Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Its Different Aspects

In case of chronic fatigue syndrome, people should avoid mental and physical activity as it can worsen the situation to a great extent. Even though the cause is unknown but experts believe that it might arise from combination of different factors. Different types of medical tests are required to be performed so as to make […]

The Autoimmune Disease Symptoms

The autoimmune disease is a problem where the immune system in the body starts attacking different tissues and substances. This term is used to define more than hundreds of diseases and some of them are lupus, arthritis, rheumatoid, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Sjogren’s syndrome etc,. Though sometimes it becomes difficult to predict the disease, but some […]

The Different Types of Immune System Disorders

The immune system of a human body is the most efficient and strongest mechanism of protecting the body against different types of diseases. When the immune system encounters some parasite or disease causing germ, it destroys that immediately. However, there are times when the body’s immune system does not work the way it should and […]