Know How to Grow Black Hair Naturally

Most of the women and also men for that matter wonder how to grow black hair naturally. While it is important to adopt the right hare care regimen to maintain a nice head of hair, it is also vital to follow some best tips to grow natural black hair. As the rate of hair growth is different for different people, taking proper care and following a specific hair care regimen would ensure a faster and healthy growth of hair.

Moisturize your hair

It is true that women with black hair complain more about their hair turning rough and dry. As it is that black hair shows a greater tendency to dry up, it is important to moisturize it correctly. The selection of shampoos and conditioners is important and it is better to go with products that offer intensive care for dry and damaged hair. Also, the selection of hair care products should be done in accordance with the texture of hair. Proper moisturizing would help black hair grow naturally.

Use hair care vitamins to let your hair grow

The normal rate of hair growth is about half an inch in a month. The hair vitamin should consist of biotin and folic acid which helps hair to grow long. They should also contain MSM that lengthens the natural anagen or the phase of growth. The vitamins would take care of the texture and growth of hair.

How to Grow Black Hair Naturally

Treat your hair with protein

The major part of hair is constituted of protein and which is hard fibrous type known as keratin. In the event of the hair being chemically straightened, the bonds are broken and the hair loses strength. The protein stripped from hair strands needs to be replaced so as to prevent the breakage of hair. Egg treatments are good for black hair because they can stop breakage. For hair that has been chemically straightened or for one that is damaged, it is important to feed the hair with protein on every alternate weeks.

Get it trimmed regularly

While this may sound as being counterproductive for one who wants to grow hair long, this is true. In order to grow hair naturally, it is important to trim it occasionally. It is recommended to trim hair at regular intervals to prevent the split ends from damaging the hair completely. When the hair ends are split, they travel up to the shaft damaging the hair completely. It is therefore important to trim the split parts to avoid complete breakage of hair. It is also important to note that trimming suggests cutting out one-fourth or one inch and not more.

Try to stay natural

Keeping the hair natural and free of chemical processes would make help black hair grow naturally. If the hair is subjected to regular damage and breakage due to chemical processes on it, they should be stopped immediately. While a majority of women are getting their hair permed or straightened chemically, the processes are not fully harmless on the health and quality of natural hair.

About the Top 10 Foods for Healthy Hair

There can be nothing better than having healthy hair which you can flaunt before your friends and family members. Healthy hair makes you feel comfortable even on a hot summer’s day. It also contributes to making you look good and feel good. In order to have healthy hair, you need to take regular care of it. One of the ways by which you can do so is by following a nutritious diet. The following are the top 10 foods for healthy hair which you can consume on a frequent basis in order to sport glossy, shining hair.

1. Blueberries

If you want strong and healthy hair, then you should eat blueberries two to three times in a day.

Wet Blueberries

2. Wild Salmon

Food items like the wild salmon which is rich in cod liver oil can do wonders for your hair and make it look healthy and perfect.

Wild Salmon

3. Spinach

Green vegetables like the spinach that are rich in vitamin C should be consumed by you if you want to enjoy sturdy hair all through the year.


4. Tomatoes

These are also quite good to consume if you want a healthy head of hair. Tomatoes are also rich in vitamin C which does wonders for your hair and makes it shine brightly.


5. Oysters

Sea foods like the oysters can add a good deal of spark to your hair if you consume them frequently. Oysters should be consumed raw for better results.


6. Walnuts

Protein rich items like the walnuts can make your hair look rather resplendent and firm. Hair loss is something which you can definitely prevent by consuming lots of walnuts.


7. Kiwi

Although the kiwi fruit is one which is quite bitter to taste, it can help you to sport damage free hair all through the year.


8. Dark Chocolate

One of the top 10 foods for healthy hair is the dark chocolate. You should consume this in small amounts in order to prevent putting on too much weight as a result.

Dark Chocolate

9. Yogurt

Another one of the best foods for healthy hair is yogurt. This should ideally be taken without sugar if you want to reap the best benefits.


10. Sweet Potatoes

It is true that sweet potatoes make you put on some additional calories but it is also one of the best foods for healthy hair. If you consume the sweet potatoes in boiled form then you can add a lot of luster to your hair and give it a firm and steady look.

Sweet Potatoes

The top 10 foods for healthy hair certainly seem worth consuming if you want your hair to be long and strong. Shampooing and oiling your hair will not always produce the best results, and a good diet is also necessary for implementation.