Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is Neuro-cognitive and it can lead to major difficulties such as lack of concentration, inability to control behavior and emotional problems that can retard the performance of an individual in public. This disease can be cured but it is very important to have a clear idea regarding the basic symptoms that are found to be accompanied by this disease. Majorly, they are the children who are found to be affected by this disease and the symptoms that can be found in children have been mentioned below.


Many people and especially children who are found to be inattentive are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in the later stages because inattentiveness is one major symptom of this disease. Inattention is very common in a child who suffers from hyperactivity disorder. Such children lack concentration if they are required to sit at the same place for a very long time. Such children also tend to daydream, they are not able to follow the instructions that are given to them, they disturb others, talk a lot, get bored easily, lose things and find it very difficult to complete tasks and organize things.

Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


People with attention deficit problem also tend to suffer from hyperactivity which is also considered as a major symptom. People with hyperactivity have lots of energy and are always excited. It is only because of this reason that such people always want to do various things and love to continue working on them. They never follow the instructions that are given to them even if the instructions are very clear. They require focusing a lot in trying to follow instructions and at the same time they are never able to carry out any task completely.


Forgetfulness is also an important symptom of attention deficit problem in people. Such people forget things very easily. If they are told to do something right now, they would forget the instruction in about ten minutes. Such people are also found to lose things very easily. People especially children with this symptom should never be left alone because this can lead to some dangerous effects on their mind and can make them even more restless and impatient.


Impulsiveness is found in the character of a person but in certain people impulsiveness might result because of attention deficit disorder. Such people might be found to be doing something with a lot of calmness and concentration at one point of time but at some point they would be found to be very impulsive and may also be willing to do some of the most impossible things in the world.

Physical symptoms

Trouble playing and fidgeting with the hands and the fingers are considered to be the physical symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and it is always very important to treat the symptoms especially in children because this disorder can affect the entire life of a child.