Symptoms and Treatments for Depression

If you are among all those people looking to cope up with depression, then you must know the symptoms and the treatments for depression. First of all, you should know that depression in not in your head alone, but it is a disease of your whole body affecting multiple systems. If you tend to suffer from depression or experience the symptoms of depression then you must make it a point to consult a doctor because it is only a doctor who can help you out. In order to be able to diagnose this problem in a better way, you should inform your doctor about the symptoms that you experience.

Some of the most common symptoms of depression include hopelessness, feeling sad, and helplessness, extreme fatigue, loss of weight, loss of appetite, decreased muscle coordination and lose in interest in certain activities that are generally pleasurable.


Anxiety is one common symptom that is highly associated with depression. The anxiety felt by a person suffering from depression consists of fear. It is actually an imbalance of the nervous system and the brain chemicals. This is a condition that causes a depressed person feel very clumsy and jittery.

Symptoms of chronic depression

The symptoms of chronic depression include insomnia and nightmares. A victim might have a feeling of emptiness and constant sadness. Some considerations that a patient might have included are suicide and death. Some options that can be used in treating depression are as follows.

Symptoms and Treatments for Depression


Patients suffering from depression can be referred to counselors and the treatment gives is called talk therapy or cognitive behavior therapy. Counseling helps a depressed person in learning to notice their patterns of negative thinking and challenging these patterns. With counseling sessions, patients gain the ability of preventing negative moods by intervening and reflecting a positive outlook.


Psychotherapy is one of the most famous approaches for depression. This calls for a mental approach that is used for dealing with mental illness. Psychotherapy renders a positive outlook to a depressed person and this is done by the help of a psychotherapist who tries to determine the source of an individual’s depression.


Another effective option that can be used in helping to stalk the worsening or the spread of this condition is the use of anti-depressants. You should go for psychotherapy and the use of anti-depressants hand in hand as this would speed up the healing process.


It has been proved through research that reliable and steady aerobic exercise does in a specific heart rate region can be very beneficial in fighting and combating depression in both long-term and short-term. Initially, it might be difficult for a person suffering from depression to accumulate the energy required for exercising, but with continued efforts a person can always achieve positive results. People suffering from depression might find good release from depression with only ten minutes of exercising. So remaining aware of the symptoms and the treatments for depression will help you in doing away with depression in the long run.

10 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic

Most of us are always searching for ways to silence your inner critic. Excessive self-criticism usually backfires as it leads us in focussing more on the failures than on the ways in which we could have improved by learning from our mistakes.

1. Putting negative stuff aside

A tiny blunder gets inflated into a gigantic typhoon of failure when we start beating ourselves up. The best thing to do is to take some deep breathes and narrow the negative thoughts down and then put them into the tiniest box possible. It really helps when you start visualizing this box.

2. Positive thinking

Research suggests that when one is down and is forcing themselves to stay positive by saying positive things, the end result is that it backfires and one ends up feeling worse. It is because the internal lie detector of ours turns itself down at this very stage. The technique of “Possible Thinking” involves reaching out to the neutral thoughts about that particular situation and terming the facts. It opens up a number of directions and choices where one can go in.

Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic

3. Stop feeling guilty

By questioning the initial thoughts, one can be kind to themselves as this plays a key role in slowing down that negative voice. Following- up with more questions usually dilutes the shameful moment.

4. Putting a better touch on things

The entire outlook can be changed by a simple tweak. Instead of telling themselves that they are disorganised and will never get anything done, one should train themselves in saying that they are having a thought that they are not going to get it done.

5. Seeing it from the perspective of a friend

This is the perfect way to puncture brutal self talk. Think of someone who you trust for a few seconds and imagine what he or she would be saying to you at the first place.

Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic

6. Naming the inner critic

This name must be a silly one. It helps in breaking the emotional control of anxiety. Gradually, the entire anxious cycle gets short circuited by this.

7. Naming the rants

You can call them “stories”. Instead of expecting a valid feedback from them, it will help you in seeing how consistent these stories really are.

8. Picking up the phone

This can be of great help when you are looking at the ways to silence your inner critic. By telling someone what really happened at the party or at the office, you are basically cutting off the shame at the knees.

9. Embracing the imperfections

Trying to maintain high standards in everything is self destructive. You will feel enormously free if you stop yourself to standards that are inhuman.

10. Condemnation or conviction

You must to learn to differentiate between critical thoughts and constructive thoughts. The goal is to improve yourself rather than blaming unnecessarily.

The Most Common Natural Remedies for Depression

There are a lot of pharmaceutical remedies available to fight off depression and this is the reason why the natural remedies for depression are often overlooked. However, it is very important to follow the natural remedies that are available to fight off depression instead of the pharmaceutical remedies because the medications available for depression always have some health risks and side effects. The natural sources and the herbs that are used in getting rid of depression always act as very affordable alternatives in place of the medicines that are very costly. Below are the five ways that can be followed in getting rid of depression the natural way.

Natural Remedies for Depression

Be active

It is very important to stay active while you are depressed instead of confining yourself in a room or at a place. People should not feel sorry for themselves while they try to fight the depression because this is the worst thing that people can do. Depressed individuals should try going out of the house, ride a bike, meet up friends and take in some sunlight that is considered to be a very effective natural antidepressant. Exercising a lot is also helpful in getting rid of depression. The body should be toned up because it gives a sense of accomplishment and makes a person feel less deserted and helpless.

Speak out your feelings

People who feel depressed should speak out their feelings to their family members and their friends instead of the psychiatrist who needs to paid every hour. Feelings should be shared only with those people who care for you and those who are willing to give you the required advice on your condition.

Vitamins and herbal remedies

There are several herbs that can be tried out for getting relief from depression such as Saint John’s wort and also using tinctures and teas. Sleeping problems, anxiety and sadness can be treated with the help of these medicines. Vitamins can also act as a good remedial measure for fighting off depression because they make the body function in the normal manner. Vitamin B, omega 3 fatty acids and folic acid can be taken in excess that can help in the proper functioning of the brain and would also lead to a healthy body.

Do not take harmful food

Food that is harmful for the health and the body should be flushed out of the diet plan and the beneficial foods should be taken. Sardines, anchovies, green vegetables, fruits that are brightly colored, beans and grains should be taken because they are healthy for depressing conditions. Alcohol and caffeinated drinks should be avoided because they lower the self esteem and lead to more depression.

Relax and meditate

Meditation and relaxation is very important while you are depressed because they work towards the betterment of the body, the mind and the spirit. Mediation is considered to be the best of all the natural remedies for depression because it helps the mind in gaining peace of mind that is very important for the aching mind while it is depressed.