Sensitive Teeth Remedies

If you are having sensitive teeth then you should try the sensitive teeth remedies discussed here. Your teeth might be sensitive if you feel some kind of pain every time you drink a hot soup or taste a cold ice-cream. Although the situation is a normal one if it is not handled properly it might turn into a big dental problem later on. Taking the help of dentists might make you wait for months before the pain is completely gone. For immediate effect, try out some common remedies.

Use desensitizing toothpaste

Dental fillings are not a solution for the tooth sensitivity which arises because of enamel abrasion. Desensitizing toothpaste is one remedy which would help to get rid of it. There are many such toothpastes available in the market and you can buy the one that suits you the best. The tubules in the teeth, which are responsible for providing sensitivity to it are covered by the ingredients of the desensitising toothpaste.

Sensitive Teeth Remedies

Fluoride rinse

You can buy a fluoride rinse from your nearby pharmacy store without any prescription as well. You can also avail it at the grocery stores, in case they are having a dental section. This remedy is best for the people who have decay problems along with the sensitivity problem. However, the fluoride rinse must be chosen carefully by reading the label completely so that you do not end up buying a product which would worsen your situation instead of making it better. Fluoride gel is also a solution for the problem.

Cleaning the teeth

Although everybody should clean their teeth as much as possible, but when it comes to sensitive teeth, it becomes all the more important that these people clean their teeth regularly. If you do not clean our teeth, plague would be formed over the teeth which would irritate the teeth. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day and flossing of the teeth once a day is also mandatory.

Use soft toothbrush

Hard bristled brushes are for people who have a habit of brushing their teeth vigorously. But, the people having sensitive teeth should not brush their teeth vigorously in any case. They should always use such a toothbrush which has soft bristles. This way, their tooth enamel would not be damaged and their situation would not be worsened. Toothbrush abrasion is something that would increase pain of sensitive teeth, and hard bristled brushes would definitely lead to abrasion of the teeth. Also, you should not apply much force while brushing the teeth.

It is very easy to take care of the teeth and prevent yourself from any kind of pain that happens due to sensitive teeth. But, you would need to take proper care of your teeth and in case something happens, it would be the best thing to try one of the sensitive teeth remedies discussed.

Top Dental Health Products for Glossy Teeth

Dental health products come in numerous forms and sizes. They are a must for everyone who wants to maintain a healthy set of teeth and pain-free smile throughout their life.


These contain alcohol which helps in enhancing the taste, the cleansing action, and the antibacterial effect. Though there are some people who find alcohol mouthwashes to be too strong, go for milder alternative which is free of alcohol. There are certain mouthwashes which are quite effective in treating gum infections, especially the ones containing Chlorhexidine. These mouthwashes are also quite effective in treating various other mouth problems, like the ones that happens post tooth extraction. Mouthwashes should not be overused for a long time.

Denture fixatives

These are products which aid to hold or stick a denture in one place and stop it from moving around, causing sores and irritation. These come in various forms, including powders, creams and strips. These dental health products are custom made so as to fit inside the mouth but over time, as the mouth shrinks, they become loose. Because of this, people choose fixative during this short period of time before their denture gets replaced with a better fitting one.

Dental Health Products for Glossy Teeth

Fluoride toothpaste

This dental health product helps in putting the lost minerals back to the teeth and therefore, strengthen the enamel. Special ‘enamel formula’ toothpastes can be used if one feels that their diet is having high-levels of acid, risking acid erosion. One should be cutting down their intake of acidic drinks and foods as well and that include fruit juices, wine, fruit teas, fizzy drinks and smoothies.

Bad breath products

Bad-breath is something that is caused by smoking as well as drinking or eating something having a strong smell. Having bad breath for a long period of time is a symptom of dental problem like that of gum disease. The best advice is to get in touch with the dentist as soon as possible since bad breath products will mask the smell and won’t be removing any underlying problem. Some of these dental health products include sugar-free gums, sugar-free mints and mouth rinses. Using tongue scraper or brushing the tongue also helps.

Sugar-free gum

Chewing sugar-free gums for at least 10 minutes after drinking or eating something helps the saliva in quickly cancelling out the acid. Every time one eats or drinks something, acid gets produced that can cause dental erosion and decay of tooth. Chewing these dental health products shorten the time period for the saliva to terminate the acid.

Oral probiotics

These living microorganisms are “friendly” bacteria that help in keeping up a balance between the mouth’s “friendly bacteria” and the harmful ones which can lead to plaque build-up, bad breath and gum disease. These dental health products come in the form of lozenges that one needs to dissolve slowly inside their mouth after brushing.