9 Ways to Fight Asthma and Allergies

It becomes essential that you understand the best ways to fight asthma and allergies as there is no cure for them. Most health experts would mention that prevention is the best solution here. Therefore, it becomes very important that you understand what the root cause of your allergy is and consult a doctor in this regard. Allergy can be best described as a reaction of your body to outside foreign elements. A simple allergy could be in the form of a cold, but when it is left undiagnosed for many months you can suffer from the early stages of asthma.

1. Understand what causes your allergies

If you just pay a little attention you can find out the cause which triggers allergic reactions in you. This could be due to inhaling pollens from the flowers in your garden or pet dander which is in your home. Once you identify the cause, take corrective measures and remove it from your home.

2. Take necessary precaution

After you have identified the factors which cause allergies and asthma, speak to a doctor and take necessary measures which would help you to stop suffering from allergies. If you have seasonal allergies, visit a doctor during climate changes and take the necessary medications. Become more aware and join a support group.

3. Eat healthy foods

The quality of food that you eat on a daily basis reflects your health conditions. If you are on the high level of fast foods your body is just accumulating fat and this is bad for your health. If you are intelligent and eat a healthy life which is balanced in the right way, your body would have a strong immunity system which would kill the allergens. A Diet rich in green vegetables, nuts and fresh juices helps you to prevent allergies setting in.

4. Exercise regularly

Most people today tend to avoid a regular exercise regime stating that they do not have time. But when you exercise, the blood circulation of your body is in good shape and this prevents allergies from setting in. Exercise also improves the breathing pattern.

Ways to Fight Asthma and Allergies

5. Sleep well

Your body repairs its system when you sleep. If you are not sleeping well, you would feel tired and allergens start to creep into your body as it will have a low immunity level.

6. Consult a doctor and take inhaled corticosteroids

Allergist Mitchell Grayson is of the opinion that an effective way to treat allergic asthma conditions is to use inhaled corticosteroids. These oral medications take time to work but are used for long term methods to control the problem.

7. Invest in rescue medications

If you suffer from a sudden asthma attack always carry rescue medications like Albuterol or Maxair. These medications act on the situation and offer temporary relief.

8. Check your doctor on antihistamines

Antihistamines block the factors which create allergic reactions in the brain nerve cells. Dr Poole an expert in the area that feels that antihistamines prescribed with Singualair can reduce a large amount of allergic reactions.

9. How about Immunotherapy?

A new trend among the ways to fight asthma and allergiesis using Immunotherapy where you take periodic allergy shots which control your allergy and asthma reactions.

Top 10 Asthma Myths in Our Society

As every disease is surrounded by ancient stories and myths asthma is no different. The disease has many myths and rumors attached to it. Some people even have the thought that asthma is communicable. Others have a belief that asthma is more of a psychological disease and it just affects the mind. Few of them think asthma is not a serious disease and one cannot die of asthma. However, we shall clear top 10 asthma myths based on scientific and medical research.

1. Asthma is curable

It is a fake myth that asthma is curable. Irrespective of the fact that medical science has undergone many evolutions, we still don’t have any cure for asthma. However, with better management and good diagnosis, an asthma patient can live a normal and active life.

Asthma Myths

2. Inhaled steroids are hazardous

Inhaled steroids are precautionary medications and the most appropriate way to stay normal. They are effective, secure and non-addictive medication.

3. Kids can outgrow asthma

Asthma is a lifelong disease in which your lungs over-react to few things. Even if the symptoms of asthma disappear in the adolescence stage, it can return at a later stage in life.

4. Alternative medicine works like prescriptions

Alternative medicines have gained restricted research, so its security and effective is yet not clear. However, it does show a promising result when taken with prescription medicines.

5. Pregnant women shouldn’t take asthma inhalers

It is a myth that during pregnancy women shouldn’t take inhalers. Use of inhalers is allowed during pregnancy.

6. Smoking has no effect on asthma

Smoking triggers asthma and thus people with asthma have a stronger reason to quit smoking. Once you quit smoking, you will experience fewer symptoms and asthma attacks. Babies born to smoking mothers have a higher chance of having asthma in comparison to non-smoking mothers.

7. People with asthma shouldn’t have pets

Many asthma patients have pets. Most of the people think that pets enhance the risk of allergy and attack of asthma. However, the allergy is mainly in the saliva, sweat and urine of the dogs and not always it in furs. Thus, it depends on your response.

8. Avoiding milk and wheat will manage asthma

Diet has a minimum role in you asthma management. It just guarantees a healthy balanced diet. Thus, eluding milk and wheat from your diet will lead to health problems, especially in kids.

9. Shifting to South West state will relieve you from Asthma

Shifting to South western country will cure your asthma and its allergy is a myth. There is no safe location to move from asthma. Any location can cause allergy and enhance the disease

10. One cannot die because of Asthma

Asthma is a deadly disease and one can surely die of asthma. Thus, you should follow your regime and keep a track of your medication and stay alert.