10 Surprising Obesity Facts

Obesity is on its way to become an epidemic case, especially in the developed countries. Much is being done and even more is being said about the problem but the surprising obesity facts reveal the real health report-card of population throughout the globe.

1. BMI

Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index or BMI is the ratio of a person’s weight in kilograms and square of his height in metres. People with BMI 25 or above are considered overweight while those with BMI 30 or above are referred to as obese.

2. Numbers

More than 500 million adults are obese in the world, according to WHO record 2008. 26% of adults in the UK and 72.5 million adults in the US are obese, according to latest reports. Rate of increase in obesity is greater than 20% in the US while it is in tens figure in several other countries.

3. Children

childhood obesity

WHO has identified childhood obesity among the most serious health issues for 21stcentury. 45% of the diabetic children in the US have Type-II diabetes due to being overweight or suffering from obesity. Research has revealed formula-fed infants have 2.5 times greater risk of growing obese than breast-fed infants.

4. Children’s Habit

children’s eating habit

Agriculture, distribution & marketing, education, environment, food processing, transport and urban planning policies influence children’s eating habit. According to a study, restricting obese children from watching TV for a week can reduce their waistline steadily. Infants who can empty their feeders by the age of 2 years indicate 1.3 times greater risk of growing obese and need care from the early age.

5. Physical Activity

Physical Activity

About 25% of children are not involved in physical fitness activities and 70% of obese children are at risk of cardiovascular diseases in the US. Globally, childhood obesity continues to increase alarmingly.

6. Immunity


Obesity weakens immune system. About 23% of ischemic heart diseases, 44% of diabetes and 7%-41% of certain cancer cases are caused by overweight of obesity.

7. Pharmaceuticals

obesity pill

Every major pharmaceutical company has an obesity R&D section. Even smaller firms are catching up to bank on the ever-expanding opportunity. There is not a single obesity pill with more benefits than its limitations.

8. Expenditure

Public expenditure

More than $100 billion are spent in the US annually on health issues related to obesity. Considerable percentage of income is spent on obesity-related health concerns in all developed and developing countries.

9. Breathe

breathe can indicate the risk of obesity

A person’s breathe can indicate the risk of obesity. According to a 2013 study, high concentration of methane and hydrogen gases in a person’s breaths indicates development of higher body fat percentage and BMI. The presence of gases is due to certain microorganisms that contribute to obesity.

10. Sex

Obesity causes sex

Obesity causes change in hormones including those associated to sex. Obesity causes significant drop in libido in both women and men. Obese men have decreased testosterone while obese women have decreased estrogen levels.