The Most Needed First Aid for Eye Injuries

A first aid for eye injury can prevent eye injuries turning into any complicated problems. There are many ways to treat the eye once it has any injury. The eyes are the most sensitive part that can get injured in many ways. Getting a first aid for an eye injury is also a sensitive one as proper care must be taken while treating them or they can easily hurt the eyes. An eye injury can lead to loss of vision if proper first aid is not given. The following are some of the first aid for eye injuries that can be followed to prevent any major injuries from happening to the eyes.

Treating a blow

Take a cold compress and place it over the eye. You should apply extra pressure on the eyeball as too much pressure can bring more injuries. Just place it over the eye, Take crushed ice and place them inside a plastic bag. Tape them to the forehead so that it can stay comfortable on the injured eye.

Treating debris

If there is any dust in the eyes, do not rub the affected region as it can lead to many complicated problems. Make use of a sterile eyewash to clean the injured side of your eye. If the debris stays in your eye after using the eyewash, then you should immediately visit the doctor before it turns into a painful one.

First Aid for Eye Injuries

Treating the objects that get stuck in the eye

If your eye gets stuck with a cut or with a puncture, then you should not wash them. Do not make any kind of attempt to remove the object from your eye as it can lead to a severe injury or even a loss of vision. Maintain a good stability in your eye without causing extra pressure to the eyeballs. Do not pour water or any other liquid directly on your eye as it can make the object to bring more injury to your eyes. Immediately seek for a medical assistance to stay away from serious eye injuries.

Treating chemical burns

If you are experiencing a chemical burn in your eye that you must immediately wash them away using water or any other drinkable fluid. Open your eyes wide while flushing them using water or with any other drinkable fluids. You should flush your eyes for 15 minutes, so that the chemicals that cause the irritation and pain to your eyes get washed away. If you are wearing a contact lens, then you pour water directly on the lens so that it can wash out from your eye.

While washing your eye, make use of your finger and thumb to pull down the eyelid so that the water can enter into your eyes to wash away the chemicals. After 15 minutes, you can use a cloth that has been recently washed and clean to wipe your eyes. If you still have a burning sensation after following these steps, then you must immediately visit your nearby ophthalmologist to stay away from serious injuries.