7 Amazing Ways to Protect Your Kids From Mosquitoes

Well, do you have kids at home? Then giving them ample protection from mosquitoes becomes an absolute necessity. A lot of illnesses thrive on account of day time mosquitoes. They are malaria, dengue, chikungunya, etc. But these kinds of mosquito borne diseases are preventable with a few precautionary measures which you can take from your side. Here is a small guide on how to protect children from mosquitoes.

1. Keep your home and surroundings clean

Murky or stagnant water is a major breeding ground for mosquitoes. This is the main reason why you need to keep water drums and buckets covered at all times. Try not to leave water in air coolers, flower pots, dispensers and other containers for too long. It takes approximately 7-10 days for mosquitoes to hatch their eggs. Add a few drops of kerosene oil to open drains, small ponds and wash area where water tends to stagnate. The oil forms a thin film over water and prevents mosquitoes from breeding.

2. Wear an appropriate dress

Dark clothes attract insects. Hence, if you want to protect your kids or children from mosquitoes and other dangerous insects, keep them draped in light colored clothing. Prefer full length garments over capris, short skirts and Bermuda.

3. Strong fragrances

Avoid using strong fragrances, sprays, oils or floral scented perfumes. Again, these may attract insects.

Ways to Protect Your Kids From Mosquitoes

4. Clean up after eating and cooking

Never keep cooked food open as the same is subject to attracting flies and mosquitoes. At the same time, once all members of your family are done with having their food, make sure the cooking bowls are well covered and keep them back in the kitchen.

5. Add mosquito nets to the doors and windows

These days a lot of sophisticated multiplex and gated apartments are coming up in the city. The builder himself installs Netlon in most of the flats. It is better you keep doors and windows netted. In case they are not, then easily attachable as well as detachable nets are available in hardware shops. You can get one from such a retail establishment and get the same fixed.

Nylon nets are also a good option. These screens are attached to the windows with Velcro, and can be washed regularly. These nets are available in soft furnishing stores or you can order your kit from online.

6. Mosquito nets for the babies

Bring in the cribs’ mosquito nets to protect your infants from disease causing mosquitoes. When adults can themselves be afflicted with malaria or dengue fever, tiny tots are 10 times more sensitive than all of us. Imagine their plight. Some baby shops stock up these nets online and you can even customize them. Mosquito nets are safe until the baby starts moving around.

7. Use a repellent cream

There are a number of mosquito repellent creams or ointments available in the local store for you to choose from. Depending on your need or preferences, get yourself a bottle of one. Skin friendly creams have come up in recent times. These creams don’t cause any allergy to the skin upon application. And at the same time, gently helps you get rid of harmful mosquitoes.

Having spoken on the 7 ways to get rid of mosquitoes, you can follow up with these to have peaceful nights at home.

How to Prevent Obesity in Children

The number of children who turn overweight has been increasing every year and it is the responsibility of the parents to prevent obesity in their kids. Obesity is the biggest threat that can lead to many heart related diseases in the future. Obesity occurs when your child takes too much calories in their daily food and if they do not have a good physical activity to burn the extra calories out of their body. Following are some of the ways in which parents can help their child to stay away from obesity.

Prefer healthy foods

Let your kids eat fresh fruits and vegetables so that they can stay healthy and stay away from gaining extra pounds. You can also serve whole grains, lean meats, beans and low fat milk products to your child. High calorie foods must be completely avoided as they can increase the cholesterol level of your child, resulting in an obese condition in the future. Eating high calorie foods can make your child get addicted to them and their body would demand for more food even if they find their stomach full. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the only way to limit the calorie intake of your child and they can easily get rid of the cravings they have for eating junk foods.

How to Prevent Obesity in Children

Strength training

Strength training is the best idea to get rid of the extra fats. Aerobic training is the best strength training that can reduce the extra weight out of your child and it can increase the muscle mass by enhancing their overall appearance and their performance. Cardio exercises like running, swimming and walking can help your child to get rid of extra fat that can increase the chances of obesity. The overall health and the energy level of your kids increases when they regularly follow a strength training regime with the assistance of their parents. Strength training exercises can make them strong both mentally and physically and they will get the confidence to meet any kind of problem in their life.

Encourage the kids to play

Let your kids play any kind of outdoor game regularly, so that they can burn the extra fat out of their body. Playing outdoor games can bring more flexibility to your kids and they can stay healthy and fit.

Stay away from television

The kids in this generation stay as a couched potato at times and they do not wish to do any physical activities in their daily life. Parents should keep their child active all around the day. A recent research says that kids who stick to their television are the ones who get obese when they grow older.

Get enough sleep

Let your kids get enough sleep every day so that they can stay active the next day in their school. A kid needs to sleep 9 hours to stay active the next day.

Recommended Immunizations for Kids

Every kid must undergo a routine immunization to stay away from many deadly diseases from attacking their body. The vaccines can make your kid stay strong and their body develops the ability to protect them from getting infected by any kind of disease later on. The immunization schedule must be followed regularly by the parents. If you have forgotten to vaccinate your kid for any reason, then you can consult with your doctor about it. The vaccines for diseases like Chickenpox, Diphtheria, Hib, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Flu, Measles, Mumps, Polio, Petrussis, Pneumococcal, Rotavirus, Tetanus and Rubella must be given to every kid in this world as all these diseases have been recorded as the most deadliest ones.

As the number of diseases that has the ability to kill a human being has increased in the present generation, the following is the recommended immunization for kids that must be done in the year.


Varicella vaccine helps in protecting the human body from Chickenpox. This disease is mostly spread through direct contact and through the air. Headache, tiredness and fever are the common symptoms of a person who is suffering from Chickenpox.


DTaP vaccine helps in protecting the human body against Diphtheria. This disease mostly spreads through the air and direct contact. Sore throat, swollen glands and mild fever are the common symptoms of this deadly disease.


The Hib vaccine protects your kid from Haemophilus influenza. This disease gets spread through air and direct contact. A block in the windpipe can be felt during the early stages.

Immunizations for Kids

Hepatitis A

Hep A vaccine helps in protecting against Hepatitis A. This disease gets spread through contaminated water or food. Fevers, loss of appetite, vomiting and dark urine are some of the common symptoms of this disease.

Hepatitis B

Hep B vaccine can protect your kid from Hepatitis B. This disease gets spread through air and direct contact. Fever, weakness, jaundice and joint pain are some of the common symptoms that can be felt during the starting stages of Hepatitis B.


Flu vaccine helps in protecting your kid from any type of influenza. Fever, sore throat, coughs and muscle pain are the common symptoms that can be felt during the starting stage of influenza.


MMR vaccine protects your kid from measles. Rash, cough, pink eye and a running nose are the symptoms of measles.


MMR vaccine can help in protecting your kid from mumps. Swollen salivary glands, headache, fever and muscle pain are the common symptoms of mumps.


DTaP type of vaccine helps in protecting your kid from pertussis. Severe cough, running nose and breathing problems can be felt during the starting stage of pertussis.


IPV vaccine can protect your kid from a polio attack. Sore throat, headache and fever are the common symptoms of polio. A sever polio attack can lead to paralysis and death.


The PCV vaccine protects your kid from penumococcus. A small infection in the lungs can lead to this deadly disease.

How to Take Care of Toddlers’ Teeth

Toddlers’ teeth are most sensitive and must be taken care of to avoid any kind of tooth decay. Toddlers’ can easily catch up with cavity problems and it is the duty of every parent to monitor the teeth of their toddler. The following are some of tips that every parent can follow to take care of the teeth of their toddler.

Build strong teeth

Strong teeth can be built by making your toddler to follow a good diet that can resist any kind of decays from happening in their teeth. They should eat foods that have a good amount of vitamin D and calcium in them. Toddlers can take dairy products like curd to make their teeth stronger. The fluoride intake of your toddler must be noted down as it can help in strengthening the tooth enamel and prevents any kind of decay. There are fluoride drops and toothpastes available in the stores too that can help in protecting the teeth. Make sure to expose your toddler’s teeth to a limited amount of fluoride, as excess usage can lead to a white line of the teeth.

How to Take Care of Toddlers’ Teeth

Keep the teeth clean

Clean the teeth of your toddler two times a day and follow this routine to make him maintain clean and healthy teeth. The duty of the parent is to clean the food debris that gets settled between the teeth of your toddler. Use a soft, small toothbrush that is pea-sized to clean the kid’s teeth. Brush the teeth in a circular motion and do not allow your toddler to move head while brushing the teeth. Concentrate on one side of the teeth while brushing and do not forget to brush the back side of the teeth. Brushing can turn into a fun game for toddlers, if they are made to sit in front of a mirror and the teeth is brushed by parents. Once toddlers like to brush teeth, then they can cooperate well with their parents to clean them. Different flavored and colored toothpaste can make your toddler to ask for brushing time before going to bed.

Skip the juice

Even if fruit juices are a healthy choice and can add to the strength of toddlers, it is better to avoid them during bed time as they can decay the tooth and bring obesity in toddlers. Your kid can be given four ounces of fruit juices every day, so that their teeth can fight against the decays that are caused by the juice. Restrict the amount of sugar in the juice as too much of sugar content can easily decay the teeth.

Beware of medicines

The medications that are preferred for toddlers have higher content of sugar in them. Consult with your dentist before giving such medications to your toddler. Toddlers who have heart related problems have a higher risk in decaying their teeth as the medications that are prescribed for such problems can affect the teeth. You can also find creamy and curd-like patches around the tongue and on the sides of the teeth.

Common Signs of Speech Delay in Kids

If you find a sign of speech delay in your kids, then you must take proper precautions so that they will not lose their speech or experience any difficulty in developing their speech skills in the near future. Some kids might experience a significant lag in developing their speech skills and it can be solved by making them do some motor skills as suggested by the physician. The following are the possible causes of a speech delay in your kid.

Possible causes

There are many problems that can lead to a speech delay in kids; learning disability is the most common problem among many kids. The muscles that can control the speech in a human body can experience some problems especially with kids leading to a disorder named as dysarthria. If the kid gets to learn more than one language at a time, then they might confuse themselves and they can find it difficult to speak in both the languages.

The warning signs

If your kid has been experiencing the below mentioned warning signs, then you must take them immediately to a physician to treat them at the early stage. A speech therapy can be used to treat kids who have a speech problem.

Common Signs of Speech Delay in Kids

Below 3 to 4 months

The kids at the age of 3 to 4 months must respond to any kind of loud noise and they should babble. If the kids do not imitate the sounds that are made by parents, then it is advisable to take them to the physician to examine what the exact problem is.

Below 7 months

By this month, your kid must respond to any sound, even if it is a loud or a normal one.

Below 1 year

When your kid turns one year, he should be able to speak a word or two out of his mouth. If they have any kind of difficulty in repeating a single word, then it can lead to a delay in speech in them.

Below 2 years

The kid must be speaking more than 15 words when they turn 2 years. If your kid is not making two-word phrases to speak or making use of sign language to communicate, then they are having some speech related problems.

The parents must train their kids to make them speak. They should communicate more with their kids by making them to sing, talk and to repeat the words along with them. The parents can read a book daily to their kids, so that they can imitate to start speaking like them. This type of treatment can encourage your kid to speak more and they can develop their speaking skills without the help of a physician.

There is no need to panic if your kid is having a speech related problem as it can be treated by a speech therapist. If proper treatment has not been given to a kid who has a speech related problem, then they can develop autism and other disorders too.