Some Common Lung Cancer Symptoms

There are thousands of people that are found to die every year because of lung cancer. Lung cancer is very dangerous and it can turn out to be fatal if proper treatment is not taken at the proper time. There are certain lung cancer symptoms that people need to be aware of so that the disease can be detected and then proper treatment can be started at an early stage. The causes can also be studied so that the major triggers of this cancer can be avoided by people. The most significant symptoms of lung cancer that can be taken into account are as follows.

Persistent coughing

If coughing is experienced by an individual for several weeks, it can turn out to be dangerous because it can serve as an early sign of lung cancer. If coughing is accompanied with blood, it may turn out to be even more dangerous. Coughing is largely experienced because of foreign substances that are found to be lodged in the cells that are found in the airways. There are many victims of lung cancer who even vomit blood while they cough.

Lung Cancer Symptoms

Noisy breathing or wheezing

It is very important to take proper care if a person is found to create a lot of noise while he or she breathes. Wheezing or difficulty breathing is considered as one of the significant lung cancer symptoms and this is mainly caused due to the blockage of the airways. The airways are blocked due to the tumor that develops in an individual. This trouble or any other trouble that is related to breathing should be checked out immediately.

Pain in body parts

A certain pain that is experienced in the chest, the back and the shoulder of an individual can also be taken as one common symptom of lung cancer. Persistent coughing can also lead to such pains and therefore it is extremely important to pay attention to such pains experienced by people.


In case of lung cancer, the lung begins to function very poorly which in turn might affect the amount of energy that is produced in the body. If the lung is not able to function in the proper manner, the muscles and the organs of the body do not get enough blood that is oxygenated and it is only because of this reason that a person begins to feel tired.

Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite that can lead to weight loss in a human being can serve as one of the major lung cancer symptoms and people should always remain aware of this symptom so that they can avoid lung cancer. People experiencing this symptom might not feel the urge to eat because of the low energy produced by the body and also because of the tired feeling that is experienced by the body.