Seasonal Allergies – Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

The seasonal allergies are also referred to as seasonal allergy rhinitis or hay fever. These allergies occur during a particular time of a year and mostly when spores are released by outdoor moulds and pollen grains are released by weeds, grasses, and trees. These are allergens to the body of those suffering from seasonal allergies. […]

Knowing About Food Allergies and Their Symptoms

Food allergies result when immune system of the body reacts in an abnormal manner to specific foods. While in some cases the allergic reactions are mild, in other cases they become severe enough. Food allergies can have several kinds of symptoms and can affect various areas of body. In some cases, a person can have […]

20 Ways to Stop Allergies

Allergy is a term that everyone in this world is familiar with. Whether you are a child or an adult or an old person, you might develop allergies due to trivial issues. And allergies can be very problematic at times, especially if they itch. Thus, understanding the ways to stop allergies help you to enjoy […]

Simple Ways to Stop Allergies

Most of the allergies occur when our immune system react to a substance. Allergies may cause itchiness, red watery eyes, runny nose and hives on the skin etc. Sometimes they may be so severe that we are unable to breathe. It is very hard to tell if you have an allergy to a substance or […]

Nut Allergy Symptoms and Treatment

The various nut allergy symptoms and treatment have been discussed here to get an idea and take necessary precautions on this sensitivity that has become common these days and is prevailing too much. A large number of Americans are suffering from the nut allergy where the person is not able to eat nuts and if […]

Most Common Food Allergies Occurring in Children and Adults

Usually, common food allergies are caused by the most normal foods that are part of our everyday diet. Food allergies generally cause swelling or irritation, but at times it can aggravate and can sometimes be fatal. Allergic reactions occur when a food protein is judged as a threat. Allergies from eggs Living with egg allergies […]

Effective Natural Allergy Remedies for Babies

So your baby cries all night long? You figured out that it is the terrible rash you found on the child’s skin which keeps hem/her constantly scratching the irritated region. You may also have wake up one morning to see that the child has scratched it so much that the rash area starts bleeding. If […]

Tips on How to Treat Summer Allergy Symptoms

It is very important to manage summer allergies because there are no such particular cures available for them. Allergies are very irritating and those who suffer from them are always on the look out of some measures or some precautions that they can take in order to stay away or combat these allergies. Summer allergies […]