Types of Eye Allergies and Their Effects

Eyes are the window to your body. They help you see the whole world and reflect your mind. However, this statement can’t be held true, if your eyes are itchy, swollen, red or watery. Some of the allergic symptoms of the eye are highly distressing and call emergent need of visit to an ophthalmologist. Usually eye allergies lead to irritation, but some of them cause severe damage to the eye that can affect your eyesight also.

Classification of eye allergies

There are several types of eye allergies and they can simply be classified as IgE mediated as well as cell-mediated effects. One of the diseases known as Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis that holds allergy signs but is possible an imitative sensation. Some other allergies of the eyes are mentioned below.

Types of Eye Allergies

Seasonal and Perennial Allergic Conjunctivitis

SAC and PAC are most common types of eyes allergy. Though estimates differ, but both the allergies have affected around 15 to 20% of the global population. Symptoms for both the infection is almost same. While SAC occurs due to airborne pollens especially in summer and spring, PAC can occur all through the year by getting exposed to perennial allergens. It leads to redness of eyes, itching, conjunctival swelling and watery eyes. The swelling could be moderate or serious.

Vernal Kerato Conjunctivitis

VKC usually occurs in warm season and summer months. It is common in the tropical region. Usually, young people get affected by Vernal Kerato Conjunctivitis before puberty. For patients who have a historical allergic record to pollens often face VKC. The symptoms of this allergy include eye itching, discharge of water, swelling and redness. Patients often go photophobic.

Atopic Kerato Conjunctivitis

It is the eye equivalent of atopic dermatitis. Eczematous cuts are seen on the eyelids or other parts of the body. Skin cuts are reddish in color and much elevated. The lesions are itchy, and scratching them makes it itchier. The skin of the eyelid gets fine with texture of sand paper. Sometimes AKC people can get atopic cataracts. Often AKC patients are seen undergoing cataract operation at an early age.

Contact Allergy

It is an allergic condition mediated by lymphocytes. The allergens of the disease are chemical and small particles that mix with protein of the skin to form allergens. It occurs on the skin as well as eyelids. The initial feeling is seen in few days and the reaction reaches the top after 2 to 5 days. This happens due to slow traveling of lymphocytes. The disease is usually linked with itching.

With so many eye allergies around you, people should be careful with their eyes. Eyes form to be the most delicate part of your body. And, its protection is of great importance for everyone. Thus, one should always be protective to his eyes.