6 Best Apps for Self Diagnosis

We may come across any health problem, at any time in a day, but at all the time it’s not possible to find a doctor around or near the place we stay. At such times of emergency comes modern Smartphone apps as a helping hand and these apps can also be termed as “boon to mankind”.

According to a research, patients who have diagnosed their health problem with a medical app have a better understanding of what the exact problem is and what course they may get prescribed to. They are also well aware of how the medicines work on their problem. People are getting habituated to use these apps with such an ease that they are helping themselves without the need of physician if the problem is minor. There are lots of apps to mention but below are some of them on which we can rely and trust.

1. Depression Screening – Quick screening of any mental illnesses

This app poses some standard questions to access our mood and identify some symptoms of anxiety and depression. It offers a quick online assessment of our stress levels by asking simple and friendly questions. These is a best free app that puts your depression on check.

2. iTriage – The nursing app


Brought to the users by Meridian Health, this app helps users to make better health care decisions. All we need to do is download this free app, type the symptoms and narrow down the list of possible causes. This application will let you know completely about the diseases, procedures and also medication. In short it’s an all-in-one tool to manage the health of entire family.

3. RxmindMe – The reminder app


Be it youngsters or elders, people usually forget to take medicines on time and this app will be of great help just in case. All you need to do is install this app into your phone and set up a schedule about each medicine and when it should be taken. It acts as a smart alarm and helps us taking our medicines on time and stay healthy.

4. Epocrates – The database


This app is nothing but a reference database for all the drugs known. It contains prescriptions and side effects of almost all the drugs, which includes brand names and generics. All we have to do is simply type the drug name in the search bar and get information about all the side effects, dosage for kids and adults and also the pill identification function also identifies the shape and color of the pill.

5. Vision Test – Keeps a check on vision problems

Vision Test

This app keeps a check on your vision by running five different tests on distance vision, color blindness, astigmatism, quality of vision and long sightedness. It is a great app to use when you are away and in need of an Optometrist. Do note that the function ‘Find a Local Optician’ will not work in Australia, but it works in all other places.

6. uHear – The hearing app


This app screens our hearing potential by conducting three tests: Speech in noise, sensitivity, and a questionnaire about most common listening situations. It’s a 6-minute test which will rate us from poor to super hearing. The apps ‘Locate’ function will let us know about the nearest hearing health professional from where we can get our full assessment.

Though we have so many good apps, none of them are intended to get replaced by assessment provided by the specialized doctors. These health apps are very good sources for study and research but can never take the place of the hand on diagnosis by our doctors. They will only help us assess the problem and be prepared for facing it.