Effective Foods That Help Fight Acidity

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that acidity can be very irritating and can also lead to sleepless nights and such a condition that people dread to live in and it is only because of this reason that people are always advised to have foods that help fight acidity. There are various foods that help in getting rid of acidity and the symptoms associated with it. Several medicines are available to fight acidity in the best way possible but they only provide short term relief and they do not go into the roots of the problem. People should make it a point to take in foods that help them in fighting acidity and the foods that should be taken are as follows:


Food rich in potassium

Potassium is very good and very healthy for the body as it provides strength to the cellular structures within the body; helps the kidneys in carrying out the process of detoxification of blood and is also involved in the activity of managing the alkaline ratio in the bloodstream. Alkalizing foods like apples, lemons and cider vinegar that seem acidic should be included in our daily diet along with honey, bananas and sweet potatoes that are a rich source of potassium and are very healthy for the body. Lemon juice should be used instead of coffee in order to get rid of the acid that is produced due to the intake of coffee.

Raw foods

The alkaline stage of the body can be controlled to a large extent by increasing the intake of raw food in the daily diet. There are several fruits and vegetables that have the alkaline quality in them and that helps in getting rid of the acidity that is produced in the stomach. Raisins, alfalfa, asparagus, garlic and ginger should be taken in daily diet as they have a high rate of alkalinity and are good for fighting acidity.

Baking soda

It is not a food but it can do a commendable job in providing fast relief from acid attacks to the stomach. Baking soda should be taken in half a glass of water that would help in alkalizing the entire body within a few minutes. However, it is always advisable to refer a doctor before using baking soda because it can lead to high blood pressure because of its sodium content.

Complex carbohydrates

The complex carbohydrates not only help the body in getting rid of excess fat, but they also help in preventing the over-production of acids in the stomach. They also keep the body satiated for a very long time. They are very easy for the tummy to digest and at the same time they also do a commendable job in neutralizing the acids in the stomach.

Watch your drinking habits

Foods that help fight acidity should be taken in excess but at the same time it is also important to pay attention to the drinks taken by people because the drinks also pass through the stomach and even the drinks can cause acidity. Therefore alcohol, beer and soda of any kind should be avoided in order to avoid acidity in the stomach.

Watch your drinking habits

Some of the Natural Treatment for IBS

One of the most well-known party-spoiler all over the word is the IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. These days almost everyone has run into an ad or hoarding promising a quick solution for IBS. They are quite engaging no doubt but these pills are surely not that effective and useful as they might claim to be. IBS symptoms include bloating, constipation, diarrhea and gas. Pharmaceutical companies are referring this to be a disease and trying to sell pills and drugs all over. But when asked to the patients regarding the effectiveness of them, they gave more negative answers as one might expect and if these pills are not taken on a regular basis then it returns to its usual self.

Natural Treatment for IBS

While it’s a known fact that not every natural therapy can treat IBS, research suggests that they can ease the symptoms to a great extent. Some of these are:

Stress reduction

Most people suffering from IBS are more vulnerable to it when under stress. That is because the brain and the gut’s nervous system is interlaced through a series of bio-chemicals and hormones, which reflects that the negative thoughts can have a profound and deep effect on the functioning of the digestive system. Practising yoga, deep breathing, meditation and hypnosis can prove to be great natural treatments for IBS.

Proper diet

Food acts as a trigger for IBS. Food allergens like wheat, soy, corn and dairy are best to be ignored. Studies and researches show that eliminating these allergens from the regular diet can be quite beneficial in eradicating IBS symptoms. If one believes that certain food items are triggering their IBS symptoms then, then they should immediately consult a doctor or a nutritionist.


This ancient technique from Asia of getting relief from pain and relaxing the mind can help those people showing signs of IBS. Research shows that there exists a connection between acupuncture and getting relief from IBS, but one needs to undergo it quite regularly to see possible results. Fortunately, nowadays insurances do cover the cost of acupuncture visits.

Peppermint oil

This soothing herb can prove to be a great product for natural treatment for IBS as it is widely used to calm intestinal spasms. Studies show that peppermint oil in an encapsualted form is more effective than many conventional and well-known medications at improving IBS symptoms.


This is a friendly-bacteria which has shown promising results for the natural treatment for IBS after undergoing several clinical tests. It’s proven to be quite safe and effective.

Avoiding junk food

Soda, alcohol, caffeine, fried and processed foods impede indigestion. Also combining white foods (white flour, white sugar, white bread) with saturated fats (dairy products or red meat) is a complete NO-NO.  Taken together, it requires over 2-3 hours to digest, during which the micro-organisms present in the food take shelter in the stomach linings and can cause severe digestive disturbances.

Gastrointestinal Diseases and Their Cure

In the problems of gastrointestinal diseases the bowel looks to be in normal condition but there are certain problems that stop the functioning of the tract. These problems mainly affect the colon, rectum and stomach. This in turn creates problems in different parts of the body. Different parts like the stomach, jejunum, duodenum, large intestine, esophagus, etc. are affected.

Some of the common causes of gastrointestinal diseases are:

  • Not having enough exercises
  • Eating low fiber diet
  • Travelling
  • Having huge amount of dairy products
  • Stress
  • Restricting the urge of bowel movement
  • Overuse of laxatives
  • Having huge amount of antacids
  • Pregnancy

Gastrointestinal Diseases

Some of the common forms of gastrointestinal diseases are:


When people suffer from constipation they face difficulty in passing stool. The main cause of constipation is having less amount of fiber. It also happens when there is a change in a person’s regular routine and when people have some rough diet. The bowel movements get strained and this can even cause fissures or hemorrhoids. It rarely causes any serious problem and the best treatment for this problem is to have more fiber and exercise regularly. This is not a serious problem and if people follow a proper diet and exercise regularly then it will be easily healed.

Irritable bowel syndrome

In this problem the colon muscle starts contracting. There are different reasons behind Irritable bowel syndrome like emotional stress, medicines and certain foods. The common symptoms of this disease are cramps and pain in the abdomen area, bloating, excess gas, change in bowel habits, etc. Most of the people who suffer from Irritable bowel syndrome face altering diarrhea and constipation. People suffering from this problem should avoid caffeine and increase fiber intake. It is also important for them to reduce the amount of stress.

Structural disorders

Among other gastrointestinal diseases the structural disorders cause the bowel to look abnormal and it doesn’t function properly. There are times when the patient needs to go through surgery to remove the abnormality. The most common structural disorder is cancer and problems in anus.


In this situation the blood vessels are swollen and there are problems in the line of anal opening. This is caused due to excess pressure in bowels, pregnancy, or persistent diarrhea.

Anal fissures

When there are cracks or spits in the line forming the anal opening then people suffer from anal fissures. One of the common causes of anal fissures is the passage of watery or very hard stool. The crack that is there in the front part of the anal opening exposes underlying muscles also controls the stool passage through anus. Anal fissure is known to be very painful and the muscles that are exposed irritate very much. The anal fissure causes bleeding, burning pain, and spasm after the bowel movements.

Digestive Disorders and Their Cure

The diseases that are caused in gastrointestinal tract have been labeled to be digestive disorders. They include the stomach, esophagus, jejunum, duodenum, large intestine, colon, ileum, and rectum. Digestive disorders symptoms appear pretty fast and knowing their types helps in curing them. Some of the common digestive disorders are:


The most common symptom of this disease is heartburn. Person suffering from this disease has a burning sensation that seems to rise up from the central area of abdomen and moves towards the chest. This is sometimes accompanied with some sour taste in mouth and even finding some fluid or food in the mouth. Some common causes of heartburn are side effects of medicines, consuming alcohol, or pregnancy. While treating this problem people should take medicines that reduce the acid levels in the body. The most common drug used in treating this problem is proton pump inhibitors.

Digestive Disorders

Peptic Ulcers

This problem occurs in the lining of stomach or small intestine. The protective layer around the mucus is disrupted and this bacterium starts causing ulcer. One should not use pain killers while this problem occurs. Even stress and alcohol can increase this problem. Some people avoid ulcers and if these remain untreated then then there will be problem of internal bleeding. This can even cause serious infections.


Few people suffering from the problem of gallstones require proper treatment. Doctors generally tell the patient to go for an ultrasound to know about the problem properly. If the gallstones don’t seem to bother the patient then the doctors don’t perform any operation. Operation is necessary if the gallstones infect the gallbladder or instigate inflammation. One of the prime factors behind gallstones is obesity as they mainly occur due less fiber content in the body.

Lactose Intolerance

This problem occurs due to problems in an enzyme that is used to digest milk properly. The severity of this problem depends on person to person. Some of the common problems caused due to this disease are bloating, cramping, nausea, etc. This problem mainly occurs in a person after 30 minutes of consumption of milk. Doctors test lactose with the help of breath test and try to understand the levels of hydrogen. To reduce the problem doctors advice some pills that help in digesting milk properly.


This problem is caused due to abnormal bulges that occur near the wall of small intestines. These bulges are commonly called diverticula. People suffering from diverticula are advised not to have corn, nuts, and popcorn. Diverticulitis makes its presence felt through pain in the abdominal area.

The digestive disorders symptoms generally appear in different areas of the food tract, stomach, intestines, etc. One should not avoid them and try to consult a good doctor.