Top 10 Healthy Eating Apps

Healthy eating for most people is sticking to a diet plan that is quite different from the food that is taken at home while there are many people who are of the view that healthy eating means cooking food at home. There are also people who indulge in counting their calories while there are people who follow the regimen of no carb and no meat. However, in the modern world, people are also using the 10 healthy eating apps and they have been mentioned below.

1. Fooducate


Fooducate is a healthy eating app that is found to be readily available on Google Play and iTunes and this is an app that helps in tracking the diet, exercise and the quality of calories. This app can be used by people to scan any food product and in turn receive a specific nutrition grade against the food.

2. HealthyOut


HealthyOut is an app that helps people in finding a healthy and good restaurant in any area when people plan to eat out so that the restaurant can house the dietary requirements of an individual.

3. MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal is an app that works in the form of a diet tracker and calorie counter that helps in keeping a record of the quantity of food taken by an individual.

4. Green Kitchen

greenkitchen app

Green Kitchen is an app that renders photos, shopping lists and recipes for snacks and main courses for vegetarians. The app also helps in searching for recipes that are raw, sugar free, gluten free and vegan. This app also provides some stunning and wonderful food photos.

5. Nicolas’ Garden

Nicolas’ Garden

Nicolas’ Garden is an app that has been developed by a boy who is eight years old and it is an app that motivates healthy habits of eating among kids. This app renders healthy, kid-friendly and simple recipes that the kids can try out. The results can be photographed and even shared with family and friends.

6. HappyCow


This is an app that helps people in locating stores and restaurants that serve both vegan as well as non-vegetarian food.

7. Vegan Delish

Vegan Delish

Vegan Delish is an app that provides detailed instructions and shopping lists for more than 120 recipes that are plant based. The recipes that are offered by this app are not only vegetarian, but at the same time they are also free from gluten and they include very little oil, added sugars and salt.

8. South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet is an app that works in the form of a diet plan and it offers recipes, weight tracker, personalized menus and many more facilities to the users.

9. Animal-Free

Animal-Free is an app that works in the form of a guide for reference for the people who are mostly vegetarians and who have a very strong desire to easily and quickly detect the common and the hidden animal ingredients in the food that they take.

10. Paleo Central

Paleo Central

Paleo Central is considered to be the most wonderful app among the 10 healthy eating apps because of the fact that it is of great use among paleo folks. This app offers a database of more than four thousand foods that are very easy to be identified whether they are paleo or not.