Anesthetics Through the Ages [Infographic]

Surgery was a terrifying prospect before the advent of anesthesia where the ‘victims’ suffered indescribable agony. For centuries, the thought of surgery without pain was purely a fantasy. Through the ages, surgeons followed various techniques to relieve the patients from pain and are now capable of performing even the most difficult of surgeries without causing hurt. This Infographic focuses on the major milestones in the history of anesthesia.

Anesthetics Through the Ages

Breast Cancer in Hong Kong – Incidence and Mortality

Breast cancer is considered to be the common cancer and, in women, it is the third leading cause of cancer deaths. Breast cancer has also exceeded the numbers of the lung cancer cases which were supposed to be, until recent times, to be the main kind of cancer responsible for huge number of deaths among females in the region.

Reports estimate that the numbers of the new cancer cases of different types of cancers increase every single day, some even causing deaths. This Infographic reflects on some of the facts and fixes on breast cancer among women in Hong Kong.


Breast Cancer