Knowing the Signs of Ovarian Cancer

The signs of ovarian cancer are detected and are visible only when they grow and develop to a certain extent and this is the stage when the cancer becomes large enough. However, there are certain signs of ovarian cancer that are quite evident in the early stages; the most common among them is pelvic pain. The symptoms of ovarian cancer are often quite vague and sometimes they are also mistaken as the symptoms of common infections and benign conditions. This is the reason why people ignore the symptoms at an early stage.

Signs of Ovarian Cancer

The detection of ovarian cancer is very difficult because the ovaries lie very deep in the abdominal cavity but the symptoms can be taken care of. The most common symptoms associated with ovarian cancer are as follows:

Abdominal pain

This is the first and the foremost symptom of ovarian cancer which is due to the pressure that is exerted on the nerves as a result of the buildup of masses in the ovarian tumor that attack the abdomen. The pain in the abdomen is very similar to that which is caused due to a bad gas or a tummy ache and this is the reason why such a pain in the abdomen is not taken very seriously.

The seriousness of the pain can be evaluated by observing the longetivity of the pain, if the pain lasts for a very long time it is a sure symptom of ovarian cancer that is also accompanied with digestive problems and abdominal girth.


Bloating is a symptom that is caused due to the masses or the fluids that build up in the abdominal cavity. The masses are also built up around the lungs that can even cause breathing problems for the people. People suffer from breathing problem only when the cancer spreads to the diaphragm and it becomes very difficult for the people to breathe.


High pressure is also a result of pain and building up of masses in the abdominal cavity. This is a symptom that should be taken care of in its early stage otherwise it can turn out to be very fatal for the health. This can also cause cancer to spread to different parts of the body.

Loss of appetite

The pressure that exists in the stomach can lead to loss of appetite or having a feeling of fullness even after having a very light meal. The tumor that builds in the abdominal cavity slowly begins to exert pressure on the bladder which makes the victim experience diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, nausea and gas. There are other symptoms that are not very frequent such as vaginal bleeding, fever, backache, fatigue and some changes in the habit of the bowel.

Urinary incontinence

This is also very common among the signs of ovarian cancer where a woman abnormally wants to urinate more often. This is a very irritating problem where the urine might also leak without any kind of notice.