Types of Infectious Diseases and Microbes That Cause Them

Natural environment is filled with overwhelming numbers of microbes that may or may not be the cause of various types of infectious diseases. It is the immune system of human body that naturally resists infections. However, certain bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses often find a way to attack the human body. The types of infections […]

Top 10 Infectious Diseases That Signify the Importance of Health

Among the following top 10 infectious diseases, some are still epidemic, some have been restricted considerably while others have been completely eradicated. 1. Anthrax Inhalation or eating of Anthrax spores or physical contact with organisms that have ingested its spores causes the infection. Anthrax viruses multiply within the body and destroy host cells to cause […]

Some Common Types of Infectious Diseases in Children

Infections are known as one of the major threats or reason behind diseases among children. Children being less strong to deal with germs and other tiny living organisms hold the highest possibility to acquire infectious diseases. Infectious diseases in children are usually caused due to germs and other similar organisms which are capable of infinitely […]