Childhood Eating Disorders and Their Effects

According to experts, childhood eating disorders do not usually take place until and unless the child is suffering from serious weight issues. But, thinness portrayed by media as a healthy option can have serious effects on the overall health of the children. Majority of children refuse to eat which is a common thing among children. […]

Types of Childhood Psychological Disorders

Whereas a physical disorder can be easily diagnosed and treated, same is not the case with a psychological disorder. The diagnosis of psychological disorders is sometimes challenging and one of the most important reasons for this is that the patients are either unacquainted with the symptoms of the disease and hence are in the dark […]

Know About Some Childhood Mental Disorders

Childhood mental disorders are both difficult and tough to identify for parents in their children. It’s usually the parent’s duty to identify them, but many of them don’t know the symptoms and signs of mental illness in children. Many argues that they show mental disorder symptoms and normal childhood behavior in a very early stage, […]