Know How to Get Fit at Home and Stay Healthy

Life has gone busy for every individual which has restricted them to indulge in physical activities to remain healthy. This is one of the reasons they do not find time to go out and hit the gym or exercise. This is why most people are searching for different ways on how to get fit at home and stay healthy.

Trying a DIY boot camp

Outdoor boot camps can be quite fun since everyone likes fresh air and good challenge. Creating a boot camp is always easy and it is more fun with groups. So all one has to do is gather up few friends and hit the local park with plenty of trees, open space, benches and various other landmarks. The duration needs to be chalked out before brainstorming on the different kinds of cardio and strength exercises one can perform using the things around them. Getting creative is the buzzword here with exercises such as triceps dips using a park bench, push-ups with feet on curb, seated squats using a tree and hill repeats.

Popping in workout DVDs

With a vast collection workout DVDs offered in the market including dance, Pilates, kickboxing, strength, there is almost nil excuse in not working out at home. While most of these DVDs ask little use of any equipment, others allow using everyday household items such as chairs for support and cans as dumbbells.

How to Get Fit at Home

Going for a walk

This is something that comes naturally to almost all of us and all it requires is a pair of supportive shoes. When it comes to dealing with things like how to get fit at home, this one here is the simplest of the lot. Beginners should be hitting the road at a pace, while seasoned exercisers should be trying speed walking in intervals followed by slow-paced walk.

Try yoga

All one needs is a mat and their body. From online workouts explaining the various poses to a range of free YouTube videos, today an individual can try any yoga style without leaving their living room. Workouts can be downloaded and stored on smartphones, allowing one to take their practice outdoors. Yoga might not be known for burning calories but can be great for flexibility and muscle building. Also, it can be an amazing stress reducer as well.

Taking a hike

Hiking can be an incredible aerobic workout and calorie-burner not to mention it being a beautiful and fun way in spending an afternoon. All one requires to do is grab a loved one or a friend, pack some food and water (consider getting custom nalgene bottles that are convenient for such trips) lace up the hiking boots and hike themselves fit. If you are wondering as how to get fit at home then hiking can certainly be an alternative.

Turning housework into workout

The usual household chores can be turned into an intensive workout regime. The key here is focusing on such cleaning activities that require high calorie burning like vacuuming, scrubbing and washing windows. Now to truly feel the burn, one can always throw-in some lunges, push-ups or squats.

10 Fun Ways to Get Fit Without a Gym

There are many people who have a ready excuse at their disposal of not staying fit because of not being able to afford the membership of a gym. This is a completely unreasonable excuse that most of the people are found providing. A gym or a health club serves as the best place for working out, but it should not be considered as the only place that can be used for staying fit. There are different others ways that can also be used in order to stay fit and healthy and the most common 10 fun ways to get fit without a gym have been mentioned below.

1. Bootcamp

A Bootcamp serves to be a fun way to keep oneself fit without having to attend the gym on a regular basis. Bootcamp can be created all alone, but it would be more advantageous to organize a Bootcamp with friends in a park with trees, open spaces, landmarks and benches.

2. Use of DVDs for workouts

Workout DVDs are readily available in the market and these DVDs can help in having a workout that keeps the body healthy and also does not require an individual to visit a gym. There are various kinds of exercises that are found in the DVDs such as dance, Pilates, kickboxing and strength which can help a person remain fit.

3. Walking

Walking is considered to be the most effective activity in trying to remain fit and at the same time it is a simple exercise as it requires nothing except a pair of shoes that support the legs.

Fun Ways to Get Fit Without a Gym

4. Circuit training

Circuit training falls into the category of strength and Cardio training that is done at the gym and circuit training can be done at home in a very easy way.

5. Yoga

Yoga is one of the best exercises that can be done anywhere because it requires just the body and a simple mat for the yoga to be done. There are various poses that can be tried out by the help of the websites available online and even there are Yoga videos available in the market.

6. Hiking

Hiking is considered to be real workout as it burns calories and it is also an aerobic workout which serves to be a beautiful and a fun way to exercise and keep the body fit.

7. Calisthenics workout

Calisthenics workout includes various types of day to day movements such as pushups, sit-ups, lunges and jumping jacks that can be done easily at home. These are fun exercises that burn calories and tone the body without having to do much.

8. Play

Just having fun and playing can also help in a great way in keeping the body fit and healthy. People can always try engaging themselves in any kind of sport, playing video games or just dancing in the living room as these are certain forms of exercises that can be of great help in lighting up the body and making it active.

9. Run

Running serves to be a very advantageous and effective gym-free exercise and the results it produces are very similar to the results produced in the body due to walking. These are the 10 fun ways to get fit without a gym and they can be of great help for the body of an individual.

10. Gym-free exercises

Gym-free exercises or activities such as swimming, dancing and playing badminton are known to benefit the overall health of an individual and they are best to try. These exercises also let you enjoy your free time with your loved ones.