10 Exercises to Tone Your Thighs

There are many people in this world who might not be satisfied or content with the shape and the look of their thighs, their butts and their hips. You might also be one among such people. If you have thighs that are flabby, saggy and imperfect, you can look forward towards making use of the 10 exercises to tone your thighs so that the thighs can be brought into correct proportion with the entire body.

1. Squats

squats exercise

Squats are a wonderful exercise that is meant to lift, tone and tighten the thighs. Ten squats in five sets should be done on a regular basis in order to get firm and tightened thighs within a very short span of time. Squats can also be done along with the use of dumbbells in order to make the exercise a bit more difficult.

2. Lunges


Lunges are also considered to be very effective for people who look forward to achieve firm and toned and thighs. The thighs can be given a good exercise and they can be given proper shape as well by performing five sets of lunges regularly.

3. Hip extensions

Hip extensions

This is also an exercise that is said to lift and tone the thighs in a very short span of time. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind while doing this exercise is to kick very high so that the effect can be wonderful.

4. Treadmill


A treadmill on an inclination of 15 degrees can be used for walking in order to shape up the thighs in a better way. The inclination transforms the exercise into a strenuous exercise that works on the muscles of the thighs and butt.

5. Stadium stairs

Stadium stairs

Running up and coming down the stadium stairs is a very difficult thing to do but it serves as the best cardio exercise that helps in thinning the legs at a very fast pace. Running up and down the stairs focuses on the glutes, the quads and the hamstrings and this helps in toning the muscles of the legs and also in burning off calories.

6. Jumping rope

Jumping rope

Jumping ropes can also help in getting leaner thighs. This exercise serves as an effective method that can help in sculpting various muscles of the body including the thighs. Speed, footwork, coordination, endurance and agility are also enhanced by this exercise.

7. Cycling


Skinny and lean muscles of the thighs can be generated by cycling that brings about an increase in cardiovascular activity that tones the muscles of the legs and the arms.

8. Power walking

Power walking

Power walking for at least half an hour daily can also help in shaping up the thighs and in burning off the extra calories of the body.

9. Swimming


Swimming is also an exercise that is meant to be healthy for the entire body. This is an exercise that helps in toning the muscles of arms and legs as they require continuous movement.

10. Cardio exercises of all types

Cardio exercises

All types of cardio exercises are considered among the 10 exercises to tone your thighs that help in getting improved lean thighs that are quite attractive.

10 Abs Exercises Better Than Crunches

There are thousands of people in this world who practice crunches for better abs but they do not find any results being generated and at the same time they also feel exhausted after a few crunches. Such people should not get worried because there are some abs exercises that can be practiced for better abs apart from crunches. The 10 abs exercises better than crunches are discussed below.

1. Roller crunch

A roller crunch for the abs is considered as an effective tool that can tone the abs. This type of exercise is best for the beginners because it does not involve any sort of pulling of muscles and it also prevents injuries. The roller crunch helps people in getting great abs without putting in a lot of effort.

2. Exercise ball

This is another exercise tool that can be used for exercising and toning the abs. This exercise is better than crunches where all the pressure is applied on the lower and upper muscles making it very difficult for the people to work out properly. The exercise ball needs to be used very carefully while doing this exercise.

Abs Exercises Better Than Crunches

3. Complete vertical crunch

The complete vertical crunch is one of the most significant workout exercises for effective abs because it not only helps in toning the upper and the lower abs and the obliques but at the same time it also focuses on strengthening the lower and the upper body in an effective manner.

4. Crunch and twist

A simple crunch can be practiced by adding in a little bit of twist that makes the crunch much more effective. This is an exercise that focuses on the lower and the upper abs and at the same time it also strengthens obliques.

5. Crunch of the long arm

This type of exercise is better than simple crunches and is practiced by extending the arms completely at the back of the head. The exercise mainly focuses on the muscles of the upper abs and is considered to be very challenging and difficult.

6. Jackknife

Jackknife is an exercise where the entire body works out in a very efficient manner that helps in toning up the upper and the lower abs. In this type of exercise the lower part of the body is kept steady while the upper part of the body moves and this helps in the development of the abs. Not only the abs, but the muscles of the legs and the arms are also targeted in this type of exercise.

7. Reverse crunch

The reverse crunch is an exercise that is very effective on the lower abs. This exercise is always better than usual crunches because in this type of exercise an individual has to lift his body by going against gravity and by using only the muscles of the abs.

8. Front plank

A flat bench and an exercise ball are used in this exercise where the flat bench serves as the key support for the body’s upper part while the ball that is movable supports the lower part. Washboard abs of the lower body can develop by the help of this exercise.

9. Captain’s chair

Captain’s chair is special equipment that is used in exercising the abs. Captain’s chair comes in the form of an elevated chair which has no seat but consists of padded parts so that an individual might feel comfortable. It helps in keeping the upper body fit apart from toning the obliques and the abs.

10. Bicycle exercise

Bicycle exercise ranks first among the 10 abs exercises better than crunches because it targets the obliques and the abs muscles directly. This is an exercise where the entire body is kept moving so that the muscle of the entire body can be toned and kept in good condition.