially be aware of. Many of the teens listen from their friends that they can try and make out and nothing would happen to them because they are doing it just for the first time. However, this is not true and might put them in serious problems. There is no difference in sex whether you are having it for the first time or you have already had it many a times.

Myths About Sexual Health

When a girl is on period, she can’t get pregnant

Though this might sound false to you, but it is a myth. A girl sometimes has the chances of getting pregnant even in her periods. Although there are less chances that the girl would be able to fertilise even during her periods, there is still a 10% chance. This is especially true in the cases of girls whose periods extend for long. For those girls, the time in which first period ends and the time in which next period would start are not so far away and it makes the girl fertile in her period too.

Pills would help you

Again, this one is for the teenagers specially. If you think that you can have sex at night and just take a morning pill within 72 hours and you would be sure that abortion would take place and nothing would trouble you, then you are wrong. These pills are as risky as premarital sex itself. Sometimes, when some time has already been spent after the sex and the egg has already been attached to the uterus wall, there would be no difference at all. The emergency contraceptives help in just a few cases. Hence, you should not depend on them.

These are some of the myths about sexual health, remember them next time you think of having sex.

What You Didn’t Know About Adolescent Sexual Behavior

Adolescent sexual behavior would remain an issue till complete knowledge is provided to children at least at the age of high school. According to a survey, 62 percent of the students in high school have had intercourse. This is not the right way to go, not only for the society, but also for the health of the children who undergo these kinds of acts. If parents are rightly involved in the matters of providing sex education to children, such kind of scenarios can be avoided.

Demographics of juvenile sexual behavior

Adolescence refers to that period when children start to grow up and reach up to youth. However, this age cannot be defined in numbers because it depends on the mental state of the person as when he transits from childhood to adulthood. It also varies from country to country as to what age is considered to be the legal age of consent. However, if we particularly talk about US, this age is between the years of 10 and 19. This is the age when children get sexually attracted towards opposite sex, but they hardly know the consequences of it. As a result, they might catch HIV and other sex-related diseases.

Adolescent Sexual Behavior

Consequences of adolescent sex

One of the most destructive consequences of adolescent sex is adolescent pregnancy. When children are not much aware, they might indulge in sexual intercourse without even using protection (condoms). And, even if they do use it, they are not aware that it is not 100% safe. This almost ruins the life of adolescents as well as the parents of these children. However, with the increasing trend of sex education these days, the numbers of adolescent pregnancy cases are declining.

Unintended pregnancy

As mentioned, even when adolescents are active in sexual activities, they do not care to take precautions against pregnancy and other sexually transmitted diseases. While every adolescent is at risk, the adolescents who are mentally retarded might be at more risk. In the US, a large number of teens face unintended pregnancy every year. Contraception and condoms are seldom used, this also indicates the usage of protection among adults. Also, around 15 million cases of sexually transmitted infection are seen in the US every year.

How to reduce the risk?

Although it is very difficult to reduce the risk because the exact cause of this behavior could be anything, from unprotected oral sex to anal sex, yet a try could be given by at least educating the adolescents and telling them what the consequences can be. They should be taught that before going through such an activity, they must be sure that the partner is not HIV positive, or an intravenous drug user or so. Also, if a particular person changes partner too many times, infection might occur.

It might become extremely difficult for the government of the country to stop these kinds of acts, but they can understand the adolescent sexual behavior the other way round.

10 Foods for Better Sex

The people who have a very strong desire of sizzling back into their sex life, then the best thing that they can choose is good food that helps in setting the right mood for sex. A dinner that is cooked at home can serve to be very romantic for a sexy night as it helps in taking the heat up. There are certain foods that contain components and vitamins that enhance sexual experience and sexual function. The 10 foods for better sex have been elaborated below.

1. Avocados


Avocados are very rich in their content of unsaturated fats and at the same time they are very low in fats that are saturated and this is the reason why avocados are considered to be very good for the arteries and the heart and it also helps in avoiding erectile dysfunction in men.

2. Almonds

Almonds with raisin

Almonds have always been considered as dry fruits that help in increasing passion and they work in the form of sexual stimulants and at the same time they also help with fertility. Almonds are very rich in minerals and nutrients required for sexual reproduction and health like selenium, vitamin E and zinc.

3. Strawberries


Strawberries contain vitamin B and folic acid that helps in warding off certain birth defects found in women and can also lead to an increase in the sperm count among men.

4. Seafood


Seafoods, such as oysters are known to boost the libido and set the right mood for having sex in spite of the fact that they possess a slimy texture and are slippery. They contain zinc that boosts the libido and there are different other sea foods like oily fish that are also known as sex boosters.

5. Arugula


Arugula helps in arousal because it contains antioxidants and minerals that are very helpful in boosting the sexual health of an individual. Arugula is dark and leafy and it is very good at absorbing certain environmental contaminants that have a very negative impact on the libido.

6. Figs


Figs contain insoluble and soluble fiber, which is considered to be very health of the heart of an individual and at the same time figs also work in the form of fertility boosters.

7. Citrus


Citrus is a fruit family of tropical nature and members of this family are considered to be very rich in vitamin C, folic acid and antioxidants that boost the reproductive health in men.

8. Unsweetened tea

Unsweetened tea

Unsweetened tea contains an antioxidant called catechin that helps in promoting blood flow throughout the body for brain power and sex power. At the same time unsweetened tea also enhances focus, memory and mood.

9. Black raspberries

Black raspberries

Black raspberries contain phytochemicals that enhance sexual endurance and libido. Black raspberries help is setting the right mind and the right mood for having sex.

10. Broccoli


Broccoli can work wonders in the bedroom whether it is taken sautéed, raw or cooked because of the fact that broccoli is very rich in its content of vitamin C which helps in blood circulation and improves female libido. These are the 10 foods for better sex that can always fetch great results in the bedroom.

Top 10 Myths About Safe Sex and Sexual Health

A doctor serves to be the perfect person for getting any kind of information about sexual health but in spite of this fact, there are many people who because of anxiety, convenience and privacy try searching the internet for certain answers to their important and intimate questions. The teenagers of today are mostly found suffering from some misconceptions and myths of sexual health and life at present. The top 10 myths about safe sex and sexual health have been provided below.

1. Using toilet seat can make you suffer from STD

STD or sexually transmitted diseases cannot be passed by sharing toilet seats because they cannot live outside the body. Therefore this myth is completely wrong instead people must try and avoid skin rubbing and deep kissing that can cause herpes, genital warts, public lice and scabies.

2. Women cannot get pregnant the first time they have sex

It is completely unlucky but it is in fact true that women can always get pregnant on their first sex because first sex is very similar to having sex on other days.

3. Women cannot get pregnant during their periods

It is something unlikely, but possible and especially when a couple does not make use of birth control or condoms. Women who have very long periods overlapping with the time of ovulation can gain fertility while menstruating.

4. Pap smear is required by women when they are 18 years old

A pap smear or test is no longer recommended for women who turn 18 and at present it is a test that can be done only when a woman becomes sexually active or turns 21.

Myths About Safe Sex

5. Morning after pill can lead to abortion

Morning after pill that is also called plan B is not at all similar to RU- 486 that causes abortion. Morning after pill makes no difference if taken by a woman who is pregnant.

6. Minors cannot get morning after pill without prescription

Morning after-pills are available to women who are seventeen and above and it is a completely wrong notion that minors cannot get morning after-pills without any kind of prescription.

7. Pills for birth control make a woman gain weight

Studies have proved the fact that there is no relation between the pills for birth control and the weight gain among women who take these pills. There are certain contraceptives that can lead to gaining weight but women who take such pills are informed prior to taking these pills.

8. The use of intrauterine devices is not at all safe for adolescents

Intrauterine devices or IUDs are generally small tools that are inserted via the cervix and then placed in the uterus in order to avoid pregnancy. This is done for women who do not like to take pills for birth control on a regular basis. It is completely wrong to think that IUDs lead to pelvic inflammation and are not safe.

9. Getting HPV shot means remaining safe from cervical cancer

HPV shot not always helps in warding off the chances of getting cervical cancer and therefore it is important to have Pap tests on a regular basis in order to avoid the chances of getting cervical cancer.

10. Douching helps in cleaning the vagina healthily

The vagina is a part of the body that is self-cleansing and the process of douching that cause a lot of harm to the vagina. These are the top 10 myths about safe sex and sexual health that people should remain aware of.

The Best and Worst Foods for Sex

Most people are of the view that it only takes a romantic song and a few candles to make some sexy and to improve one’s sex life, but there’s something much more to sexy than just a romantic song and candles. People should always have this in mind that a lifestyle that is healthy in the form of the food that is taken and the exercise that is done, also plays an important role in making a person feel and look better and in bringing about great improvements in the sex life of an individual. There are some foods that work as libido and mood killers while there are some that boost the libido and the mood of an individual. The best and worst foods for sex have been listed below.

Sprouted grains

Sprouted grains

Sprouted grains are very rich in their content of vitamin B complex and this is the reason why sprouted grains help in relaxing all the systems present within the body and also serve to be important in helping produce hormones. The B vitamins present in sprouted grains help in calming and strengthening neurons that work along with hormones present in the nervous system and the brain and hormones subsequently play an important role in intimacy, intercourse, attraction and in the growth of sperms and eggs.

Leafy greens

Leafy greens

Leafy greens such as cabbage, spinach and kale are very high in their content of calcium that boosts the health of the cells and even vitamin A that helps in producing sex hormones. Healthy cells heighten the sensitivity of sexual pleasure and therefore it is recommended to have green juice before a passionate night for heightened sensitivity and desire.

Beans, seeds and nuts

Beans, seeds and nuts

Beans, seeds and nuts contain fatty acids that work as fuel for certain cells that are considered to play a very important role in sensitivity, pleasure and desire. Raw foods should always be taken because they provide energy and also boost sexual responsiveness.



Oysters are known to be very rich in their content of zinc, but they should not be taken from the nutritional point of view. Oysters work in the form of scavengers that are very good at absorbing parasites and toxins. They are not so good for hormones that have a direct impact on the health and the sexual performance of an individual.


Un cuore nel cioccolato

Chocolate for sexual health is somewhat debatable because it possesses a high content of fat and cholesterol that are very good at clogging the arteries. The arteries that are largely affected by chocolate are the vaginal and the penal arteries because of the fact that they are very small and they can collect plaque very quickly. This makes it very difficult to achieve and maintain orgasm and arousal. These are some of the best and worst foods for sex that can have a large impact on sexual health of an individual.