10 Habits That Kill Your Intelligence

Remain aware of these 10 habits that kill your intelligence so that you can keep your mind and your intelligence in the pink of its health always. There are a lot of people who do not believe in this fact, but it is quite true. There are some habits that hinder your capability of moving forward in life by killing your intelligence. These habits not only set you back in your professional and personal life, but also hinder you from accomplishing the goals that you might have set. These habits hold you back and in a way aid you in making poor decisions and choices in life.

1. Creating and evaluating

It is absolutely impossible to go up and down or forward and backward simultaneously. This is something that even applies to your mind. You will never be able to achieve your goal or get a project done if you create something and try evaluating its success at the same time. The first thing that you need to do is create and then evaluate its success by evaluating its performance.

2. Get that expert thinking out of you

Expert syndrome is another harmful habit that kills your intelligence. You stop the process of learning something new when you start thinking that you are an expert at everything that you do. You lose the patience and the humbleness of listening to others with this habit and end up failing in every endeavor that you make.

3. Fear

Fear of failing is something that haunts people and people with this habit are sure to fail in life. With this habit, people slowly lose their confidence and start thinking that they are of no use and this is something that ultimately leads to their failure.

4. Lack of self confidence

This is a habit that is very similar to fear. Being afraid of failure means you lack self confidence. You lose your ability to learn and develop if you are backed by the fear of failure and lack of self confidence. You should have that confidence in you even if you are doing something wrong so that you are able to learn new things.

Habits That Kill Your Intelligence

5. Creating limits

Creating false limits will not help you, but it will actually hinder your ability to grow and learn and even hinder your innate intelligence. Putting obstacles in your way will not help you, but in turn will lead you to your failure.

6. Drinking

Drinking is considered enjoyable, but it hinders your capability of comprehending or grasping subjects and even hinders your intelligence. This is the reason why it is said that drinking should not be made a habit, but drinking once in a while is not harmful at all.

7. Fear of uncertainty

There are many people who want things to make at least some sense. But these people are unaware of the fact that life in not always neat and clean. At times, there are things that cannot be understood and certain problems that cannot be solved. You should not get afraid of such problems and such things but try and move ahead in life.

8. Being inundated by information

This is known as analysis paralysis. This is a condition of spending time thinking about a certain problem and filling the brain with useless information that it loses its ability to work. Information to your brain is like food to your body but just as you overeat you can over think. Therefore, it is said that over thinking is not good for the mind and it gives you nothing.

9. Taking discouragements from people

You might get hold of people who might not work as a support pillar. Instead, they discourage you at every point of time especially when you are about to do something new. Do not take discouragements positively and always stay your own way.

10. Being close-minded

Intelligent people are always open-minded. Therefore, if you do not think in details you will be left with nothing but failure. Tyr being open-minded to the new things that you come across in life and you will find success always. Get rid of these 10 habits that kill your intelligence and nothing will be able to stop you from getting success in life.

Health Tips for Women to Ensure Strength of Mind and Body

Health is the true wealth and this necessitates taking good care of it. However, procedure of maintenance and care for health varies between men and women. Apart from a healthy diet and regular exercise there are a number of things that a woman needs to take care of in order to stay healthy and sound.

Keep the bones strong

Foods rich in calcium are good for bones. Spinach, sesame seeds, turnip greens, collard greens, kale, tofu, and blackstrap molasses are rich in calcium and are plant based sources. The soy products and non-dairy milk products contain high calcium content required by the bones. For women who are undergoing severe deficit of calcium in their food, vegan supplement containing vitamin D3 helps.

Add alkaline substances to the diet

Most of the women are aware of the fact that they are prone to a loss of density with the process of ageing. In order to avoid this, more amounts of alkaline substances should be included in the diet of women. Alkaline foods help in stabilizing and alkalizing the body. Fruits, sprouts, vegetables, certain grains, and legumes are alkaline in nature and help to control the acidity of the body.

Health Tips for Women

Include limited amounts of fats in the diet

Healthy fats have a number of benefits. They strengthen the immune system of the body, the eyes and the nerves. Brain is constituted of sixty percent fats and they regulate the heart. They also help in the prevention of cholesterol. They are especially important for women in their stage of pregnancy as they help in fertility and in the development of the foetal brain. The Omega-3 fats are beneficial for the health of women. Sources such as pumpkin seeds, flax, and chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 fats. Avocado, walnut, coconut, sunflower seeds, and olive contain monounsaturated fats that are good for health.

Include iron content in the diet

Women, in general, are prone to being anaemic. The symptoms of anaemia include thinning hair, fatigue, brittle nails, cold, depression, and headaches. Foods rich in iron are helpful for anaemic women. Anaemia is the condition of blood deficit in the body. Iron helps in building up the red blood corpuscles and thus cures anaemic conditions in women. In fact, women who are diagnosed with anaemia are given iron tablets, apart from being advised good hours of sleep and proper diet.

Physical exercise

Gentle exercises for about thirty five minutes, three or four times a week, helps a women to stay fit and going. Besides, the physical exertion sets about a detoxification of the body. Detoxification helps in the cleansing of the complete system. Physical exercise has several other benefits that include strengthening the heart, strengthening the bones, and keeping the energy levels high. It also has a positive influence on the psyche of the woman and offers a boost to the mood. Besides, eight hours of good sleep can help keep good health.

Appendicitis Symptoms And Facts

The most frequent and essential sign of appendix irritation in kids especially male ones are vague abdomen pains. Most frequently this sign stands for appendicitis in male subjects with a heightened incidence in older kids and teenagers. The potential risk of vague abdomen pain suggesting appendicitis is the surgical treatment frequently discovering a normal healthful appendix, this happens often at this specific age due to an imprecise identify. One other possible error and complication in kids below six is the appendix perforation because of a late intervention. The frequent problems regarding misdiagnose of appendicitis concerns surgeons all over the globe and clearly suggests an early and accurate evaluation of health background, physical examinations and initial investigations.

Appendicitis Symptoms

An exact identification of appendicitis extremely decreases the potential risk of morbidity and mortality of kids accusing abdomen pain. A extremely competent identify should be based on both apparent clinical signs and a precise histopathological evaluation to show the lifestyle of an appendix irritation. Long lasting abdomen pain is not any specific mark for the existence of appendicitis as should be connected with the migration of the pains to the right iliac fossa or the right lower quadrant of the stomach. This specific localization of the painful signs is firmly connected to an effective positive appendicitis identify. Vomiting is a frequent extra sign in appendicitis and increases the likelihood of a right diagnose when present.

Other essential complement signs in appendicitis are rebound tenderness in the iliac fossa and even percussion tenderness, in serious cases of perforation, these signs stretch throughout the entire abdomen. In severe appendicitis, protecting and rigidity in the lower abdomen quadrant will also be signs of assurance. An essential Para clinical investigation in appendicitis suspicion is the blood evaluation, a heightened rate of the white blood cells particularly over 1500 permm3 suggests an optimistic identify while a low number of leucocytes frequently means no appendicitis. The ultrasonography may also certain the existence of an appendix irritation in kids with traditional signs, but may mislead analysis when the signs are extremely weak or quite strong. Computer tomography can occasionally be a great additional analysis in appendicitis suspicion, but its value is low in cases with too low or too strong complement symptoms.

What Are the Health Benefits of Artichoke Tea

This vegetable has been utilized for thousands of years by the Egyptians, Romans, The Greeks, and several others. Even though today artichokes are mainly consumed for food, they’ve many medical uses. Commonly a healthful herbal tea is made from their dried leaves. You may also make the tea by boiling the whole artichoke in a pot of water – this is the method I prefer. Wash the whole artichoke and cut out the end of the stem. Simply slice the artichoke in half and boil it in water till the water turns to light green or greenish brown color.

The artichoke tea can be served instantly or refrigerated for up to a week. In less than fifteen minutes you’ll have a healthful drink that the entire family can enjoy.
Health Benefits of Artichoke Tea
Here are some of health advantages of drinking artichoke tea. Artichoke contains an ingredient called cynarin, which is liver protectant. It may also help the liver by stimulating the production and excretion of bile, enhancing the flow of the bile duct. Artichoke is frequently utilized as a diuretic for detoxification of the liver along with other organs. Regular use can greatly improve liver and gall urinary bladder functions. As stated before, artichoke stimulates the flow of bile – this helps improve fat digestion and metabolism. Artichoke also contains bioactive agents that promote beneficial gut bacteria. Drinking artichoke tea may relieve digestion symptom including heartburn, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, and bloating.

Studies show artichoke lowers levels of HDL cholesterol while raising levels of beneficial Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. This might due to considerable amounts of anti-oxidants, like flavonoids, that are available in the leaves of the artichoke head. Lowering Blood Sugar – Substances found in artichokes like cynarin and inulin reduces the level of glucose in the blood. Artichoke has an extremely low glycemic index and considerable amounts of dietary fiber. It is clear that artichoke tea is a wonderful drink.