Basic Knowledge of Common Blood Disorders That Affect Human Beings

The cause of some of the common blood disorders is minor or major change in function or composition of blood. Since blood is cellular fluid that carries nutrients and oxygen to all parts of human body, its malfunction affects body differently in different conditions. Hereunder are brief descriptions of some common blood disorders. Anaemia Deficiency […]

Symptoms and Consequences of Blood Clotting Disorders

Impairment in blood’s ability to clot is what leads to blood clotting disorders. The disorder is genetic and inheriting certain conditions like protein S deficiency, protein C deficiency, prothrombin, 20210A mutation, anti-thrombin deficiency, and Factor-V Leiden. A huge number of people throughout the world suffer from Thrombophilia, which is the condition of increased rate of […]

Different Types of Blood Disorders

Blood disorders include different blood diseases and also involve problems in the blood forming organs. The blood disorders can affect any of these components. Red Blood cells: These cells carry oxygen to different tissues in the body. White blood cells: These cells help in fighting diseases. Platelets: These help in protection from blood clot. The […]

Description of Some Various Blood Disorders in Children

Blood disorders in children are caused due to almost the same reasons that cause blood disorders among adults, except the abuse of intoxicant. Heartbeat-rate of children is greater than adults, which signifies the importance of quick medical treatment for children for any kind of disorder. Anaemia The deficiency of Haemoglobin or Red Blood Cells (RBC) […]