The Top 10 Diet Mistakes To Avoid

The top 10 diet mistakes to avoid are the ones that can wreck your hard work and send you back to the place where you started with your endeavor of losing weight. If you are not able to wear your favorite jeans or your lost weight, which has suddenly backed up, then there are chances that you are making some of the most common diet mistakes. There are a lot of people who try to lose the extra weight of their body by following a balanced diet, but it turns out to be of no use for them. This is because people make some common diet mistakes.

1. Depending on strict diets

People who have this strong desire of losing weight generally try to follow a strict diet. This plan includes nothing but cabbage and grapefruit soup every day. This helps them in slashing their regular calorie intake to less than 1000 and the pounds do melt away surely. However, this slows down metabolism and ones this diet routine is over, the body burns calories very slowly and an individual automatically regains the weight.

2. Skipping breakfast

There are a lot of people who are of the view that skipping breakfast can help them in cutting calories, but it actually makes them hungry during the entire day. It results in unplanned snacking and eating food in large amounts during lunch, which results in weight gain.

3. Overeating

When you eat out at restaurants it might turn out to be challenging for you to cut your calories because restaurants tend to serve more food. This is where you should try and avoid the mistake of eating extra food. Try carrying a box where you can put half of the ordered food away and then start eating.

4. Not reading product labels

People who take a balanced diet for staying fit and healthy often make this common mistake of not reading the product labels before purchasing some food from the market. Reading the labels will give you an idea about the number of servings that you can have from the pack which will save you from making the mistake of having the full packet all at a time.

5. Eating very fast

Eating very fast is yet another diet mistake made by people. If you eat very fast, your brain is not able to get a very clear message about the tummy being full. This ineffective communication will have you eating food in large quantities.

Diet Mistakes To Avoid

6. Not eating the favorite foods

Be it bacon or chocolate, totally avoiding a favorite, but unhealthy food from the diet does nothing but sets an individual up for cravings and temptations.

7. Following celebrity diet

People generally like to look like celebrities and it might be quite tempting, but this practice is condemned by nutritionists. This is because celebrity diets restrict one particular variety of food or a group of foods which is not at all realistic for normal individuals.

8. Having snacks

People who follow a strict diet generally resort to counting their calorie intake after every meal, but what if they have a lot of snacks? If you have snacks in large amounts it can take a toll on your effort of shedding extra calories.

9. Taking foods low in fat

Foods which are low in their fat content have a significant role to play in the diet of an individual. However, people must understand the difference between low calorie and low fat. It is important to provide the body with required fats because fat helps in reducing calories from the other foods taken by people.

10. Not drinking enough water

This is a diet blunder that people make. Water is of great importance for the body because it helps in burning calories. This is one of the most important mistakes among the top 10 diet mistakes to avoid.

5 Reasons New Diets Fail

There are many people who always think of taking up new challenges and resolving certain issues of their health and their amount of calories that they intake by trying out new diets every kind. But it is a matter of fact that most of the times it is found that new diets fail miserably in the helping the people keep up with their health and their calorie minimization. Such people who face major challenges while taking up a new diet plan should always try to ponder on the points that lead to a failed diet place. The most common 5 reasons new diets fail have been provided below for the information of the health enthusiasts.

1. Confusion

There are many approaches of diet plans that have come up recently and therefore people at certain times remain confused about the specific approach that should be tried by them and this serves as the most important reason behind the failure of a new diet plan. Therefore, it is always important for people to stick with only one diet plan and adhering to certain changes that might not have any kind of adverse effects on their health.

Reasons New Diets Fail

2. Immediate results

Some people find that while they practice a new diet plan, they do not get instant results in field of losing weight and therefore their diet plan fails. People must not hang up on the fact that their diet is not showing results instead they should focus on the changes that they notice in their body such as loss of facial puffiness and clearer skin.

3. Bloating

People who focus on a particular health regime should keep this fact in mind that bloating is not related to the body composition and the weight of an individual. Bloating is a side effect that can increase because of the adoption of a healthier and cleaner eating plan. People may follow a diet plan where they increase their intake of vegetables, beans, whole grains, lentils, fruits and nuts and this leads to a considerable increase in the daily intake of fiber by the body.

4. Lacking support

There are many people who face the problem of hindered or no support from family members, co-workers and friends in following a strict new diet plan. It is often found that people who try following a strict diet plan are often tempted by friends, co-workers and family members into having certain treats, social activities, obscuring the gym and following unhealthy habits such as pizza or burger. People who face such situations should always seek for the proper support that they can avail in order to remain healthy.

5. Cozying up on tough days

Sometimes people feel giving up their working and eating habits because of the regular stress that they have to go through while exercising and controlling their eating habits. But in reality living healthy takes more energy, awareness and time. Sometimes, when people are very tired they start taking any kind of food and they forget about their new diet plan. In such conditions, proper support and focus is important.

These are the main 5 reasons new diets fail and the reasons should be studied along with the effective methods that can be used in avoiding such situations.