5 Signs of Early Menopause

The signs of early menopause are disturbing and disheartening as they mark a severe change in the biological life of women. Menopause is most evidently the inevitable phase in the life of a woman and one cannot escape the phase. It is important to consult a gynaecologist when a woman experiences the symptoms of menopause.

1. Night sweats and hot flashes

Women going through menopausal phase experience hot flashes. Hot flash refers to the condition when the body feels unnaturally warm, especially in chest and head. The experience sometimes ends in flushing and at other times in perspiration. Hot flashes last generally for period of thirty seconds and sometimes for a number of minutes together. This occurs because the estrogen levels decline causing biochemical and hormonal fluctuations. Hot flashes are at times associated with night sweats sometimes to the extent of being drenching at times. This can result in awakening and the woman finds it difficult to fall asleep again.

2. Irregular monthly cycles

The signs of early menopause can also be seen in irregularity of monthly cycles. While some women face very few problems associated with abnormal bleeding at the time of menopause, some women can go through heavy periods. The monthly cycles can shorten for some women in duration in which case the women would have more frequent cycles than are regular. Contrarily, the cycles can also occur at a larger-than-normal gap for other women. In some case a woman undergoing menopause can also have a cycle after several months.

Early Menopause

3. Urinary symptoms

The urethral lining also undergoes changes during the menopausal phase in a woman. The estrogen levels decline and the urethral lining loses elasticity and becomes thinner and drier. As a consequence, the urinary tract becomes more vulnerable to contracting infections, some leading to urine incontinence. The incontinence can result from performing physically exhaustive or stressful works.

4. Emotions and mood swings

Various thoughts and mood swings with no apparent reason are also the signs of early menopause. The symptoms can include irritability, memory problems, fatigue, and rapid mood swings. The symptoms are an overall reaction of the change in the hormonal activities. These symptoms are so natural that it becomes difficult at most times for women to relate the reason to a menopausal phase. The night sweats disturbing sleep can create sleep deficit causing a lack of freshness and irritability to last throughout the day.

5. Physical changes

Women undergoing menopause are more likely to gain weight. The fat deposition system of the body of the woman can also undergo changes. The fat can be deposited more in the abdomen and waist than in the thighs and hips. In some women the texture of the skin changes resulting in wrinkles and adult acne.

The signs of early menopause should be known to every woman so that she can cope with the problem by proper medical care.

10 Ways to Combat Menopause Naturally

There are several ways to combat menopause naturally which help in dealing with the situation cleverly and removing any kind of annoyance. There are different things involved in the ways that need to be followed. It ranges from the way you breathe to the way you dress.

1. Breathing techniques

This is an important point in dealing with menopause. The process of deep breathing helps in shortening the flashes. In the process of deep breathing one needs to start slow and then start taking deep breathes as soon as they feel the flash is coming. It is recommended that one should try pranayama breathing techniques where he or she breathes as deep as possible and then loosens it and slowly lets it out. By expanding the rib cage the person can help in triggering the parasympathetic nervous system. This will help in calming the body and regulating the temperature of the body.

2. Dressing

When there is the problem of hot flashes one should always go for layer dressing. Having a light top and a blouse over it will help when the body suddenly heats up and one needs to loosen the body to cool it a little. The dress should be of easy care fabrics that can take the heat away from the body. Having loose fitting clothes will help in circulating the air more freely.

3. Cooling the room

Having the surrounding environment cool always helps a lot. To keep the room cool, one can open the windows, use air conditioners or have the fan at higher speed. The goal should be to have constant temperature as much as possible.

4. Avoiding heat

Try to stay away from hot environment as much as possible. Avoiding sun bath and hot tubs is recommended. By having constant cool temperature around it is easy to control the flashes.


5. Eating properly

This is a very important part to combat menopause naturally. One should avoid spices and go easy on food. It is good to eat food that will keep the body cool and keep the internal system balanced. If the body temperature is increased then it will start causing more flashes. Hot and spicy food should never be considered during this situation.

6. Hormone therapies

There are some hormone therapies that can prove to be effective. The use of Estrogen has been very effective and it helps in eliminating hot flashes. One should always consult a medical practitioner before going for a hormone therapy.

7. Drinking plenty of water

Staying hydrated is most important and it is a very good way to combat menopause naturally. To provide the system with the right balance and controlling the body’s cooling system it is important to drink enough water and avoid the hot flashes. One should also avoid alcohol during this period.

8. Having prescribed medicine

There are many medicines available to combat menopause but one should always consult the doctor and go for the prescribed medicines. If one is already being treated for a problem then they should ask the doctor for respective medicines.

9. Flaxseed

It is said that having around 40 grams of flaxseed will decrease the flashes and also prove to be a good alternative to hormone therapy.

10. Herbal remedies

There are many herbal and vitamin treatments available to control the situation. Black cohosh, yam phytoestrogen and Vitamin E are considered to be the most effective to combat menopause naturally.