Top 10 Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most deadly type of cancer that can take away your life if you do not know the top 10 risk factors for breast cancer. Prevention is always better than cure. Get to know about the factors that can influence and bring breast cancer in your body. The following are the top 10 risk factors that can lead to a breast cancer.

1. Age

Age plays a major role as people who are above the age of 65 have a higher risk to develop a breast cancer. The risk of getting a breast cancer can increase till you turn 80 years old. Examine your breasts when you turn older as you can anytime develop a breast for any reason.

2. Personal history

Women who had a breast cancer on one of their breasts would likely get the other breast of them get affected by breast cancer in the near future. It is highly recommended to check and get treated before making it spread to the other breast.

3. Family history

If your mother, daughter, or sister had a breast cancer in the past, then you have the highest risk to develop a breast cancer in your breast. The risk is high when any family member had a breast cancer before they turned 40 in age. If more than one of the family member has suffered from breast cancer, then you can breast cancer at any age.

4. Inheriting the harmful gene mutations

The genes like BRCA2 and BRCA1 can increase the risk of getting a breast cancer. If any one of your relatives had a harmful gene mutation in them, then you should take a genetic counselor to prevent your breast from getting a breast cancer.

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

5. Dense breasts

The researchers have made a note that woman who have a dense breast can have a breast cancer at any age. The breast density can be identified by the radiologist. They can read the mammogram and determine the density of your breast. Women who have large breasts do not have a dense breast, yet, the small-breasted women have higher risk to develop breast cancer as they have a higher breast density level in them.

6. Atypical hyperplasia

This condition can be detected using a biopsy. You can feel a lump or a thickening in your breast and this lump can turn into a cancerous one. These lumps can either turn into a cancer cell or stay as a normal one. Examine them before it turns into a breast cancer.

7. Menstrual history

If you have been getting your menstrual periods before the age of 12, then you have the highest risk to get a breast cancer. If the menopause does not stop by the age of 55, then the risk is even higher. Women who have their first baby before the age of 20 have a lower risk of developing a breast cancer.

8. High-dose of radiation to your chest

If you have had any kind of high-dose radiation therapy in the past, then you can get infected by cancer cells in your breast in the near future.

9. High bone density

High bone density can be a risk factor only for women who are in their post menopausal level.

10. Body weight

If you are overweight, then your fat level can easily develop the cancer cells that can turn into a breast cancer in the near future.

How Walking May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

For the people who wonder how walking may lower breast cancer risk, the answer is quite simple. Research and a number of studies have proven that walking can be of great help in reducing the risk of breast cancer. Researchers are of the view that women in their postmenopausal period should be very active and they should walk for seven hours per week in order to have a reduced risk of breast cancer.

Effective exercise for lowering breast cancer risk

Daily walking is utterly important for the health of women and it also works in the field of lowering the risk of breast cancer. There are some protective benefits of walking for women and women who do not exercise a lot can also stay away from the risk of breast cancer through rigorous walking. Walking is more beneficial than swimming and running. A quick walk reduces the emergence of several kinds of diseases in the body such as diabetes, blood pressure and diabetes apart from breast cancer.

Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Helps in reducing weight

It has been proven through studies that have been made from time to time that the main cause of breast cancer in women is the excess fat that accumulates in the body. The fat that accumulates in the body of a woman is mostly found in the belly and it can be reduced to a great extent by trying out a walk on a regular basis. Obesity in women is directly related to cancer of any kind and therefore any sort of physical activity is very important for women. Walking has a very effective role to bring about a reduction in obesity and thus preventing the risk of breast cancer.

Boosts immunity

A great boost is provided to the immune system of the body by walking. A boost to immune system helps in the production of killer cells by the body. These killer cells bring about the destruction of germ cells that are not recognized in the body. These germ cells could also be the reason of breast cancer and therefore they get eliminated with regular walking that produces killer cells.

Helps repair damaged tissues

The blood flow within the body is increased due to walking which in turn raises the levels of oxygen in the body. The immune system is stimulated due to raised levels of oxygen within the body and this helps in repairing the damaged tissues of the body that can trigger breast cancer.

Reduces stress

Stress that can result in the eruption of breast cancer is reduced to a large extent through walking. The body is able to feel better with the reduced stress levels and therefore all the major health conditions of the body are also minimized and taken care of through proper walking. These are some of the points to better know how walking may lower breast cancer risk.

Some Breast Cancer Symptoms to Be Aware Of

Cancer is deadly because it can lead to the death of a human being and it can occur in any part of the body. A very common form of cancer that is found in women is breast cancer that is caused due to the abnormal growth of the tumor cells that are found in the breast region. The cells can start developing in a lobe, a vessel or tiny tissue that is found in the breast region. Breast cancer can be diagnosed at a very early stage by having a clear idea of the breast cancer symptoms that might be experienced by women. The most common symptoms of breast cancer have been discussed below.

Change in size and shape

Change in size and shape

The abnormal change that takes place in the size and the shape of the breast is considered as one of the earliest breast cancer symptoms. Women are always aware of the shape and the size of their breast and any deformity in size and shape can be noticed by pressing the breast softly with the help of fingers. Any kind of mass, swelling or deformation noticed in breasts should immediately be discussed with a doctor.

Scales and rashes on breast skin

Women may also find scales and rashes appearing on breast skin which might also serve as a warning of breast cancer development. Therefore it is very important to get the help of a physician so that the conditions of deadly breast cancer can be avoided effectively.

Bleeding and fluid discharges

Deformed and reversed nipples can also serve as the early signs of breast cancer. If the nipples of the breast are found to be pushed inward and there is a discharge of colorless or yellow milk and even blood, it can be taken as a symptom of breast cancer and should be treated immediately. In certain situations, the nipples can also become sore, tender and can grow very large in size. These symptoms of breast cancer should be observed by women and proper care should be taken by consulting a doctor.


Lumps are considered as the first sign of breast cancer in women as well as men. Sometimes, lumps can just appear normally in the breast where they are found to be benign cells that are not cancerous. Professional help should be taken in order to get a clear idea behind the cause of such lumps appearing on the surface of the breasts.

Breast pain

Breast pain

Breast pain can be taken as one of the most significant breast cancer symptoms. This pain can be experienced in both the breasts or in the armpit and it usually occurs during the menstrual cycle of a woman. The pain can be very weird and might appear either before the menstrual cycle or after the cycle.  Immediate help should be taken if the pain is found to persist for a very long time.