Common Signs of Speech Delay in Kids

If you find a sign of speech delay in your kids, then you must take proper precautions so that they will not lose their speech or experience any difficulty in developing their speech skills in the near future. Some kids might experience a significant lag in developing their speech skills and it can be solved by making them do some motor skills as suggested by the physician. The following are the possible causes of a speech delay in your kid.

Possible causes

There are many problems that can lead to a speech delay in kids; learning disability is the most common problem among many kids. The muscles that can control the speech in a human body can experience some problems especially with kids leading to a disorder named as dysarthria. If the kid gets to learn more than one language at a time, then they might confuse themselves and they can find it difficult to speak in both the languages.

The warning signs

If your kid has been experiencing the below mentioned warning signs, then you must take them immediately to a physician to treat them at the early stage. A speech therapy can be used to treat kids who have a speech problem.

Common Signs of Speech Delay in Kids

Below 3 to 4 months

The kids at the age of 3 to 4 months must respond to any kind of loud noise and they should babble. If the kids do not imitate the sounds that are made by parents, then it is advisable to take them to the physician to examine what the exact problem is.

Below 7 months

By this month, your kid must respond to any sound, even if it is a loud or a normal one.

Below 1 year

When your kid turns one year, he should be able to speak a word or two out of his mouth. If they have any kind of difficulty in repeating a single word, then it can lead to a delay in speech in them.

Below 2 years

The kid must be speaking more than 15 words when they turn 2 years. If your kid is not making two-word phrases to speak or making use of sign language to communicate, then they are having some speech related problems.

The parents must train their kids to make them speak. They should communicate more with their kids by making them to sing, talk and to repeat the words along with them. The parents can read a book daily to their kids, so that they can imitate to start speaking like them. This type of treatment can encourage your kid to speak more and they can develop their speaking skills without the help of a physician.

There is no need to panic if your kid is having a speech related problem as it can be treated by a speech therapist. If proper treatment has not been given to a kid who has a speech related problem, then they can develop autism and other disorders too.