Eating fresh meat or fish is good for the health of pregnant women and the babies

Creatine is an important nutritional component which is found in fresh meat or fish.  Recent scientific study suggests that women who are having less concentration of this nutrient element at the time of pregnancy often deliver babies with smaller size and increases the chance of brain injury of such new born infants. While those having sufficient level of creatine in the body always have babies with standard size with no potential health hazard and death.

No doubt that this finding will bear revolutionary impact on the diet plan of the women with pregnancy. The impact will be similar like that of the recommendation that is being given by doctors to pregnant women regarding consumption of folic acid to deliver babies without defects in the neural tube. Scientists from leading research institutes will soon gauge the level of creatine in placentas, umbilical and maternal blood of women of around 900. The sole purpose is to determine the level of creatine in adequate proportion in the body to have new born babies with solid health.

pregnant women and the babies

Previous clinical researches have observed that foetus need to depend on placenta for supplying creatine even during the last phase of pregnancy to ensure survival of the infants after birth through eliminating the chance of asphyxia and facilitating the uninterrupted flow of oxygen in the body.

Some other scientific findings are still not sure whether lower concentration of creatine is actually responsible for growth obstruction of the new born babies. It is because this nutrient element even in smaller concentration helps in the energy generation of the cell bodies. Keeping the future impacts into consideration, doctors are advising pregnant women to obtain this nutrient element only from eating fresh meat and fish.

The Dangers Of Poor Organisation In Healthcare

If you’ve ever worked a dead end job, or even a job you like with a terrible boss, you’ll know exactly how frustrating it can be. Perhaps they’re poorly organised? One of the worst things about being a staff member on a rota is when they tell you you’re due to come in one day, and then at the last minute, they cancel and mess up your entire personal schedule. Sound familiar?

The temptation in these cases can just be to throw in the towel. To turn up at the original time even, and act nonchalant or like it’s an innocent mistake that you didn’t take not of the amendment. In a lot of jobs, the rota doesn’t always matter and kind seem kind of… pointless. With some professions though, this just isn’t possible, and any kind of no-shows in the workplace can have dangerous implications. Therefore, scheduling or organisational problems can lead to workers feeling underappreciated, and, in turn, performing poorly.

Poor Organisation In Healthcare

In the health and social care sectors, employee performance doesn’t just lead to some annoyed customers. It can affect the actual real lives the people who they are supposed to be in charge of. Most carers give their time willingly, happily and to the absolute best of their ability, and this is something that deserves a lot of praise. But in some instances, it’s difficult to keep working so hard when you’re constantly being undervalued and messed around.

Webroster is just one way that those working in these sectors can actually get some more control back in their profession. Their employees can use the software to perform a variety of tasks, one of the most important being in designing rotas. Unfortunately, with so many people now requiring care, whether they’re elderly, sick or generally infirm, their resources are quite stretched. Making a rota ahead of time with good planning would really help ensure appointments are planned in the most appropriate manner.

Good supervision can help, too. Often, there are a lot of complaints by carers that the time allocated just simply isn’t enough to see each patient. But, with a bit of attention from management, there can be more understanding and assistance offered to ensure that each person that’s been helped gets seen to in a way that helps them, but in an efficient manner. According to this article, time devoted by management to care-working staff can also help their morale in their positions, because they feel less afraid of dealing with challenges when levels of support are demonstrated as opposed to neglect. Communication is also increased, leading to all-round happier staff. Remember, if staff are happier, then crucially, so are the patients and their families.

Father's Age Linked to Child Health Problems

A major study conducted on millions of people recently revealed that a varied number of problems and disorders found in school- going children are linked to delayed fatherhood. Increased rates of bipolar disorder, autism, ADHD, substance abuse problems, suicide attempts, and schizophrenia were all reported under the study. It is blaming mutated sperm but says that the advantages that older fathers bring to the table may outweigh other problems.

Father's Age Linked to Child Health Problems

It has no starting point from which the risk might start increasing, rather the risk factor increases with increase in age. However, the total amount of risk is likely to stay low. Even if the chance of an unusual disorder gets doubled, it is highly unlikely that it would be affecting the child.

Dr. Brian D’ Onofrio, a researcher, said that he was quite shocked after getting the details of the study which revealed a bigger risk than what was estimated previously. He added further and said that the study implied delayed child bearing to be linked with increased rates for academic and psychiatric problems as well. The research suggests that doctors, families and society must take into account both the advantages and disadvantages of delayed childbearing.


Behavioural Issues in Children Linked to Acetaminophen Consumption During Pregnancy

A new research has revealed that new-borns of women who used acetaminophen for pain relief during pregnancy are more likely to develop behavioural problems such as Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Journal JAMA Paediatrics published the study, in which data of 64,322 ladies, who enrolled into National Birth Cohort of Denmark between 1996 and 2002, and their children were analysed by researchers. After each trimester, ladies were asked whether they had acetaminophen during the period. The ladies were surveyed later when their children reached 7 years of age. They were asked about their pro-social and anti-social behaviour pattern of their children. Researchers also observed prescription of Ritalin, which is commonly used in treatment of ADHD, to the children in the group.

Behavioural Issues in Children Linked to Acetaminophen Consumption During Pregnancy

In short, the result showed that consumption of acetaminophen by mothers increased chances of ADHD, Hyperkinetic Disorder (HKD) and other behavioural problems in their children by 20% to twice as otherwise. Kids of ladies who used the painreliever in all trimesters have even greater chances of such behavioural issues. More than 50% women took acetaminophen. Dr Jeff Chapa clarified that the study does not indicate that acetaminophen must be forbidden during pregnancy but repetitive use should be avoided.

New Hormone Triggers Hope for Low Cost Fertility Treatment

Adelaide researchers have discovered a new hormone that is vital for fertility which would pave way for low cost fertility treatments.

The researcher of Adelaide University and project head, Prof. Sarah Robertson has discovered the M2 macrophages which are immune cells important for fertility as they help in boosting up the production of progesterone. This is a crucial hormone for pregnancy initiation and implantation of embryo.

Fertility Treatment

Sarah also added that this is a breakthrough in the field of biology but not a breakthrough in terms of treatment but it offers a different angle to tackle infertility. The previous research had revealed that the reproductive tissues have macrophages in it and it is their first time that its relation to pregnancy has been admonished.

The researchers have hopes that they can develop this further through animal testing and then help one out of six couple who have fertility issues. They also help that this would prove to be a better way of enhancing the fertility issue with this break through hormone without the need of IVF which would make it a pocket friendly option and also would offer a treatment that is less complicated.

Colicin N Protein May Have The Ability To Kill E.Coli

Scientists have found a new protein, Colicin N that might have the ability to kill E.Coli which is the bad bacteria that is responsible for causing complicated food poisoning issues in humans. This new protein Colicin N is found within the Escherichia coli which can kill the bacterium very effectively. Newcastle University that conducted this research divided the protein in to three divisions as a part of the study such as the receptor, that helps the protein to target the bacterium, a toxic division that makes holes in the bacterium membrane that weakens and kills the bacterium and a part that resembles the tail.

Actually the tail part was considered to help the protein to reach the cell but it was harmless to the bacterium. The researchers said that they needed to witness the effect of different parts of the protein on the E.Coli bacterium. When they introduced the translocation tail within the bacterial environment, it in turn killed it.


The researcher, Chris Johnson, made this discovery and he said that he didn’t believe what he saw. He said that their team didn’t expect these results and as they were not sure how this happened, they will be looking in to further details while the study they found was amazing.

3 Million Europeans Infected in Hospitals Annually: Survey Reveals

The EU disease monitoring agency revealed that in Europe about 80,000 patients are fighting from infections they acquired at the hospitals especially in intensive care on any given day. This report was based on a survey which was published on Thursday.

Though some infections can be arrested with immediate treatment, other infections such as super bug MRSA and other such drug resistant bugs can be fatal to patients. These medical conditions would also take long time to heal causing too much expenses on medication and treatment.


The European centre for Diseases Prevention and control or ECDC revealed that every day one among every 18 patients gets infected that has resulted in more than 3.2 million infections per year.
Marc Sprenger, Stockholm based ECDC Director said that the infections that were related to healthcare was a serious threat to the European patients. He also said that this condition can be curbed effectively by well planned and executed methods of prevention and control programs which must be followed in every hospital to fight these infections.

He also added that these programs must aim at high usage of antibiotics which will help to improve the conditions of patients in the hospitals.

Researchers Say Whole Milk Is Best For Kids Than Skim Milk

According to a report published in Jama Paediatrics, researchers say that among all dairy drink, whole milk is the best for children. But this was questioned by Dr. David S. Ludwig, an endocrinologist at Boston Children’s Hospital, Dr. Walter C. Willet and Fredrick John Stare Professor, Harvard School of Public Health in Cambridge, Mass. While speaking to Boston Globe, Ludwig said that there were no strong evidences against recommendation while they were not making an argument for eliminating milk from the diet but require few more recommendations regarding it.

Whole milk
The US Department of Agriculture says that children about 2 to 3 years old must drink at least 2 cups of milk while 4 to 8 years must drink 2.5 cups and above 9 year old must drink 3 cups or more. But they suggest drinking low fat or fat free milk and not whole milk. It also states that milk contains good amount for nutrients such as vitamin D, potassium and calcium that are ideal for maintaining healthy bones. The USDA also said that consuming dairy products at younger age would help to reduce osteoporosis condition as it is the stage when bones begin to develop.

Overdose Of Women Pain Killer Causes Rise In Death By 400% In the Last Decade

On Tuesday, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) reported that when compared to 1999, over five times more women have died due to prescription overdose of pain killers. Over 48,000 women have been reported dead following an overdose of prescription of painkillers between the period of 1999 and 2010. This is a whopping increase of 400%. This means that about 18 women die each day due to painkiller overdose.

These shocking statistics were released on July 2. The prescription pain killers include drugs like Viciodin, Oxycontin, Opana, Methadone, Hydrocodone, etc. While speaking about these drugs to CBS news, Dr. Tom Freiden said that it is essential to know how harmful these drugs can be. Apart from the higher risk of death, there is also the chance of a lifelong addiction. This is not something to be taken lightly. If you or someone you know has a pill problem, please consider a substance abuse program that specializes in whatever substance you’re struggling with like this Hydrocodone rehab program.

Women Pain Killer
From the year 2007, more women have faced death due to overdose of drugs than anything else. When taking too many painkillers, women between the ages of 40 to 54 years old have a higher risk of accidental death. Not to mention about 10% of women are reported to have committed suicide with these prescription painkillers. If you or someone you know has a problem, get help today before it’s too late.

Public Health Advocates Opine That Not Enough Money Settled Towards Anti Smoking Programs

Of the $1290 million money that Oregon receives once in every two years as a settlement with big tobacco companies are going towards the anti smoking programs for the first time.

But health advocates are of the opinion that the amount of money, $4 million is very low when compared to the $86 million that is actually required to fund a really strong anti smoking campaign. This is well evident through the radio ad and website they created that asks for at least $12 million for the anti tobacco campaigns.

Anti Smoking Programs
Even when the members protested on Friday while advancing the Oregon health authority budget, the budget committee declined it. Over the next few days, there are expectations that the house and senate would vote on the budget of the agency. The money that flows in is the resultant of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement in 1998 that occurred between many big tobacco companies and other 46 states. This agreement put a stop to advertising about tobacco products on bill boards, buses and other places in exchange for dropping the law suits against them. Since then Oregon has been the receiver of over $1 billion of which not even a single penny has gone towards anti tobacco measures.